"Lord Suku, the massive invasion of the Yagi Great Snake is the best time for you to return!"

He said to Rimei looking expectantly at the knotweed that had turned into a scorch.

"Well, I see!"

Su Yu heard Rimei finish telling Rimei about the situation on the side of the Great Snake of Yagi, and also frowned slightly, revealing a contemplative expression.

Because the Yagi Great Serpent is an existence that is even older than him.

He is nothing more than the king of the Heian period, while the Great Snake of Yagi is a demon god from ancient times.

However, he had only heard rumors and had not seen his strength with his own eyes.

So I don't know much about him, and I'm more confident in my own strength.

"Keep waiting, the time will come soon!"

"Yes, my lord!"

After a brief exchange, Su Su turned and left.

After all, this is Tokyo, and the suku who has swallowed nineteen fingers is basically fearless.

The only thing to worry about is Gojo Kaede.

In his opinion, without fully recovering the strength of the full victory, he was not able to test the hole cards of Gojo Kaede.

This episode was not discovered because of the cover of cursing the riots.

At this time, in the city of Kyoto Curse Spirit Base Camp.

The Great Snake of Yagi was standing in the open space outside Kyoto City, looking at the endless army of cursed spirits that suppressed millions of people in black.

The calm-faced indifferent opening said117:

"From today onwards, this world will return to my rule!"

"Long live Yagi-sama!"

"Rule the world—"

The Great Snake of Yagi looked at the reaction of the cursed spirits with a satisfied expression.


With the Great Serpent of Yagi taking the lead, the sea of curses, composed of millions of cursed spirits, headed for Tokyo.

At this time, the spell masters who were in charge of monitoring the movement of the spell spirits outside Kyoto City also discovered the situation of the spell spirits.

They were shocked.

"Hurry back to Tokyo to inform the high-level that the full-scale invasion of the curse has begun!"

"Hey—what does the future hold for humanity?"

"We still have five Kaede here, we should be fine!"

"Gojo Kaede? I'm afraid that guy has already run away! "

"Hey – there's always hope!"

The news was quickly transmitted back to Tokyo and reached the ears of the five elders of the spell world.

"What? Has the spell started to invade? "

"What about Gojo Kaede? Why hasn't that guy been dispatched yet? "

"That guy must have been scared a long time ago, and some time ago he sent many strong people from the Hero Association to test Tokyo, and they all died at the hands of the curse."

"Hey—what now?"

Leyan Temple said with a dark gaze:

"What else can I do? Only to the death! "

As Leyan Temple's firm voice fell, the rest of the four elders were silent.

Because there really isn't much else to think about except for the death battle.

After all, those who should have escaped have already fled Fuso.

Those who did not escape, they could only go all out.

In the headquarters building of the Hero Association, the heroes also learned the news.

They all gathered in the headquarters hall, waiting for the response of the association's senior management.

"The spell spirit has already been killed, when will the guild leader be able to come out?"

"Has the president already run away?" (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

"No, the president will definitely not run away, maybe something is delayed!"

"Oh, I heard from my friends over there that the guild leader has recently sent many masters to test the spells in Kyoto, and it is said that all of them have survived without exception."

"The curse spirit in Kyoto is so terrible, ordinary heroes must not survive, what can this say?"

"What do you know, I heard that all of them are S-level heroes, and their strength is terrifying. This time, the Hero Association was also seriously damaged! "

"S-class hero? There are a total of so many S-class heroes in the association, and none of them have accidents? You must be a rumor! "

"Heh, the background of the Hero Association is not as simple as you think."

Under the tumult of the heroes, Night Moth Masamichi and others were also forced to come out and explain to everyone:

"All wait patiently, the president said, just wait for the last day of tomorrow (BHEG)!"

"Tomorrow day? The Curse Spirit is about to invade Tokyo tonight at the latest, where can we wait until tomorrow? "

"Yes, those spell masters have already decided to fight to the death, and we are still here waiting for tomorrow?"

Zen-in Maki looked at the A-level hero who spoke with an unhappy look and said:

"If the president says it, he will definitely do it, if you don't believe it, leave by yourself, no one will stop you!"

"Maki, calm down!"

Fat Da saw that Maki looked like he was about to explode at any time, and quickly persuaded.


Maki pouted and turned his head with disdain.

She was extremely annoyed with these guys who didn't believe that Gojo Kaede was still spreading rumors everywhere.

"Oh, leave and leave, anyway, in the end you will die, instead of waiting here to grow out, it is better to follow the spell master and the spell spirit to fight you die and I live!"

"Yes, I'm afraid the guild leader has already fled, just fooling us to stay here and wait for death, and follow the spell masters to fight with the spell spirit!"

After someone took the lead, many heroes with this idea shouted with excitement.

The man who followed the lead turned and left the hall.

"Calm down, wherever you go, give me back!"

Night Moth Zhengdao saw that he had worked hard to create an association of this size, and suddenly after falling apart, his heart was dripping blood.

Hurriedly persuaded the departing heroes to return.

"Hmph, we joined the Hero Association because of Gojo Kaede's strength. Who would have thought that after all, we were blind, that guy was just a coward! "

When Maki heard this, his temper suddenly exploded.

A shaving walker came to the man, picked it up with the spear grip in his hand, and said with an icy face:

"If you dare to say another bad word about Kaede, don't blame me for being unkind!"

The man looked at the momentum of Zenin Maki, and after looking at the expressions of Fat Da Knotweed and the others, he decisively confessed.

"Hmph, you guys stay here and continue to wait for death!"

After that, everyone left the headquarters of the Hero Association.

The people left behind in the hall alone were silent!

Zen-in Maki glanced at everyone and said angrily:

"What to see? If you don't let me go back to my post, do you want to die? "

After hearing Maki's scolding, everyone immediately dispersed.

Gojo Kaede, who was on the highest floor of the association's headquarters building at this time, knew everything about what was happening in the hall.

But at this moment, the evolution brought about by the fusion of Collapsed Jade has reached a relatively critical situation.

So if it's not a big deal, he just doesn't bother to bother.

After all, when the evolution is over, this group of guys better not regret their intestines.

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