Absolute Resonance

Chapter 72 Why are you forcing me?

Chapter 72 Why are you forcing me?

The place where Li Luo is located is extremely high from the stone pillar, and the ground below is full of sharp and chaotic rocks. Of course, it is not impossible for him to jump, but the arrow just now drained all his strength, and there are still many people in the dark. His eyes were fixed on him. If he showed a sense of powerlessness when he jumped down, it was hard to guarantee that others would not think about it. After all, there are too many points at hand right now.

So Li Luo simply sat on it and put on a posture to frighten those people.

Lu Qing'er leaped up, bringing a scent of fragrance to Li Luo's side, her beautiful eyes lingered on the latter's body, and immediately stretched out her little hand.

"Is it wearing gloves?" Li Luo glanced at it. Fortunately, he was wearing it, lest both of them fall down.

Lu Qing'er cast a sideways glance at him, her girly charm was like a painting, then she directly grabbed Li Luo's palm and slid down from the top of the stone pillar.

When his feet landed on the ground, Li Luo suddenly felt more at ease. He looked at Xiang Liang and Zong Fu who were trapped by Lu Qing'er, and said with a smile: "The three of you fell down too?"

Xiang Liang and Chi Su looked sleepy and didn't speak, but the fear in the eyes they looked at Li Luo surpassed that of Lu Qing'er.

After all, the scene in front of me was too scary.

On the contrary, Zong Fu sighed, and said: "I said before, Li Luo, you may be the biggest variable in this exam. It seems that I guessed correctly."

Xiang Liang, Chi Su Moran, they all laughed off Zong Fu's speculation before, and never regarded the real Li Luo as a threat, but now, Zong Fu's prudence is right. Luo's strength is fully understood, and the situation will not be as miserable as it is now.

Li Luo waved his hand, then went over and dragged Song Yunfeng, who was nailed to the wall, over to Shi Hong.

At the same time, he also thoughtfully helped Shi Kun to stop the bleeding, so as not to lose too much blood and die directly, which would add some troubles instead.

Shi Hong opened his weak eyes, stared at Li Luo, gritted his teeth and said, "Li Luo, you can really hide."

Li Luo smiled, and then said with a sad face: "Why do you force me? I obviously just want to be in the top ten, why do you force me to this point?"

Zong Fu behind him, Xiang Liang and others swallowed, this is too murderous, too much.

Sure enough, that Shi Kong was so angry that his whole body was shaking, and he couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Don't rush to vomit blood."

Li Luo quickly stopped him, then checked the scoreboard with the crystal card, and found that there were still 13 people left on the scoreboard, no, another person disappeared while speaking, so there were still 12 people left.

"Oh, it's okay, it almost died." He laughed.

"Do you know what I'm going to do next?" Li Luo looked at Shi Hong and Song Yunfeng, and smiled faintly, but the chill in his smile was extremely strong.

"I said that the two of you will be eliminated in the top ten."

Shi Hong's face was ashen, with a look of fear in his eyes, he said angrily: "Li Luo, you are so ruthless!"

If he is eliminated in the top ten, he will lose his active admission quota, and he may not even be able to enter the Shengxuanxing Academy. This is undoubtedly an extremely heavy price for Shi Hong.

Song Yunfeng on the side also roared angrily: "Li Luo, you can't do this! You are angering our Song family and the governor's mansion!"


Li Luo shook his head, and said in a gentle voice: "If you do something wrong, you have to pay the price, and now, it's time for you to pay the price for what you did before."

He took off the crystal card, directly taking away all of Shi Hong's points, and then took off Zong Fu's crystal card, taking away Song Yunfeng's points. After all, people in the same house cannot snatch points from each other.

Master Kong, Song Yunfeng's points instantly returned to zero.

At this moment, Li Luo applauded: "Let's congratulate Shi Kun here, Song Yunfeng won the eleventh and twelve places in the big exam!"

Master Kong, Song Yunfeng's face was ashen.

Xiang Liang and the others on the side were silent and trembling, feeling that Li Luo was so scary at this moment.

Lu Qing'er looked at Li Luo quietly, and for some reason, seeing Li Luo in this state, she felt a tinge of joy.

The usual Li Luo is too low-key, with a harmless appearance to humans and animals, but Lu Qinger likes to see him covered with dazzling light, just like when Li Luo taught her physiognomy when she first entered Nanfeng Academy, she scolded her extremely wronged scene.

"The final exam should be counting down." Lu Qing'er said with a smile.

Li Luo's eyes turned to Xiang Liang again, Zong Fu and the others frowned and said, "It's cheaper for you three guys."

Because in the end, only two people could be eliminated out of the top ten, and from the perspective of hatred, it was obvious that Shi Hong and Song Yunfeng had absolute priority.

This caused the three of Xiang Liang to still enter the top ten. Even if their points were cleared now, they would only be at the bottom of the ranking at best.

Xiang Liang, Zong Fu, and Chi Su immediately showed flattering smiles when they heard the words: "Brother Luo, we were also forced, mainly because of the idea of ​​the higher education institutes behind us, we got so much resources from the institutes, we have to listen to them. "

"But don't worry, when you enter the Saint Xuanxing Academy in the future, you will be our boss, and we will do whatever you tell us to do!"

Li Luo ignored them, but looked at Lu Qing'er, and said, "You should clear their points first, otherwise they will always be uncomfortable."

Lu Qing'er heard the words, but smiled lightly: "No."

Li Luo froze for a while, but didn't react for a while.

Zong Fu on the side calmly said: "Brother Luo, what she means is that if she takes our points, she will overtake your current points and become No.1 in the final exam."

Xiang Liang and Chi Su's eyes lit up, and their gazes turned on the two of them. Lu Qing'er defeated them, and their points naturally belonged to Lu Qing'er, but there was such an upright reason to become the first, and she would rather be inferior to Li Qing'er. After Luo, what kind of relationship is this?
Is there something wrong with this? !

Even Zongfu looked at Li Luo with some admiration, Brother Luo is awesome, he has a marriage contract with a peerless genius like Jiang Qing'e, and yet he can still fly colorful flags?
Hearing what Zong Fu said, Li Luo noticed that after he got the points from Shi Kong and Song Yunfeng, he has now become No.1, and immediately panicked: "Qing'er, hurry up, I am a bit No. 1 right now. [-] phobia."

"Just get used to it." Lu Qing'er said with a light smile.

Li Luo said sadly and angrily: "Lu Qing'er, don't go too far, what kind of enmity do I have with you, you want to hurt me like this?"

"Hurry up, I don't want No.1, please."

Lu Qing'er sat down on the rocks next to her, letting the setting sun pour down, covering her slender and slender figure with rays of light. She propped her crystal chin with both hands, and looked at Li Luo, who angrily accused her, with a smile. .

And it was at this time that the melodious chimes of bells resounded in Bailing Mountain.

Everyone in Bailingxu breathed a sigh of relief at this moment, and ecstasy appeared on their faces.

Li Luo's complexion darkened. This was the bell ringing for the end of the final exam.

Unfortunately, he got No.1.

(End of this chapter)

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