Absolute Resonance

Chapter 74 Song Qiuyu

Chapter 74 Song Qiuyu

In Nanfeng City at night, there is a cool breeze.

However, the city was still bustling with excitement, and a large number of people who left from Bailing Mountain poured into the city, making the city even more noisy.

Li Luo and the others' final exam meeting was held at the Qingfeng Building in Nanfeng City.

The Qingfeng Tower was built on the Qingfeng River, hence the name. The environment here is beautiful, and it is regarded as the most high-end restaurant in Nanfeng City. This time, the party was independently sponsored by the little rich lady Lu Qing'er.

The little rich woman directly occupied the Qingfeng Building on the first floor, and many teenagers and girls celebrated to their heart's content, which was very lively.

Sitting together with Lu Qing'er, Li Luo and Lu Qing'er also drank two cups. The girl with fair and crystal skin had a faint blush on her pretty face.

A classmate came over to toast, and said with a smile: "Brother Luo is still awesome, and sister Qing combined two swords and won the first place in the big exam. Second, it will definitely be a good story for our Nanfeng Academy in the future."

Hearing this, Li Luo glared at this guy. Fortunately, he is now in Nanfeng City. If he was in Daxia King City, he would be raped at home by himself!

Lu Qing'er on the side was smiling, and lightly touched the other party.

"Damn it, Song Yunfeng, who eats inside and out, is obviously a member of our Nanfeng Academy, but he helps other schools to entrap sister Qing! It's really not a thing!" Some students started to blush and curse after drinking too much.

The scolding immediately aroused the echo of the others, and everyone was filled with righteous indignation. After all, this kind of betrayal was indeed unacceptable.

In the crowd, Tifa Qing came to find Lu Qing'er holding a wine glass, her cheeks were full of shame: "Qing'er, I'm really sorry about what happened before, if I hadn't left a mark, you wouldn't have been ambushed by them."

Lu Qing'er shook her head with a slight smile, and clinked wine glasses with Tifaqing, giving some comfort, but Li Luo keenly noticed that there was a little coldness in her eyes. Tifaqing made a note, and perhaps in her heart, Tifaqing had already been drawn into the category of people who should not be associated with.

After all, regardless of whether Tifaqing intended it or not, at least this stupidity is not what Lu Qinger likes.

Making friends, this kind of stupid person will always bring you a lot of trouble inadvertently, and finally put on an innocent and pitiful appearance, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

"Li Luo, I always targeted you before, please don't care about me, that's because I didn't have the foresight, your performance today, I think you must be worthy of Senior Sister Jiang." Ti Faqing looked at Li Luo again, low Said loudly.

Li Luo smiled and waved his hands, but didn't say much to her.

After apologizing, Tifaqing also seemed to notice that Lu Qinger's attitude was a little cold, so she retreated consciously.

Li Luo looked at Lu Qing'er, and found that after Ti Faqing apologized to him, her expression became inexplicably colder, and immediately asked with some doubts: "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing, I just think stupid people are really annoying." Lu Qing'er said expressionlessly.

Li Luo was even more puzzled, but girlishly don't guess, so he changed the subject and said, "Although Song Yunfeng was also eliminated in the top ten, wouldn't he be able to get a place with us?"

In the ranking of the pre-examination, Song Yunfeng was second. If the places were distributed according to this ranking, Song Yunfeng would definitely have one.

"Theoretically so."

Lu Qing'er thought for a while, and said: "But our old dean is notoriously stingy and narrow-minded. Song Yunfeng almost caused Nanfeng Academy to lose the golden signboard of Tianshu County's No. [-] Academy. I think he is afraid. Song Yunfeng won't let Song Yunfeng fulfill his wish easily."

Li Luo nodded, in this case, it would be more comfortable.

Otherwise, he would be exhausted, and he would have to bring someone like Song Yunfeng into the Shengxuanxing Academy. Thinking about it, he felt that his tone was a bit unclear.

But now, Li Luo felt that the narrow-mindedness of the old dean was a bit cute.

When Li Luo, Lu Qing'er and the others were celebrating lively, there was a table of people on the upper level of the Qingfeng Building, and their eyes cast their eyes from between the railings with a little playfulness.

In the middle of the table was a girl in a yellow shirt. The girl had a beautiful appearance and exquisite facial features. A pair of beautiful eyebrows were slightly thin, giving people a cold and stern feeling.

She listened to some unpleasant curses towards Song Yunfeng from below with a blank face, and some anger flashed in her eyes.

The girl's name was Song Qiuyu, and she was Song Yunfeng's sister from Shengxuanxing Academy. She just arrived in Nanfeng City today when she received some bad news.

"I didn't expect that No. 1 in the Tianshu County Grand Examination this time would be that waste young mansion master." On both sides of Song Qiuyu, there were two young men sitting, and the one who was talking at this time was a man with short hair and green clothes. Playing with the wine glass in his hand, he said with a smile.

"Jingming, he is not a waste now, and being able to win the first place in the big exam shows that this young palace master is still of a certain level." Song Qiuyu said.

And the man she called Jing Ming, whose full name was Tifa Jingming, was Tifa Qing's elder brother.

"However, the strength of Tianshu County is still not very good. It is said that in some other strong counties, in this big test, there have been people of ten seals." Another young man said with a chuckle.

"Mo Ling, I know that your Beiqiu County has a strong background, and it is enough to rank among the top ten counties in terms of strength, and Tianshu County is only at the middle level among the hundreds of counties in the Great Xia, so don't laugh at our Tianshu County. "Song Qiuyu said helplessly.

This Mo Ling came from a family in Beiqiu County, so he had a lot of background, and Beiqiu County was much stronger than Tianshu County in terms of scale and strength, so when he looked at Tianshu County, it was inevitable that he had a slight sense of superiority.

The young man named Mo Ling laughed twice when he heard the words, and said, "I don't mean to laugh at it. Jiang Qing'e came out of Tianshu County, which is enough for people not to look down upon."

This Mo Ling was obviously interested in Song Qiuyu, and accompanying her back to Tianshu County this time also seemed to be protecting the beauty.

They are all students of Saint Xuanxing Academy.

Mo Ling could tell that Song Qiuyu was a little dissatisfied with the gathering of these brats below, so he said with a smile: "Speaking of which, these little fellows will be our juniors in the future, why don't you go say hello?"

While talking, he had already stood up.

Song Qiuyu said: "Forget it, it's just some little guys."

Mo Ling waved his hand and said, "As their future seniors, I think it is still necessary for them to familiarize themselves with the style of Shengxuanxing Academy."

After finishing speaking, he turned around and walked towards the next floor.

Seeing this, Song Qiuyu smiled helplessly, and warned angrily, "Don't go too far, it's not good to scare people."

Natifa Jingming drank the wine in the glass and said with a smile: "It's a long night, it's not bad to watch a good show."

Neither of them was worried about Mo Ling alone. After all, it was the strength of the second phase of the Xiangshi Realm, the "Student Line", so in front of Mo Ling, those little guys who didn't even reach the ten seal level, really It's like a fledgling chick.

The gap between the Ten Seal Realm and the Physician Master Realm will be the most vivid lesson these little guys take before entering the Saint Xuanxing Academy.

(End of this chapter)

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