Shinomiya Kaguya didn't expect Shi Wei's combat power to be so strong.

She knew that she could easily break a rock with a diameter of more than one meter with just one punch.

Even if you use your own Void Arrow with all your strength, you can burst into a street-level destructive power.

But how could Shi Wei in front of him be? How did he have such terrible power.

"Shi Wei, how can you have such terrifying power? Have you also been blessed by the Dragon God? "

"Well, who knows?"

Kaguya turned on the TV in front of him, "The pattern of the world has changed dramatically, I suggest you take a look too."

Ordinary people like us must always pay attention to the world pattern, otherwise we will be passive everywhere. "

What is being shown on television is a competition held together by all countries around the world.

In this beauty contest, all pure and beautiful girls over the age of 18 and under the age of 30 registered.

And there is a clear definition of purity, that is, a pure girl who has never experienced personnel.

When everything was clearly priced, Kaguya had an instinctive resistance.

But is it true that this kind of thing can be changed by just resistance?

Shi Wei looked at the picture on the TV, "Global Pure Beautiful Girl Beauty Pageant? Fair and open? I don't know if that's really the case. "


Most of these leaders are still very smart.

At least from the fact that the contestants he chose were young, pure and beautiful girls, it was already clear that he liked it.

Kaguya hugged Shiwei's arm hard with both hands.

"You say, will the Dragon God have thoughts about me? Will it let me go when I am impure in the future? "

"So I'm your tool man? Just to free you from the covetousness of the Dragon God? "

"Stupid! I'm already like this, can't you see what I mean? "

Shinomiya Kaguya bit into Shi Wei's arm angrily.

"Why did you get this superhuman power, I thought that only women have the opportunity to obtain the power blessed by the dragon god."

"I am a spy sent to this world by the Dragon God, and you must help me keep this secret of Kaguya secret!"

"Of course!"

Kaguya nodded, her heart already feeling much relieved. Besides, the Dragon God should not have attacked his subordinates, right?

Kaguya and Shiwei were tired of a whole day before returning to the hero city through the power of fusing back to the city.

A pale blue aura shrouded Kaguya's surroundings, and the eight-second reading note ended Kaguya's entire body disappearing in front of Shiwei.

The Return to City skill allows everyone who leaves the Hero City to return, as well as teleport in the Hero City and Hero Canyon.


Hero City in a different space.

Shi Wei's surrounding divine power surged. A beauty completely different from 2B appears in her depths.

"May my god Veorelian Ansall live on in glory."

"Well, hard work on you!"

Shi Wei patted her shoulder, and then began to continue to condense her divine power.

"In order to prevent these people from stealing food, I think it seems that some strength should be used to maintain the global order."

Soon, Shiwei created a "multidimensional technology company" in the Neon Remote Network

He hid his identity and asked White to preside over the company's foreign office.

A large number of beautiful girls from the Yoba Force were created by Shi Wei.

In just the blink of an eye, the 100,000 beautiful girls of the Leaf Sending Force were created by Shi Wei.

These beautiful girls have different body shapes and appearances, but without exception they are all very attractive and beautiful women.

"From now on, your task is to maintain global law and order, as well as to maintain a just order."

"White, your identity is a resident of the hero city, and then in Neon to sell the company's equipment and collect gold."

Shi Wei found that in this world, there seemed to be an extremely subtle world origin in gold.

Then everything is simple, just sell some technology products that are only slightly more advanced than this world for so many decades.

In this way, the gold reserves of many countries in this world can be harvested.

"This way of trading can make it easier for me to harvest the origin of this world."

The origin of the world in Shiwei's view is a non-renewable energy source that keeps the world from collapsing.

It is also the creative divine power needed for the existence of the world.

"Does the gold I created still seem to be different from the natural gold in this world?"

With White's actions, global attention was once again drawn to White.

That is cyberprosthesis, a happy future for all people with disabilities.

It is the happy companion of all single human beings, and it is the development direction of human technology.

(Netizen C: "It's so strong, what is the origin of this technology?") Why is it so powerful in technology? ")

(Meijo Yukina: "I know the people here, and they are also from Hero City!") ")

(Chika Fujiwara: "Can I buy some too.") The equipment here looks so cool. ")

(White: "Yes, we come from Hero City.") We only accept gold exchange for equipment here. ")

(White (Game Life): "Gold? Why? Is the technology of these equipment very developed? ")

(White: "Yes, such as this Sannwestein V, which can accelerate its agility by ten times and lasts ten seconds, and sells for 8250 grams of gold.")

The equivalent of 3.3 million Chinese coins of gold.

I think you should know very well how terrifying the reaction ability is ten times beyond ordinary people. ")

So the whole network was detonated again.

Even if it is just a resident living in a hero city, a little bit of technology is enough to trigger a technological revolution on Earth!

It's just that the residents under the Dragon God are so terrifying, so what about the full strength of the Dragon God, what kind of knowledge and means does he have?

(White: "In order to maintain peace on Earth, we will take over the order of Earth from now on.") ")

Netizens around the world felt fear, and at this moment they did not even dare to rise up the idea of resisting.

After all, their leader is a divine dragon, a terrifying god who can completely destroy the planet.

What happened to maintaining peace by his men? They are willing to be protected by their leaf troops!

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