Sure enough, the positioning of the Hyuga clan is indeed more suitable for long-range fire support.

Frontal combat is not in line with the ninja's violent aesthetics, and taking human lives from thousands of meters away silently is a gorgeous scenery like cherry blossoms. "

Hinata Hinata is very satisfied with Hinata's strength now, and the current Hinata is enough to be a superior Shinobi just by looking at the results.

Where did she get her adventures? Forget it, as long as she is not in danger, it doesn't matter.

Hyuga Ninji, as a genius of the Hyuga clan, is now completely comparable to Shinobu according to his personal combat strength.

One of the reasons why he was not promoted was that he was too young to know how to connect with others. Those

Another reason is that because he is a family member, he has become a shinobi now, will he still be a Hokage in a few years?

Then is this Hyuga Patriarch more to hand over to him?

In that case, with Ninji's character, the Hyuga clan would be bloodied.

Hinata Hinata's heart secretly cheered for Hinata.

Hinata, you must defeat Ninji fiercely. If you can, in the future, it should be up to you to lift the curse of the sect and the separation of the family, not Ningci to end it!

Hinata stays on the second floor of the Duel Tower and begins to sit cross-legged to recover Chakra.

The invisible wind condensed around her, speeding up her chakra recovery.

[Hinata: "Brother Shiwei, the Imperial Wind Sword Art is really useful! Coupled with the long-range sniper idea you mentioned, my combat effectiveness has increased tenfold now!

I just fought against 400 lower Shinobi and one middle Shinobi alone, and I also defeated more than 300! "】

[Regesy: "Sister-in-law, six."] "】

Hinata: "What are you talking about?" "】

【Ding! Shi Wei presented Hinata with an exclusive red envelope. 】

[Shiwei: "Take it, Hinata."] Strive to win Ningci. "】

After some ideological struggle, Hinata still accepted the red envelope.

[Hinata: "Brother Shiwei, thank you. "】

Fighter Turnshift Reel Activation!

Qigong Master Turnaround Scroll Activation!

For Brother Shi Wei's kindness, she has always wanted to repay the other party.

But what else could she do but give herself to him? Or it's better to find a way to become the number one in the ninja world first.

Let's see if I can let Brother Shi Wei get a little more of the World Origin.

"Now the two Naka Shinobi will compete in an exhibition match to demonstrate the subordinate Shinobi who have advanced.

Everyone should study carefully, not every Zhongnin exam can see the battle between Zhongnin! "

Obviously, she was just getting started, but Hinata found that she had completely mastered the ability of the qigong master.

It's like it's been used for more than a decade.

Ninji came to Hinata.

"Hinata, you can't overcome fate. You couldn't beat me in the Chūnin exam six years ago, so do you think you can beat me now? "

"No, I will win this time!"

Hinata maintained the starting style of the sixty-four palms of the Bagua, the invisible wind condensed around her, and the thunder and lightning condensed by the qigong master's mental power surrounded her limbs.

"What are you? An ancestral hole card of the Hyuga family? "

"Why? Why do you always get so much luck? "

Hinata Ninji was about to explode with jealousy, and he rushed towards Hinata angrily.

However, just three meters in front of Hinata's body, a thunder dragon suddenly rushed out of the opponent's body, covering Ningji's whole body.

The monstrous thunder dragon wrapped Ning Ci's entire person in it, making it difficult for him to even launch Chakra.

Finally, Ningji lost consciousness after holding on for two seconds.

"Hinata Masaru!"

Senju Tsunade's eyes widened, although she was now nothing more than a Hokage agent.

But now only she can pick up the beam.

Tsunade's huge peaks bounced a few times with it. "Is this the new ninjutsu of the Hyuga family?

It's amazing! Can range and can fight melee combat. The outbreak of melee combat is still so strong, and the long-range can even snipe from three or five kilometers away! "


[Shi Wei: "Congratulations! Little Hinata's success is a shame! "】

[Hinata: "Brother Shiwei, thank you. If it weren't for your red envelope, I wouldn't have been able to kill the other party cleanly. "】

After spending some time in the group, Shi Wei looked at 2B beside him.

"2B, how is my multidimensional technology company now?"

"Now, in three days, Duowei Technology has become a trillion-yen company.

It is equivalent to the total assets of a Yukishita family.

Or the GDP of a province in Longguo for a year.

Because the company only accepts gold, if we accept cash or online remittance, we can get 10 trillion yen in a month!

Last year's annual neon GDP (gross domestic product) was 700 trillion yen. "

"Only gold."

I don't know why, there is a weak world origin inside gold in this comprehensive world.

Perhaps because this omnibus world is composed of countless world origins, this is the existence of this world.

As a non-renewable resource, gold can naturally be used as a disguise for the origin of the world.


Out of the mentality of having fun, Shi Wei clicked on the app of network multidimensional technology for a long time

(The owner of the shameless Jiangnan tannery ran away with his sister-in-law after swallowing the cyberprosthetic body allocated to the disabled!) )

(Is Cybertinte good to use?) Which is cooler than the experience and the appearance? )

(Can Cyberprosy make me transgender into a woman and have a baby?) )

(Shamelessly worship the old man, and directly swallow all the shares of the cyberprosthetic body of most technology in Eagle Sauce!) )

(Thanks to Cyberprosthetic Eye, I was able to see all my wife's opening records within a year!) Dry! It turns out that the child is Tom's next door! )

(Thanks to Duowei Technology, it turned out that my girlfriend had AIDS, but fortunately she wanted me to marry before I could have sex.) )

(Thanks to Duowei Technology, I am the XX of my father-in-law's murder case, and thank you to the Zhiye Force for upholding justice for me.) )

Shi Weihaha laughed, this world is really full of fun.

In modern society, human beings have no privacy at all, he just makes these people's privacy known to more ordinary people.

And about the couple's privacy, he felt that there was no concealment at all.

As for justice, it seems good to maintain it a little. It's like people need to bathe often

Where there is light, there is darkness. If those in power also do not obey the rules of the law, then countless ordinary people will suffer.

And why can't he, a little presiding over world peace.

I am the Star Casting Dragon King, I can do whatever I want!

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