"What's that in the sky?"

Hokage's agent, Senju Tsunade, who was sitting in Hokage's office, looked at the sky in shock at the moment.

The vast dragon appeared in the sky, obviously the dragon was extremely far away from them, but spell fluctuations appeared on the pupils of everyone in the entire ninja planet, including Tsunade.

That was Shi Wei using the creation divine power, as the master of the universe to cast the Star Dragon King, so that all mankind would notice his arrival.

Everyone in the ninja world saw the space dragon that was larger than the solar system.

It is handsome, strong, massive, mysterious, irresistible, and hostile.

It was the supreme true god far beyond the god of the starry sky, far beyond the god of Amaterasu.

The palm alone was already larger than the entire Ninja Planet.

Various visions continue to appear between heaven and earth, plants grow out of thin air in the desert, rainbows appear everywhere in the country of fire, and fruit trees bear sweet fruit.

Precious medicinal herbs grew wildly throughout Konoha Village.

At this moment, the starry sky dragon's gaze met Hinata, and the deep sky-blue translucent energy body began to gradually shrink.

Fei Duan had completed the curse at this moment, and Ape Fei Asma lay down on the ground with a look of distraction.

He raised his head and looked at the huge divine dragon in the sky incredulously, "What is that?" It's scary. "

"It turns out that in addition to the god of death I believe in, there are other gods!"

Kakuto inexplicably had fear in his heart at the moment, what to capture the Nine Tails and the like can only wait for later, now it is better to escape.

"Is that the real God? No, it must be hidden. It's not something I can fight against! "

He had thrown a kunai from a distance between the original Hokage Thousand Hand Pillars, if that was also considered a fight with the other party.

He had the courage to throw kunai at the Thousand Hand Pillars, but in the face of this god, he could not even raise the idea of resisting. Flee, the farther away the better.

The population of the Ninja Planet is very large, and the global population adds up to at least hundreds of millions.

However, at this moment, everyone should have "seen" the phantom of the divine dragon in space because of Shiwei's divine power, and the idea of surrendering involuntarily arose in their hearts.

[Kanae: "Mr. Shiwei is so good! Was his body so big? "】

[Machima: "Shiwei is so big, I like it so much! "】

[Regxi: "Rub, big brother! How is yours so big? "】

At this moment, the group members in the chat group also saw the full picture of Shi Wei because of the group live broadcast.

Everyone originally just knew that he was a dragon, who could have known that his dragon could be so big.

Hinata: "Brother Shiwei, are you so old?" "

Shi Wei secretly complained in his heart. Mine is big, you bear with it?

Ying Zheng: "Mr. Shi Wei, is this the spell you used?" The whole world seems to have changed so much because of your presence. "

Shi Wei: "No, these are the will of this Hokage world itself." It should be because of the world with fire wins.

My current status is similar to that of a Heavenly Dao Ancestor or something. "

Megumi Kana: "That's awesome!" How can it be so powerful! It seems that the Heavenly Dao Ancestor used to describe Mr. Shi Wei is not exaggerated at all. "

The daimyos of the five great powers and their citizens were all amazed as they looked at the shrinking divine dragon in the sky.

"What's that? Why is it so big? "

"Protect the daimyo!"

Many ninjas in the ninja world have begun to doubt life at this moment.

Jiraiya sat on the ground all of a sudden. "I always thought Naruko Uzumaki was the true child of destiny, the child of destiny who could change the ninja world.

But if it was the dragon god in the sky, the change in the pattern of the ninja realm was completely only between the dragon god's thoughts. "

Sasuke wielded the blood on his blade, and the so-called "master" Orochimaru had been killed by him.

"Naruko, I don't like you at all. In order to gain stronger strength, I can only worship the Great Snake Pill.

Big Snake Pill, I can't learn anything from you, since you want my body, then it's not unreasonable to be killed by me, right? "

Sasuke also raised his head and looked at the top of his head in disbelief.

His eyes surged with the divine power exuded by Shiwei, and in front of the divine dragon whose body exceeded the diameter of the solar system, Sasuke also felt his own insignificance.

"What's that? Dragon? Why is he so big? How much power does it take to become so big and travel the starry sky? "

Sasuke didn't learn about the universe at ninja school, he just knew it was the starry sky.

There are many stars in the sky.

"Compared to him, my efforts for so many years are just a joke! Abominable, abominable! If I had this terrifying power.

I have already completed my revenge and killed which man! Damn it! "

At the Ichiraku ramen restaurant, Ichiraku Otsuki narrowed his eyes.

His expression was not relaxed, and no one in the whole world knew the sky dragon better than him.

"Even using the Star Slashing Sword Art can't cut his scales, right?

How can this starry sky (universe) exist with a body larger than the sun?

Shouldn't he want to destroy this star? Damn, there is no way to retire! "

Gradually, the huge body that transcended the solar system turned into a handsome man with a height of 190 at this moment.

He wears a silver mid-haired style, a beige coat, a black shirt, and two straps on dark gray trousers that hang over his shoulders.

Shi Wei levitated and high in the sky, looking at the entire Ninja Planet.

In just the blink of an eye, hundreds of millions of people's emotions and thoughts were transmitted to his mind.

Shi Wei sighed, and his right hand gently raised and swung easily from left to right.

The rain of light condensed by white light particles gently fell from the sky, covering human beings all over the world.

These white raindrops can automatically travel through buildings and are only enjoyed by ordinary people and ninjas who are recognized by him.

As for those scum who kill for pleasure, it is not taken advantage of at all.

The people of the Hyuga clan immediately found that their bodies had become extremely light, and even the dark wounds on their bodies had disappeared.

There are also some thirty or forty Hyuga family ninja chakra skyrocketed.

"Thank you Dragon God!"

"Thank you Dragon God!"

Countless civilians, even ninjas, bowed down towards Shiwei's side.

There were too many disasters in the entire ninja world, and they had long wanted to change, but there was no way.

Countless people knelt and cried. "Thank you Dragon God!"

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