Who would have thought that someone would be able to shape a floating city with a diameter of a hundred kilometers out of thin air?

Yes, this is the Dragon God. It seems to be even more terrifying than the legendary Six Dao Immortals.

In a gesture, an entire city was created, and even the Hyuga family, which was famous in the ninja world, even directly became the agent of Shenlong in charge of managing the entire ninja world.

Countless ninjas and ordinary people are full of jealousy, envy, worship and other emotions towards the Hyuga family.

Shi Wei continues to shape the entire Star Building.

Soon, floating cities with technology content similar to Piltover appeared in the entire city.

Long-distance teleportation magic array, floating technology, Hex's crystal technology, etc.

The entire Star Building City levitated to an altitude of 3,330 meters from Konoha Village, and countless runic rubbles appeared around it.

These rubble automatically transform into floating turrets to attack enemies when attacked.

"From now on, this is Star Building. Anyone with justice in mind and willing to sweat for world peace can climb to Tsukisei City through gravel climbing.

Then learn about magic in it.

Only those who have justice in their hearts can learn knowledge by climbing the gravel to reach Star City with their own strength. "

Shi Wei looked at Hinata Hinata and the others left on the ground, "Do you want to resurrect the Uchiha clan?" "

Senju Tsunade and the others have also arrived not far away at this moment, which is a big change that has never been seen in thousands of years. They must keep an eye on the situation.

Shi Wei spread his hands again, "Tongyu! "

Countless Uchiha clans who had died were resurrected at this moment, and even the Hokage of the past generations were resurrected.

Even Uzumaki Jiu Shinai is the same.

Shi Wei beckoned again, and Naruko Uzumaki, who was just about to go to the tenth class to support, was also pulled in front of Shi Wei.

The ape flew to the sun, and Shimura Danzo and others were also pulled to the scene.

"Sarutobi Hinata, I'm curious to know why Naruko Uzumaki still doesn't know who his parents are?

What about the assets of the four generations of Hokage, and where did Jiu Xinnai put in your whirlpool country? "

The ape flying sun, who thought that death would be a hundred, was watched by humans around the world at this moment, and the embarrassment in his heart made him want to commit suicide directly.


Uzumaki Shinna hugged Naruko with tears in her eyes, "Great, did you eat well?" Have you learned to take good care of yourself?

Have you made any good friends? "

"Naruko, you've grown up."

Bofeng Shuimen touched Naruko's head, and then came to the ape flying sun with a cold face. "Teacher, is what Lord Ryujin said true?"

Bofeng Shuimen, who was originally sleeping in the Pure Land World, also saw what Shi Wei had done when he came to this world before.

In any case, since Mr. Shi Wei has resurrected him, then he must repay the favor well, and then seek justice for his daughter!

Shi Wei looked at the blank clan land of the Hyuga clan, and at this moment, a large number of Uchiha clans who had died appeared in it.

"I hope that everyone can follow Hinata's order well, everyone's resurrection time is only one month, in order to be completely resurrected, everyone must work well for the entire Star Building City."

Naruto directly punched the other party when he knew that the white eyes he had received since childhood were all because of the ape flying sun.

"Big bastard, smelly old man. I used to think that you were a really good person, who knew that you were so hateful! Go and die, ape flying sunchop! "

Regarding the sins that Ape Flying Sun Slash and Danzo had committed, Shi Wei directly used spells to transmit to the world.

Qianshou bowed to Shi Wei, "Mr. Shi Wei, let me handle these two people." "

Shi Wei nodded, and then directly erased the chakra of the two.

Looking at the gray-faced two, the depression in Wei's heart also dissipated a lot.

"From now on, if you want to comprehend the mystery of magic and obtain a trace of my true biography, come to Star City.

It will be absolutely fair and everyone will have the opportunity to learn magic. "

[Regxi; "Instantly shaping a whole hanging city, although I have seen it once before, but it is still so shocking to see it again. That's awesome! "】

[Kafka: "I wonder if it is more troublesome to condense this kind of city in an instant, or is it more troublesome to have a star destroyer of the same size? I'm curious. "】

[Shi Wei: "In fact, the city is more troublesome, because I have to make various plans for the entire city, and I can't let the level of Hextech in this city be too much."

After all, I just want this world to develop peacefully and steadily. "】

Senjukuma was also stunned, even he was full of desire for magic.

It turns out that the world is not only the ninja world, but also the vast starry sky. He also wants to swim among the stars!

"I feel my heart rushing too! Mr. Shiwei, can I also learn magic? "

"Yes! Everyone can learn magic. As long as you can climb Star City. "

The Thousand Hands Pillar directly summons the Thousand Hands Wooden Statue, and then climbs between countless suspended rubble.

The first kilometer was easy, but after arriving a kilometer, the surrounding rune rubble automatically turned into a floating cannon and began to attack.

The whole world immediately surged up, and the five major powers, and even ordinary people on the entire planet, were ready to climb.

Looking at the countless climbing crowds, the yellow flash fourth generation of fire shadow wave feng shui gate also had some changes in his heart.

However, he is not in a hurry, and now he is really happy to be able to reunite his daughter again.

"Naruko, do you want to learn magic? Do you want to maintain world peace? "


So Naruko, Wave Feng Shuimen also began to climb.


I'm already up at this moment and moving towards Konoha Village.

"The power of magic? If I don't study, I will be abandoned by the world, and my village will not have the possibility of rising, right? "

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