"This is not the place to talk, go, come in with me."

The tavern owner Vandel took Shi Wei into the tavern's inner office.

His mood at the moment was extremely excited and apprehensive, Zuan was a city belonging to Piltover (Piltover City).

Now the whole Zuan collapsed due to an accident, and there are all kinds of smog in the city at this moment.

If this man can really change the status quo of Zuan, it will be really great.

Countless Zuan people have suffered from various tortures, and have never died of a lonely illness or a death in street fights.

Even if it's magic?

"My name is Vandel, this gentleman. Can you tell me about the detailed plan? "

Vandel personally arranged the highest standard of drinks for the other party and personally filled the glass for the other party.

"The plan is simple, first of all, you have to believe in the goddess of storms, Cana."

Shi Wei took the red wine before he got up and took a sip slowly.

In the past, because he drank averagely, his brain would be dull when he drank. So I don't drink much, unless it's a party with brothers.

And now, it seems that it is not bad to taste it?

"Believe in her? And then what? "

At this moment, the door on the other side of the office opened a crack, and his smart eyes met Shi Wei's gaze.


393 A beautiful blue-haired girl fell to the ground from outside the door at this moment, looking at the two with an embarrassed smile on her face.

"Hey, Vandel, this big brother?"


"I changed my name a long time ago and called me Jinx!"

The girl named Bakugan looks not much different from the average female high school student today.

Vandel was a little worried, and the explosion was involved in the rift in time and space from time to time, so he could increase his appearance by a year or two without seeing her for a few months.

It takes a few years to grow from a small doll to an adult, which is really a headache.

The only good news is that her age seems to have frozen and there are no more signs of aging. I don't know if there will be sequelae.

"Big brother? I feel so close to you. "

Bakugan (Jinx) said as he leaned over to Shi Wei's side, "Big brother, my name is Jinx. Do you really know magic?

Can I learn? "

"Boom! Don't mess around in front of guests. "

At this moment, Bakugan (Jinx) has blue hair and double twisted braids, and purple eyes. There is a bright smile on her beautiful face.

"Although it was the first time I saw my eldest brother, I felt like I had seen a family member I hadn't seen for years!"

"Big brother!"

The explosion that jumped up and down around Shi Wei like a husky made Shi Wei feel happy, and he involuntarily touched the other party's head.

"Mr. Shi Wei, huh? Can you talk about what we should do? Zuan needs the power of magic, and we are willing to pay any price as long as we can get rid of disease and poverty. "

"Shiwei?" Hearing this name, Bakugu was stunned. She stared blankly at the handsome man in front of her, it was really difficult for her to associate the dragon god with this person.

"All it takes is your faith in her, right. The Storm Goddess will only protect the good and righteous.

Anyway, don't want money, how much to believe? This is the doctrine of Cana, the goddess of storms. "

Shi Wei pulled out a scroll from his pocket with a delicate full-body portrait of the heavily dressed Goddess of Storm.

The portrait shows an elven beauty with long white hair and a white strict sacrificial dress.

She has a beautiful face, a beautiful figure, and a divine breath.

On her fair face, Joan's nose is upturned, her eyes are mysterious white, the corners of her mouth are smiling, two narrow pointed ears grow on the sides of her beautiful face, and her long white hair that floats all the time echoes around her.

Cana, who was originally invisible on Shi Wei's shoulder, was angry at the moment, and then bit Shi Wei's neck. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

As a result, there was nowhere to put his mouth down, and his skin was too hard.

"Shi Wei, who told you to make up such a casual dogma for me. I am the goddess of the wind! In this way, I feel like a fake from a street stall. "(bcd

Shi Wei transmitted his heart to Cana's mind, "Don't you think this is more close to the people?

Being more people-friendly will make it easier to spread. "


Cana was stunned, she had slept for too long. Now she doesn't know if this method is useful, so she has to die as a living horse doctor.

"This is Cana, the goddess of storms. She will guard and bless everyone who believes in her goodness and justice. "

"Anyway, don't want money, how much do you believe a little?"

Accustomed to listening to all kinds of dogmas, Vandel heard such a concise and impressive doctrine for the first time.

Suddenly, a light flashed in Vandel's mind, Cana? Wasn't that a legend he heard as a child?

Does she really exist?

"Hahahaha, what an interesting doctrine. Then I also believe a little! "

Bakugan (Jinx) closed his eyes to Cana's portrait and clasped his hands together in front of him.

"Goddess of Storms—Cana, I believe in you. Please give me the power of the wind! "

The invisible wind began to echo in front of Jinx, and a small bird with a cyan appearance similar to a phoenix appeared in front of Jinx.

"Wow! It really appeared! "

Jinx was pleasantly surprised to see the bird standing up with only ten centimeters from its head to its heels. "Wow, that's great. Goddess Cana answered me! "

【Ding! You help the Storm Goddess regain the power of faith, and you gain 100 units of World Origin.

As your faith spreads, you will continue to receive rewards. 】

"Shiwei! This child has strong willpower and spiritual power to become a hero, and her power of faith is so strong! "

"I can now transform into a human form for a short time."

Shi Wei's eyes lit up, is that what can be? ............

"Vandel, the matter of spreading the followers of Cana, the goddess of storms, is left to you. She will guard any good and righteous believer and give them the strength to resist sin. "

"How long can you become human now?"

"An hour."

Shi Wei immediately teleported to a certain hotel in Picheng, "Let's study deeper?" "

"Don't, no, okay."


Afterwards, Shi Wei hummed a ditty and came out of the hotel, this exchange and learning was really interesting, his hands were more than Ye, so cool that he couldn't breathe.

"Stupid, the power of faith that I just accumulated is about to run out again!"

Cana climbed on Shi Wei's shoulders weakly and giggled, and her height became seventeen.2 centimeters again.

However, she seemed to have been full of Shi Wei, and the whole person fell asleep on his shoulder defenselessly.

Using divine power to fix the girl's figure, Shi Wei decided to take a closer look at the scenery of Picheng.

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