Within a chat group

Shi Wei ignored Dioblando's clown's statement, he only glanced at the other party's avatar.

Charmingly beautiful, beautiful appearance. This dio (Dioblando) has a charm that does not resemble a man. Shi Wei felt that this dio was disgusting and a complete villain.

Shi Wei then said to Xiao Huohuo:

"Xiao Huohuo, you will become a Dou Emperor in the future.

You experienced a lot of hardships and tribulations in the future, and then finally fought step by step to become the strongest Dou Emperor in the future, and then saved the entire Douqi Continent.

The whole world knows that you exist, and they are telling your story.

So you can't slack off now, because when the three-year period is up, there will still be a lot of risks.

At this moment, I personally recommend that you be more diligent. It's best to use group points to buy a job reel, or other items to add hole cards.

The sect master of Nalan Yanran will not watch you leave dashingly after winning Nalan Yanran, he will definitely use all his strength to keep you. "

Shi Wei himself still appreciates Xiao Huohuo's character and character very much, if he does not have a golden finger himself, he will definitely follow Xiao Huohuo as a younger brother.

Xiao Huohuo, who broke the world, will be rewarded with grace, and will not cut off the roots when picking the treasures of heaven and earth. Even if he achieves great things in the future, he has not forgotten his mentor.

At least it is much better than a certain mother in the Douluo world who is entangled and crosses the river and tears down bridges.

You must know that even if the Douluo World is a top master of the hundred levels, Extreme Douluo, he can't even hold the weight of 108,000 catties. Laughing to death. "Five Zero Seven"

Xiao Huohuo is a traverser after all, so after Shi Wei tells him that he is from Dou Po's novel.

He also quickly understood the current situation, "I also played with my mobile phone before crossing, it was a 2G network at that time,

The phone can only read novels and chat buttons. Thank you, Brother Shiwei. "

Dio: "The people in this group look very interesting. How about you just serve at my feet and become my servants, so that I may give you unlimited life? Isn't it impressive? "

Asuka is a little too much to see, although in Neon Dior is the popular villain in Jojo.

But after the real contact, she is still very disgusted with this pure evil:

"What are you talking about? For your ridiculous thing that dies when you see the sun, do you think anyone will like it?

There are really big people in our group, didn't you find it? Compared to him, you are ridiculously like a clown! "

The atmosphere of the chat group seems to be a little stiff.

"Can anyone popularize science? I don't know what the origin of this Dioblando is. "

Ying Zheng was a little puzzled, it seems that there is a character in the group that everyone hates.

Xiao Huohuo explained: "Dioblando is a comic called JOJO.

He was a pure villain. Human life is never the same thing. After becoming a vampire, he even treated killing people and drinking blood as eating bread.

Guys like you, do you think someone in the group will follow in your footsteps? "

Emilia: "It turns out to be this kind of big villain, since this is the case, then I will not give you any good face." "

Tony also saw the news of the group, as well as the first and third parts of JOJO uploaded by Xiao Huohuo.

Just the basic introduction above the comic has confirmed Dior's villain identity.

"So that's the case, then you are an extreme villain who really doesn't clean up.

The ancients are indeed more old-fashioned, and it is normal that you cannot understand it.

For a type like Dior, who lacks a beating, I think the best way is for everyone to beat him.

Modify his personality, and if it doesn't work, send someone to clean him up every day. "

Yoshimasa felt offended, "Tony, huh? Why do you say that our ancients will be old-fashioned.

You are biased, I tell you. "

Dioblando looked contemptuous, as the king who had activated the world's stand-in ability.

He simply looks down on the characters in the group, and the law of the jungle is the eternal law of the world.

"What's the use of saying so much? Hmph, I see that everyone here is just a weak chicken, can anyone beat me? Let me see how strong you are. "

Shi Wei was a little upset. "Want to fight? You activate your side of the world, you see if I can kill you. "

【Ding! The current chat group has activated the arena feature!

The functions are as follows: 1. Discussion. Points are not consumed. 2. Gambling, you can agree on points for gambling, if the points are insufficient, you can make a loan. 】

[Regxi: "Big brother is so powerful, just wanted to beat people, the group function activated the function of fighting. "】

[Shiwei: "It's just a coincidence, it should be to meet some functions of the chat group, so this function is naturally activated." "】

Dioblando also realized after uploading an apple, "So it is, it seems that all this is real."

In that case, let me see your limits. "

[Shiwei: "Let's go to the gambling, Dio!"] Everyone took out 10,000 points for a gambling fight, let me see your strength. You won't be scared, will you? "】

Dior smiled, "I'm afraid, how can I be afraid?" I am the emperor of mankind, the ultimate creature beyond the limits of human beings!

Maybe you can let me see where the limits are.

Shiwei, it seems that you should be the strongest in this world, right? Beat you, I'm the boss! "

Emilia: "Everyone, fighting is bad behavior. However, if it is to punish the wicked, it is not impossible. "

Asuka: "Ah, it's a two-dimensional wife!" Brother Vigo will like you too! "

Emilia: "Huh? Two-dimensional wife? What is that? "

Tokisaki Kozo: "I'm also curious, what is a quadratic dimension?" "

Xiao Huohuo: "Two-dimensional wife means that women in the world of virtual works such as animation, comics, and games are generally more good-looking..."

Tokisaki Madzo: "Ah, ah, the concubine body is indeed very good-looking." However, the concubine became more and more curious about Shi Wei. "

【Ding! When the ring opens, do you enter the ring battle? 】

When the prompt sounded, all the group members chose to watch the battle.

Shi Wei directly clicked acceptance, the next moment.

A vast and boundless ring appeared in front of him.

The arena is vast and boundless, and the sky is a bustling urban square shrouded in clear moonlight.

Shi Wei's divine thoughts spread, and he soon discovered that this ring actually encompassed an entire universe.

"Interesting, the whole universe turned out to be a ring."

In the center of the ring, Shi Wei and Dioblando stand opposite each other.

In mid-air, Emilia, Tokisaki Crazy and the others were suspended in mid-air, their bodies appearing translucent.

Tokisaki looked at all this with some curiosity, "Finally, I no longer look at those elves every day,

It's really fresh to be able to see other people. "

Emilia looked at the people in strange costumes here, and she was about to participate in the king's election, and she was also very curious about the next development.

Perhaps, these new friends can give her more appropriate advice.

"Dio, no matter how you look at it, your appearance and movement are too strange."

Shi Wei looked at Dior, who had been keeping Jojo standing, and some didn't know how to complain. "Weak, too weak.

With this kind of strength, how can you have the courage to fight me? "

Dioblando, "When you meet the emperor, you should submit to me." "

At this moment, Dior put his feet together, his hands open to the sides, and he laughed with wide eyes. "This time, you lost! The world will surrender to me! "

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【The competition begins! 】 】

After Dio finished speaking, he directly pointed his right hand towards him. “theworld"

As Dior's words fell, the whole world seemed to appear a light blue filter.

"One second"

"See? The whole world has been frozen by me. This is the power of the world. "

"What's wrong? Can't move, right?

As a mortal, how can you understand the horror of the power to control time? "

"Two seconds."

"After all, I am not a dimensional creature with you. A guy like you doesn't need even a second to kill you! "

"Three seconds."

Dior continued to time, then looked up to the sky and laughed.

"Hahahaha, you are really pitiful. It's like a beggar on the street who doesn't understand what real nobility is! "

"I'm going to solve you completely in the next two seconds! The roller is coming! "

Dior disappeared, and when he reappeared...

He had already carried a heavy road roller that looked to be more than ten meters long and smashed it towards Shi Wei from a high altitude.

"Is that all? After so long, I still went to get the roller. Ay. "

Shi Wei looked at each other a little helplessly. "What bells and whistles."

"Four seconds"

Dior: "Crush it into puree!" "

Shi Wei walked towards the other party, clenched his fists and carefully controlled the strength on his fists.

At the moment of seeing Dior's world, a stand-in Platinum Star also awakened behind him.

He only needs to see a certain power system with his own eyes, and he can copy it one hundred percent by casting the Star Dragon King, and even use different system powers.

Unless the opponent is stronger than him.

The Platinum Star, which was stronger than Shiwei itself, was suspended on his back, a translucent spirit body made purely of spiritual energy.

Unlike the original, this platinum star has gorgeous dragon-shaped armor that is dark blue like a starry sky.

Then the Platinum Star began to throw his fist at high speed towards the roller.

"Euler Euler Euler Euler Euler Euler T

"It's useless!"

"Wood big wood big wood big wood big wood

Dior stood on top of the roller, and he began to attack the roller with his own world.

However, who knew that the platinum star shattered the entire roller with one punch, and then the whole person flew in front of Dior.

Like a violent storm, lightning and thunder, and nuclear fusion-like terrifying fists directly enveloped Dioblando's whole body.


Dio didn't expect Shi Wei to be able to awaken the stand-in ability, "How is this possible?" How can you also awaken for..."

Shi Wei did not respond, and his fist directly shattered the world's arms with just two punches.

Immediately afterwards, Shiwei's platinum star directly hit Diobbrando's whole body again with a fist that was so fast that it rolled up countless phantoms.

It was like a stormy raindrop falling on the opponent's body, or the continuous accurate strafing of more than seventy Gatling guns

"Boom boom..."

For a full nine seconds, Shiwei's platinum star directly knocked Dioblando into the air, and then beat him fiercely for nine consecutive seconds.

Each of his punches accurately calculates the strength of his opponent's body and the strength of his punches.

With more than 10,000 punches per second, Ora, Dioblando wants to say a word is a luxury.


The extreme fist speed even rubbed with the air to bring sparks and lightning.


At the moment when the speeding Euler lasted nine seconds, Diobran's 2.5 degrees was exactly the full Tala of the Platinum Star of Time Dimension

Ninety-nine thousand nine hundred nine punches!

In the end, Platinum Star made a straight fist, using his crotch to drive his shoulder and then his arm, and the fist rotated on the back of his hand hit the opponent's head directly.

At this moment, the stone was shocked.

The dazzling beam and thunder burst from the fist of the platinum star and blasted Dio's brain, and then the beam and thunder and lightning were not reduced, and the beam flew from the ground,

The earth was torn open a pit the size of a neon country,

The white clouds in the sky were torn apart, and the beam of light that flew out at great speed shattered countless planets in the sky.........

Diobrando's body exploded directly into countless debris, and his spirit body looked at Shi Wei and the gorgeous platinum star beside Shi Wei in shock.

"Impossible! How could you have such terrifying power? Dior's spirit body wanted to say something, but as a result, there was an extra contract on top of his head.

[Dioblando loan 10,000 points, has been automatically checked in for its group, has offset 20 points.] 】

【Ding! In the ring battle, Shi Wei wins! 】

Dioblando's eyes widened in shock.

100,000 punches, he received 100,000 punches in nine seconds!

One move, just one move. The pain that touched his soul made Euler seem to feel extreme pain now.

It's too strong, how can it be so strong?

He turned around and saw the unfathomable giant abyss that extended to the sky, and a large number of planetary explosions appeared in the sky.

Because of the brilliant light that exploded from the explosion of countless planets, the zero sky became extremely dazzling.

This is the crushing of the realm....

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