Even though he was beaten by Jotaro Kujo, Dioblando did not fight back.

Now he just wants Sora Heli to be his woman, and then become a dark hero who eats black.

"Jotaro, you know what? I have a new idea now. I'm running for Neon Prime Minister, I'm going to change the world!

Eliminate all criminals and make the world ~a better place. "

"You guy~!"

Jotaro Kujo clenched his fists, "It's really underestimating you that a guy like you can say such a thing."

Dior, the only thing you did wrong was to mess with me.

Which mother-in-law do you dare to pursue! I have to give you some color! "

"Jotaro ~~ He saved me, at least treat him to a cup of tea."

Kujo Hori was completely intoxicated by the charm of Dioblando, but she also began to feel guilt in her heart, knowing that she was a married woman.

"You guy, are you guy serious? How dare you take a fancy to my married daughter? "

Joseph Joestar clenched two fists, raised Dior with one hand, and then began to beat Dio with the other hand in the face.

"Euler Euler Euler ~~~"

Joseph Joestar is not young, but the strength of his fist swing is not at all inferior to that of a twenty-year-old boy.


As soon as Sora Hori went to stop Joseph Joestar, Jotaro Kujo came over again.

"You have to remember the lesson deeply."

"Euler Euler Euler Euler Euler Euler T

Jotaro Kujo's fists also turned into phantoms and punched Dior's whole body.

Because he still had sanity, Jotaro himself did not use the power of a stand-in.


Break the World Warcraft Mountain Range

"Great, these things are really here!"

Xiao Huohuo usually spends his time reading Dou Po's novels in addition to cultivating to make money.

He found that the author who wrote this novel was really talented, and even he spent a lot of perseverance to not waste his daily cultivation.

This novel is called Dopo, and his rhythm is particularly good, and it is easy and refreshing to read.

After finishing his daily practice, his favorite thing to do was to hold this broken novel and look.

After he finished reading this novel, he also had a full understanding of his future in the world.

So after determining that his strength was well prepared, he went directly to the Warcraft Mountain Range.

"The remnants of the Pure Lotus Demon Fire and the Eagle Wings have arrived!"

"Colorful Poison Sutra? Copy and upload a copy to the group mall first. "

There was a noise outside the cave, and the people of the Wolf Head Mercenary Group still followed behind.

【Ding! Xiao Huohuo uploaded the "Colorful Poison Sutra"]

【Ding! Xiao Huohuo started the group live broadcast. 】

Xiao Huohuo: "Everyone, I have already obtained the remnants of the Pure Lotus Demon Fire, and now those wolf-headed mercenary groups have actually secretly followed."

I wasn't prepared to pay attention to them.

Since that's the case, then I'll fix them all in one go. "

In addition to possessing the Flame Devouring Ruler and the Medicine Elder, the current Xiao Huohuo also has the combat power of the male element.

Tokisaki Kozo: "I'll make it fun!" "

Tony: "There is a new bottleneck in the research and development of Hextech, and I can only manufacture according to Hextech's technology.

But it will take a while to reverse the principle. Now I also have a look at your strength. "

In the live broadcast screen, the members of the wolf-headed mercenary group have already begun to prepare to start.

Mu Li, the young leader of the Wolf Head Mercenary Group, had an eerie smile on his face at the moment

"I guessed right, people like you who bought supplies and walked directly to the depths of the Warcraft Mountain Range must have received some news in advance, I'm really smart."

I have a lot of people here, if you tie your hands, I will give you a pain, how about? "

"Not good? I'm going to fix these things! Xiao Huohuo started directly.

For this Mu Li, Xiao Huohuo didn't want to say anything to him at all, because the other party was a sinister villain, and instead of wasting time with the other party's nonsense, it was better to solve it directly on the spot.

"Bath of Ice Crystals!"

The astonishing range of magic arrays shrouded the entire battlefield, before the members of the Wolf Head Mercenary Group could react.

Their whole bodies have been frozen by the ice, and their legs have been frozen!

"What is it?"

"Elemental bombardment!"

The terrifying elemental magic ball bombarded towards the opposite side from behind Xiao Huohuo.

Those enemies were hit by magical balls with amazing energy before they even reacted.

Each of the magic balls with the four attributes of light, dark, ice and fire contains the terrifying power of shattering buildings.

The most amazing thing is that these magic balls only have a magical aura, and enemies can only judge by dazzling light and heat.

I couldn't feel Xiao Huohuo's magic charging process at all.

The soldiers of countless mercenary regiments were directly turned into crumbs in the incredibly powerful bombardment.

[Regency is powerful, this destructive power at least exploded the street. ] "】

[Xiao Huohuo: "Actually, I now have the power to destroy the city. Just because these are small minions, using the Awakening Technique is a bit too wasteful. "】

[Kanae: "It looks really strong! I really didn't expect Xiao Huohuo's strength to improve so quickly now. "】

Xiao Huohuo was a little embarrassed, "All this is because of the 4 points given by the Shiwei brothers, so my strength has improved so rapidly."

Not long ago, I just thoroughly mastered this power. "

[Dioblando: "I didn't expect that after drinking the potion, since she could become so young and beautiful, thank you, Xiao Huohuo.

I want her to be my woman. "】

Xiao Huohuo looked at Dioblando in shock: "Why do you like a wife."

Don't you know that Sora Heli is already a married woman? "

[Dioblando: "I know, it's because I know it's like to be a young woman, that's why I want to marry her."] "】

Xiao Huohuo rubbed his temples, and he felt speechless.

Unexpectedly, Dioblando turned out to be this kind of person, he actually liked young women.

"Dio, I think you want to be beaten by the air conditioner Jotaro."

Dioblando: "Hahahaha, actually, just now I was already mixed doubles by air conditioning Jotaro and Joseph Joestar.

Luckily, Jotaro Kujo didn't use a stand-in to beat me up, and it looks like he has accepted me.

And Holly her husband has run away, why can't I pursue her now? "

Shi Wei in the chat group also felt interesting when he saw it, and he immediately returned to his hero city in the comprehensive world and took a watermelon and ate it.

"It's outrageous that you dare to like Jotaro's mother. It seems that I really underestimate you, Dior San. "。

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