Chapter 1

The depths of the vast universe.

An egg-like yellow sphere looks like starlight, marking a straight trajectory in the dark starry sky.

If you take a cursory glance, you will only think that this is a meteor that is too ordinary to be ordinary.

But if you can look closely, you will find a hint of peculiarity.

As if it were alive, the sphere rhythmically blooms with a breath-like rhythmic light.

And a figure can be faintly seen.

Inside the sphere, a humanoid figure was lying bored inside, closing his eyes.

Until after a while.

Fang Cai opened his eyes and said a very standard curse to the boundless starry sky that could clearly see the outside of the sphere.

"Hey, after drifting for so long, you haven't found a planet with life? Don't wait until the energy is exhausted, I will starve to death first. "

Looking at the still dark patch, Rhode was both angry and helpless.

He could clearly feel that the energy in his body was slowly disappearing with the passage of time.

But in contrast, what he found most unbearable was that he didn't know how long he hadn't eaten.

One year, two years? Or five years?

At least when Rhode crossed over to Hypajeton, when he just woke up, he was sent to the other world by the glowing legend of Osaija with a punch from the Saiga Extreme Light.

He wanted to ask, which crosser had him a miserable life?

Crossing the previous life, although it cannot be said to be smooth sailing, but it is still not satisfactory, but it was sent to the other world by a mud car that ran a red light.

And then it crossed.

When his consciousness first awakens, he finds himself traveling to the world of O, and has also lost the will of Hyperpajeton, which is controlled by the Baxters.


The people are all crossed into all kinds of handsome Ao, he is good, crossed into the monster, and is about to be sent away by Saiga with a punch.

Before Rhode could say a word, he was sent away for the second time.

Until now.

Consciousness crosses again.

Came to a new universe.

But this crossing, there is good news and bad news.

The good news is that after this crossing, he brought the power of light from Hypajeton and Saiga with him.

The bad news is that the strength is not one in ten, far less than their complete body.

However, fortunately, even if his power is weakened, he can use the power of light to create a ball and navigate in space.

And then

I was adrift for at least five years.

Five years?

Do you know how I got over five years!

If it weren't for the fact that he could maintain his body by consuming the power of Hypajeton and Light now, he would have starved to death long ago.

Most people who have had surgery know it.

If people don't eat and get hanging needles, they can live forever.

But hunger will still come.

If there was a second person present, he would find that Rhode's eyes were already hungry and green at this moment.

But even if he is hungry, the current Rhode has nothing to do.

Can't let him go out and gnaw on meteorites, right?

Continued rafting I don't know how long later.

The yellow ball, cruising in the universe, finally came to a strange galaxy.

After getting closer, the whole picture of the huge planet comes into view.

Rhodes himself was thrilled.


Maneuver the Yellow Ball to land on the nearest planet, but Rhode finds it barren to the extreme.

Not even the atmosphere, let alone living things.

However, Rhode did not lose heart and continued to set off for the next planet.

Until later.

He found that the planet he saw became more and more familiar.

Until the round of fiery red sun and azure Mercury came into view, Rhode froze for a few seconds and was immediately overjoyed.

"Good fellow, sent me to Earth again at this time?!"

Rhodes, who had not spoken to anyone else for several years, immediately changed the orbit of the yellow ball and rushed towards Mercury with joy.


Mercury continent.

Stars dot the night sky.

The neon-lit sky is as calm as ever.

But this tranquility was soon shattered by a roar that was even more terrifying than that of a beast.

Supersonic fighters cut through the night sky, and the huge roar brought by the breakthrough speed of sound makes people's eardrums seem to vibrate.

After aiming at the huge creature traveling at night, the fire control system decisively pressed the launch button of the missile.

The missile dragging the tail flame shot out, and after a few seconds, it accurately hit the figure of the huge creature.

The flames engulfed the mountain-like size.

An invisible shock wave swept away the big trees in the suburbs.

The fire illuminates the darkness, but also illuminates the creature's large and eerie posture.

It's like a giant beast in a fantasy drama!

The solid and huge body looks like a dinosaur in the Jurassic period, but it is bipedal combat power, tens of meters tall.

The chest is bulging like muscle, with countless speckled lines on the back, and at the same time connects the neck and back, and there are three pairs of huge barbs of decreasing length, as well as a long tail.

The gesture is horrifying and terrifying.

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