Chapter 14

After exiting the chat group, Rhodes' consciousness returned to reality.

The emergence of chat groups has given Rhodes more paths to improvement.

And even if there is a lot of noise in other worlds, you don't have to worry about investigating your head.

Another day passed.

Today, Kasumigaoka Shiwa did not come over.

But that's normal.

After all, people are still students, and Rhode also knows that it is very troublesome to be busy if he is really busy.

Of course, Rhode hoped that the girl would give up her investigation of him and become a quiet beautiful girl to give him eyes.

"Boss, give me a cappuccino."


Approaching evening.

Two white-collar workers in suits sat down.

After ordering coffee and snacks, sit down and start making small talk.

But while chatting, Rhode heard something unexpected.

"Have you heard? Just last night, several more people on the outskirts of the city disappeared, supposedly because they were abducted by man-eating monsters while running at night, and there was nothing left at the scene. "

"Really fake, don't you joke? Why haven't I heard this rumor? "

"It's true that I heard this from a friend who works in the government, and I specifically told me that it is best not to go out at night recently, and even if I do, I must not walk alone at night."

"Ah this... If you really encounter that kind of monster, even two or three people may not be able to run away? "


"What time is it?"

"It's almost seven o'clock, it's going to get dark soon, let's leave quickly after eating."

After saying that.

Two white-collar workers gobbled up the food and coffee, and then walked to the front desk to check out.

"Boss, pay."

While paying, the white-collar worker asked somewhat mysteriously.

"Boss, have you heard the news of the appearance of ogres recently?"

"No, but even if there are those that should be rumors, maybe they are just ordinary rabies patients."

"However, this is what I heard from a friend who works in the government, and there seem to be several female students missing, which is really scary."

"It's really scary, but it's especially unsafe for girls to walk at night, so it's better to go home as soon as possible after school."

Rhode finished speaking, and then looked at the female students sitting on the seat closest to the bar, secretly taking pictures of themselves.

"That's right, it's you, if you don't go back soon, your parents will be very worried."

The girls who were found immediately put away their phones and then smiled awkwardly but politely at Rhode.

Their snacks have long been eaten, and they are still here, on the one hand, out of adolescent rebellion, they don't want to go home, on the other hand, they are just to look at the handsome boss more.

After the two white-collar workers left, the girls gathered around.

"Boss, if we are captured by ogres, will you come to rescue us?"

"I'll call the police immediately and let the police uncles rescue you."

"Huh? But everyone outside said that if there is any situation, you can come to Boss Luo of the coffee shop. "

Hearing this, Rhode said with a strange expression.

"Who spread this rumor? I'm not a godfather, just an ordinary coffee shop owner. "


The girls didn't care either.

These words are purely for jokes.

They don't believe in any ogres.

Those are just hallucinations caused by the stress of adults.

As the last guests left, Rhodes' café finally fell silent.

After washing the cups, Rhodes hung up the "closed" signboard.

Then, go back to the bar and open your laptop.

Instead of playing a thrilling streak, I searched for the city's news.

After scanning a few pages, Rhode found an article about ogres on a local forum.

"Are there female ogres?"

"I swear it's absolutely true! In a family near my house, someone went missing the night before! I haven't found it yet! "

"If it were true, those self-media would have already made news and fell out."


"I'll go, that ogre is my classmate!"

"I swear it's true, I'm that ogre."

"Upstairs, your classmate appeared."

After reading a circle, there is indeed news.

But it's all the discussion of some netizens, and there are a lot of muddy water.

Rhode felt half-truth.

After all, rumors are flying on the Internet, such as neighbors saying that he is an omnipotent boss.

Isn't that a joke?

He's just a businessman with his duty.

However, after all, I heard about this from the mouth of the guest today.

Rhode felt that he still had to take a look.

If it's true, it's still a bit of trouble to have an ogre running around in front of his house, and the environment near where he lives has finally settled down, and he doesn't want anything to happen anymore.

If it's fake, it's a distraction.

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