Chapter 22

They are demons.

It is a heterogeneous existence that has been entrenched in this world since ancient times.

And with the birth of human beings, because of various human desires and emotions, the types of demons born also increased sharply every day.

And these demons, without exception, are all dedicated to their respective masters, the root demons.

It was a conceptual existence that accompanied the world long before the birth of mankind.

Moreover, after the emergence of humans and other life, negative emotions about death, loss of control, and other situations will become food for the root demons.

They can absorb huge amounts of power from it and become so powerful that they are almost immortal.

And the "master" worshiped by the demons entrenched here is one of the root demons.

"The way to give those human powers, to collect fear and death, is really too slow."

A demon with a human form, but like a corpse that has been decaying for decades, spoke.

"Not only is it slow, but it is also easy for humans to detect, and I have long said that you must not be too ostentatious when collecting sacrifices."

"That's not human."

Another shadow hidden in the darkness spoke.

"Human strength alone cannot achieve that level, and I saw that guy from the memory of the human villain I contracted before he died."

"Same as humans."

"Isn't that still human?"

"No, it's absolutely impossible for humans to have that ability."

"Maybe it's humans who have made contracts with other demons, and the strength is limited."

"No, he's not the kind of question of whether he's strong or not, it's really a very special kind."

The demon thought for a moment and continued.

"Let's be honest, if my essence appeared there, I'm sure I would die too."


The corpse-like demon fell silent.

Then speak.

"Then leave this matter alone, the most important thing for us at the moment is to collect the appropriate sacrifice as soon as possible so that our great master can come into this world."

"As long as that adult comes, all the creatures in this world need to surrender to me!"



On the other hand.

Go home and pick up high school girls.

Rhode took Yotsuya Miko back to the café.

At first, because of the dim light, the girl did not see the signboard.

However, after seeing the decoration in the café, he showed a somewhat surprised expression.

Along the way, she has regained her composure.

"This café... Did you open it? "

"How else? It is illegal to trespass on a private house. "

Rhode shrugged.

"The bathroom is around the corner from the right from the second floor, there are clean towels in the window next to the mirror, and you can use my shower gel and shampoo as you like."

After speaking, Yotsuya Miko still stood still.

Rhode gave her a strange look, and then said, "Are you afraid again? Do you still want me to accompany you in? It's not impossible, but it's a separate charge. "

"Nope... No, I just didn't react for a while. "

Yotsuya Miko's cheeks suddenly flushed.

The man's every move seemed to be quite heartwarming to her.

This feeling is especially evident in today's environment.

The girl suppressed this feeling, and then walked up the stairs with a little panic.

It didn't take long for the sound of a shower to be heard upstairs.

After leaving Rhode and entering the bathroom, when she couldn't see his figure, the girl began to think cranky again.

I was afraid that where the light could not shine, an evil spirit was looking at him with his eyes open.

After all, this kind of thing often happens when you are in your own home.

And every time she can only pretend to be calm, as if nothing happened, but in fact, she is afraid to die.

But the girl is destined to worry too much.

I saw nothing in my eyes, there were no head ghosts, and there were no baby ghosts.


Just like the world before I couldn't see the ghosts, it was quite peaceful.

Yotsuya Miko thought that this might be the reason Rhode was there.

It's like my friend, so popular that even ghosts can't get close.

And this store manager has more special powers than his friend.

Not only can you not let the ghost get close, but you can see the ghost and most importantly, you can kill the ghost!

This made the girl who had always thought that she was the only special suddenly have a strong sense of dependence.

After all, so far, all the weirdness has survived on his own.

If only I could live in this place....

The girl began to fantasize.

Even if you can see ghosts, don't be afraid.

From the second floor, there was a girl's laughter like a silver bell, mixed with the sound of bathing, which was enough to make adolescent men want to be wrong.

Rod didn't mean to hear it.

His hearing has been enhanced, and although it is not at the level of Superman, he can still hear far.

Rhode made two cups of coffee.

After that, I saw the girl coming down from upstairs wrapped in a white bath towel.

Rhode looked at her.

Yotsuya Miko instantly blushed.

"I... I didn't find a change of clothes, so I had to deal with it with a bath towel, that... I'll wash that later. "

Isn't the question here, okay?

Female high school student, there is a sense of dependence, coupled with a lonely man and widow, if Rhode is the male protagonist of Rifan, Yotsuya Miko is afraid that he will not be able to run tonight.

The girl wearing the bath towel looked quite mature, although she was only sixteen or seventeen years old, and her facial features had not yet fully grown, but she had a melon seed face and fair and tender skin.

At the same time, the yellow-orange-orange eyes are also full of twisting and gratitude.

That cute face also seemed to show an expression that wanted to say but did not dare to say.

Rhode didn't say anything, but took out a set of waiter's uniform from under the cupboard.

This is a few sets that he bought when he bought materials, and usually used them for changing and washing, but he didn't expect it to come in handy.


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