Chapter 46

Rhode looked miserable.

It looks similar to the anime, but how does it feel a little MacJackson?

Looking at the figure of the hero landing on the ground, there was not much fear on the miserable face, but there was an elegant smile.

"Your Excellency, I am honored to meet you, you should be the rescuer invited by the Ghost Killer Team, right? What they paid you, I can pay you double. "

He had been operating in an island country for so many years, and he had never heard of such a hermit in this country.

If it had existed for a long time, how could it have allowed itself to develop to this point.

Therefore, this person is most likely a rescuer hired by the Ghost Killer Team from overseas.

If he could, he didn't want to have a conflict with such people.

As for those ghosts, if they die, they will die, anyway, except for him, all ghosts are just consumables.

"Be specific?"

Rhode asked with a faint smile on his face.


Hearing this, Wu Miserable was silent for a few seconds.

He really didn't think about it so much at first, just wanted to stabilize this man first.

He thought for a while and spoke, "Your Excellency's strength is too wasteful to put on the body of the Ghost Killing Team, it is better to look at this world, I will make Your Excellency the emperor of this country, with Your Excellency and my strength, maybe even this world can be included." "

Although the development of human science and technology is quite fast.

For hundreds of years, from the time when firearms were not available, extremely powerful artillery shells and huge warships were created.

In a few hundred years, Wu Wu knows that the military power of this world will definitely go further.

However, he still has the confidence to rule the world.

Because even if human beings create artillery that is so powerful, it cannot change the fate of human beings.

With the promise of eternal life by other high-ranking people, he will encroach on this world little by little.

This world, in the end, will belong to him alone.

Those lower beings, who are human beings, are simply not worthy of dominating the world.

Those individuals as weak as ants should be ruled by perfect beings like him!

Speaking of this, Wu Miao's tone rose slightly, obviously he had been secretly preparing for a long time.

"Join me! We will become kings of the New World in the future, and all mankind will submit to us! "

After Rhode listened, a surprised expression appeared on his face.

The misery of this world is really interesting.

It's not at all like the crumb boss in the original work, but it's a bit heroic.

If nothing else, just talking about the idea of taking over the world, the crumb boss in the original book only dares to pretend to be forced in the one-acre and three-point land of Infinite City when he dies, and he likes to kill his loyal subordinates at every turn, which can be said to be crumbs to the extreme.

"What about Your Excellency's opinion?"

Wu Miserable looked at Rhode's eyes.

Only then did I find that the pair of pupils were as deep as the starry sky, and they seemed to contain great power and terror.

Rhode sighed and nodded: "I have to say, you are very interesting, but I don't like it." "

"If you wish, I can also exchange it for other rewards."

Wu Mian was just about to laugh, but after hearing Rhode say this, his smile directly tightened back.

"I don't mean that, I mean, it's you that I don't like."

A smile appeared on his face.

If it is someone else, it is really possible to be moved by the misery.

But Rhode is not interested in Wu Miserable, and the other is from other worlds, not to mention, if he wants to rule the world, where does he need Wu Miserable's help.

Directly Hypajeton really came and destroyed the world's armies, and the world was not allowed to be flattened and rounded by him.

But Rhode had no idea at all.

The voice fell.

Rhode's palm had a burning energy condensation.

Considering that the energy of Spichum's light is not very stable now, far inferior to the light cast by Ultraman's body, Rhode still decided to use a more skilled dark fireball to handle it without misery.

The dark fireball instantly condensed in his hand, and then directly pasted towards the miserable face.

In an instant, the ambient temperature around him instantly increased by tens of degrees, like a furnace.

Of course, the one trillion-degree fireball that Rhode used was not a complete body, and that thing had not yet been unleashed with a human body, and could only be released after it became gigantic.

However, even if it is not a trillion degrees, there is a high temperature of hundreds of thousands of degrees, and any carbon-based organism that is hit must hit GG.

No tragedy is no exception.

He was ready the moment Rhodes made his move.

Countless tentacles like vines scrambled out from behind, but the Blood Ghost Technique, which was normally pierced even by steel, instantly evaporated and vaporized after touching the red energy.

No miserable instant discoloration.


What a sneak attack!

Fortunately, he also made preparations!

In fact, Wu Mian had long known that Rhode would not cooperate with him at all, so he pretended to negotiate peace and then waited for the opportunity to stab him in the back, but he didn't expect that it was Rhode who made the first move.

What he didn't expect was that his own blood demon technique was directly bombarded.

This result made Wu Miserable realize the gap between himself and Rhode, and then immediately changed it to Plan B.

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