Chapter 51

The sudden group news caught Rhode off guard.

However, he also looked at the reminders given by the chat group.

[Group message (private): Redeemable items are detected, do you want to redeem them? 】

"Can you exchange it for just one prescription?"

Rhode was a little strange, and then a bold idea came to mind.

However, as soon as the idea was born, it was wiped out by chat groups.

[Group message (private): This item has uniqueness, and repeated redemption is worthless. 】

"That's okay."

Looking at the reminder of the chat group, Rhode was a little painful.

If this is okay, you will not worry about such a thing as lack of points in the future.

But it's clear that chat groups eliminate all possibilities of weed.

However, Rhode is not surprised, after all, if a single prescription can be exchanged repeatedly, then the mall system of the chat group has collapsed.

[Dingdong~~~, group member Rhode sold the "Ghost King" prescription (full version) and obtained 2000 points. 】

Lei Dian Zhen: "??? "

Erina: "Huh? What is this? It looks a bit dangerous. "

Rhodes: "It's the medicine that can turn people into ghosts." "

Emilia: "Is it the ghost of the world over there by Miss Butterfly Shinobi?" If so, it is indeed dangerous. "

Lei Dian Zhen: "A single prescription can redeem so many points, so wouldn't I be able to get rich on the spot if I copied a bunch of them?" "

Rhode: "Don't worry, the chat group guessed that we would do this, so there has long been a rule that the value of selling the same item repeatedly will decrease, so don't think about wool." "

Lei Dian Zhen: "It's really abominable that you don't give any group benefits." "

Lei Dian Zhen: "But you can actually get so many points, envious." "

Erina: "Yes, you can get two thousand points at once, even if you sign in a hundred points every day, it will take twenty days." "

Amelia: "The point is that none of us can get more than sixty points when we sign in now..."

Erina: "Indeed, I have to wonder if the 100 points in the chat group are fake." "

Lei Dian Zhen: "Don't say a hundred, if you can touch sixty, you will burn high incense." "

Erina: "Indeed, I seriously doubt that the check-in system is the same as the UR in the online game pool, and it can't be drawn at all!" "

[Dingdong~~~, group member Rhode signs in and gets 100 points. 】

Rhode: "If you don't say it, I almost forgot about the check-in." "

Lei Dian Zhen: "??? "

Erina: "??? "

Amelia: "??? "

Rod: "What's wrong?" "

Erina: "Abba Abba Abba Aba..."

Who can feel the feeling of just swearing that there are no 100 points for signing in, and then being slapped in the face the next second?

Lei Dian Zhen: "My face hurts so much, I feel that my face has been swollen by Mr. Rhode's punch." "

Amelia: "I feel so embarrassed, I won't say one thing so sure next time." "

Amelia: "And remember the last time Mr. Rhodes checked in, it seems to be much better than us." "

Rod: "It's just luck. "

Seeing this, Rhode smiled heartily.

However, the points of other girls signing in seem to be under sixty, and they have at least eighty guarantees every time they sign in, is it because the chat group has taken a fancy to me?

In that case, you may be able to expect the next wave of lotteries.

Butterfly Shinobu: "@罗德, Lord Rhode, is everything over?!" "

Rhode: "Well, it's all over, Wu Miserable has been killed by me, if nothing else, the ghosts lurking in this country should all die." "

Butterfly Shinobu: "There is another question, the silver giant before, is it you?" "

Rod: "It's me. "

Butterfly Shinobu: "It's too powerful!" So handsome! Lord Rhode, can I ask you for an autograph?!" "

Erina: "Huh? Miss Shinobu Butterfly, what's wrong with this? Usually she doesn't look like this? "

Butterfly Shinobu: "You don't know, you haven't seen it!" Lord Rhode just now was really sunny, too handsome. "

Forgive Butterfly Shinobu for the lack of vocabulary, after all, after his parents were killed, he joined the ghost killing team and did not have a school education.

But this still made it difficult for the girl to suppress the excitement and excitement in her heart.

The giants of light after Rhode's transformation were too shocking, like a beacon in the night, illuminating the confused figures on their side who seemed to be wandering in the darkness.

In contrast, even the news that the Ghost King Oni Mai Tsuji was wiped out without tragedy became somewhat trivial.

Just because the giant of light standing between heaven and earth is like a figure of a god, it has been deeply imprinted in the souls of all people.

Raiden Zhen: "When Shinobu said this, I suddenly wondered what was happening in that world. "

Erina: "I'm curious too. "

Amelia: "Is that giant of light Mr. Rhode's ability?" "

Butterfly Shinobu: "It's really a shame that you didn't see it!" Lord Rhodes at that time... It's like... Like a god! "

Seeing Butterfly Shinobu speak a little incoherently, the other girls became more and more curious.

What kind of scene can make the usually quiet and cute butterfly Shinobu suddenly become so excited?

Raiden Zhen: "I really want to know what happened, I feel like there are ants crawling all over my body." "

Rod: "Aren't you a ghost?" Can you feel itchy too? "

Lei Dian Zhen: "Of course, although it is a ghost, I don't know why, I still retain various habits and feelings before death, if you don't eat, you feel hungry, and if you don't sleep, you feel sleepy." "

Seeing this, Rhode wanted to ask the ghost if he needed to go to the toilet, but considering that the relationship was not very familiar, he could only hold it in his heart.

Erina: "Then again, is that ghost king's prescription really useful?" "

Rhode: "It should be useful, but it's better not to be interested in it, although you can get superpowers after using it, but you will become fond of eating people." "

Although it is a complete prescription, after adding the other side flower, it only eliminates the effect of fear of sunlight, and if you are hungry, you have to eat people.

If there is no negative effect of cannibalism, Rhode also plans to bring this thing back and use it as an employee benefit in another world, or directly collect medicinal materials for the group members.

Isn't it fragrant for everyone to be a perfect creature?

Although I don't know the effect of the prescription in another world, there is no effect.

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