Chapter 53

"It's good that the world is finally at peace."

The butterfly couldn't help but be drunk and hazy, looking at the lively and peaceful atmosphere that the Ghost Killer Team had never seen before, and was sincerely happy.

"Yes, forbearance, those who died have finally been able to rest in peace."

Kanae's moon accent is also full of emotion.

"However, all this is the credit of Lord Rhode, if it were not for you, perhaps we, our future generations would all live in a darker era."

Just thinking back to the Ghost King Ghost Mai Tsuji Wuxi because of the last blood demon technique, and gathered flesh and blood to become such a huge demon, the bodies of the two sisters couldn't help but be afraid and cold for a while.

If you live in that world, you might as well die.

"And Lord Rhode, your arrival has brought light and hope to this world."

Speaking of this, the two sisters all looked at Rhode with drunken eyes.

"I should have done it."

Rhode nodded and drank the sake in his cup.

Then frowned slightly.

Why is this water so tasteless?

This is not as strong as the second pot head.

Now Rhodes, the tolerance of alcohol has been improved to a very high degree, now that is, the water of life can taste a little of the past feeling, this island country sake is as light as boiled water when drunk in the mouth.

However, on the contrary, the butterfly sisters were already exhaling, cherry small mouths slightly open, and a faint wine aroma came out of their mouths.

The eyes of both women were full of gratitude.

"We really don't know how to express my gratitude."

Butterfly Kanae spoke.

"Now that all the ghosts have been destroyed by you, Lord Rhode, I really don't know what to say, originally the fate of our ghost killing team is in jeopardy, if it weren't for you..."

Rhode nodded, indicating that it was.

But who let the current plot be the same as the characters in Ghost Slayer's Blade, and the plot is all messed up.

The most important thing is that the ghost dance of this world has no miserable brain.

Not at all as timid and fearful as in the original.

But if you think about it, what Wu Miserable does is exactly what a slightly courageous "normal person" would do.

Instead of living for almost a thousand years in the original work, but there is not even a decent, open-faced force, only daring to operate in the sewers like a mouse.

If nothing else, if you change to a traverser of the Celestial Empire, in this thousand years, let alone the ghost killing team, even the future world police are afraid to disappear, and it is not a ghost king, but directly becomes the captain of the earth.

In a thousand years, even pigs have to become fine.

The banquet went on late into the evening.

And Rhode glanced at the girls who were still drinking beside him, and said, "I'll send you back." "

The two women did not refuse, or now they have no consciousness to refuse, but just attached themselves to the left and right of Rhode and walked towards the room not far away.

After bringing the two sisters into the house, Rhode wanted to leave, but was grabbed by Butterfly Shinobu and Kanae at the same time.

"Lord Rhode, can you... What about staying a little longer? "

"I also want to... Can you spend more time with adults? "

Butterfly Kanae opened her eyes that she couldn't open before, staring straight at Rhode, her pink face and expression seemed to say something else, except for staying a little longer, there was something else she wanted to say.

Seeing this, Rhode was a little surprised.

I thought that although he did save you, isn't it a bit outrageous to do so? Your sister is still watching, that's a bit unpleasant, right?

Then, Rhode glanced at Butterfly Shinobu again, and found that even she was looking at herself with a look of anticipation.

Seeing this, Rhode suddenly found that he did not seem to fully realize the difference in times.

Different times have different unspoken rules, and many things that are unacceptable in modern society may be commonplace in another era.

Say nothing else.

Women in ancient times could marry and have children at the age of fourteen.

In some more backward places, the time may have to be earlier.

"Lord Rhode, would you like to stay a little longer?"

The delicate voice surrounded his ears, making Rhode fall into a fierce battle of thoughts.

As a modern person, he originally wanted to be a gentleman reserved, and by the way, he would give full play to the spirit of Ott and do good deeds without leaving a name.

But after seeing Kanae take off Haori while saying that the room was so hot, Rhode felt that Ott's spirit was something, and he didn't want it.

The first thing he crossed was the God of Destruction Haipajdon, so it didn't seem like a problem to be a little unruly?

"Then I'll stay a little longer, just for a while."

Rhode quickly convinced himself and decided to stay for a while.

And this stay is a whole night.

Of course, Shinobu Butterfly and Megumi Kanae were also in the room from beginning to end, and they also did not come out.



The sun was high and Rhode stretched out of the room.

It did have a pretty good night last night.

As a reward for coming over, Rhode was also satisfied.

Last night's gentleness made him want to stay a little longer.

Unfortunately, he didn't have much time left.

Tomorrow after midnight, it will be exactly seven days and seven nights.

Other than that.

Rhode also found that although seven days had passed in the time here, the chat group reminded him that his original time flow rate was different from this world, no matter how long it passed, the other world would only pass one day.

Although I don't know what the principle is, this is one of the reasons why Rhodes has been here for so long.

Next, Rhode did not bother the dreams of the two women, but strolled around.

A faint aroma of food wafted over from not far away.

Following the smell, Rhode pushed open the kitchen door, and a trace of cherry color came into view.

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