Chapter 56

As a traverser of the Celestial Empire, there are more than a dozen novels in the chat group genre.

The group lottery function is standard in almost every chat group.

It's the 648 thing, which makes it a little difficult to think too much.

After all, this number represents the bitter tears of many African gamers.

It is common for a shot of 648 to go down without even a single hair.

And the real world 648 soft sister coins, if you buy daily necessities and vegetables and fruits, you can fill several shopping carts.

As one of the victims of unscrupulous game companies, Rhodes is deeply touched by this.

He was very skeptical, and the group lottery was also a pit.

The probability of drawing UR should be no higher than buying a lottery ticket to win the jackpot.

Rod: "I'm going to start the lottery, what do you want to say?" "

Erina: "Wow! Is this about to start the lottery?! "

Amelia: "There are many powerful abilities in the prize pool, even if you draw one at random, you will benefit a lot, but I don't know what the probability is?" "

Lei Dian Zhen: "Don't think about it, it must be extremely low, after all, things are scarce and expensive, how can powerful things be so easy to be drawn, otherwise, we just need to slowly sign in and wait for points, sooner or later we will transcend the world and become all-round, spread hands .jpg." "

Erina: "That being said, people can't live without dreams, otherwise they won't become salted fish?" "

Erina: "According to me, the lottery goes to UR, and then even if you draw SR, the psychology will not fall short, but you still feel very profitable!" "

Lei Dian Zhen: "You know how to comfort yourself." "

Erina: "? "

Erina: "Why does that sound a little weird?" "

Raiden Jin: "I really don't mean that, it's Erina, you think too much yourself!" "

Rod: "I understand, thank you." "

Seeing this, Erina's face instantly blushed like a red apple.


Before Rhode joined the group, she and Lei Dian Zhen would occasionally chat about yellow jokes in the group.

Amelia and Butterfly Shinobu couldn't understand it, and they were girls, so they didn't care.

But it was seen by Rhode!


Now Erina's heart even wants to die.

Without even seeing a face, he revealed his true nature.

But the reality is that the girl obviously thinks too much.

Rhode not only did not feel embarrassed, but also found it very interesting.

After all, they are all real, and how can everything be according to the template, and there are more than these topics that girls will talk about together.

If the girl is astringent, there will be nothing for the man.

Amelia: "I don't know what strange consensus you have reached, but now you are all off topic." "

Butterfly Shinobu: "Lord Rhode, it's time for the lottery." "

Rhodes: "Then let's start with a ten-in-a-row draw." "

Although it is possible to draw miracles alone, the experience of past lotteries tells him that the probability of ten consecutive draws is a little higher.

What's more, stud is a form of wisdom.

Rhodes clicked on the project of the group mall, and was about to click on the lottery option when he saw several more items on the shelves of the mall.

【World Shuttle Card (3 days): 1500 points】

【World Shuttle Card (30 days): 6000 points】

【World Shuttle Card (1 year): 30,000 points】

[World Shuttle Card (Permanent): 100,000 points].

Seeing this, Rhode gasped.


Are your world shuttle cards made of gold or gold particles?

A permanent shuttle card actually costs 100,000 points, which is really heifer to the sky, the cow is broken.

He has now greatly changed the plot of the Ghost Slayer Blade World, and he has only scored 20,000 points.

By analogy, I am afraid that it takes five miserable jobs to buy a world shuttle card.

"Maybe there will be more ways to earn points later."

Rhode thought about it, but decided to draw a prize first.

Then click on the ten-link button of the group lottery.


The lottery screen, first of all, is an empty blue sky and white.

Then, soon, streamers like meteors fell from above the clouds, streaking through the sky.

Rhode watched the trails of those lights slip from his sight.

Until the end, some dazzling light filled the entire chat group interface.

The glow disappears and the results of the draw appear on the chat group page.

[Congratulations on obtaining: freshly taken off black silk (N), sweet flower stuffed chicken *5 (N), blood-stained meteor hammer (N), Nikkawa knife (N), space ring (SR), dust song pot (SSR). 】


Seeing the golden light displayed by the SSR at the end, Rhode was a little surprised.

He was actually ready to sink the ship, but he didn't expect it to actually ship.

Those N-level evaluations are all some garbage, and there is no need to look at them at all.

Rhode put the space ring in his hand and immediately could sense the size of the internal space of the ring.

The space is about half the size of a standard basketball court, and only dead objects can be accessed, and the items in the storage space ring will enter a state similar to time static.

For example, put a sweet flower stuffed chicken in it, and after a year, it still tastes freshly out of the pot.

As for the second dust song pot, it is more familiar.

Isn't this a jackie pot?

A place in the game dedicated to pouting his wife.

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