Chapter 69

A lot of information comes into view.

The expression on the girl's face was also more and more surprised.

If it were not for modern education, some of the exclusive terms in it would not be understood at all.

"Chat groups that connect different worlds, I didn't expect me to encounter such a strange thing."

In the huge dojo, the sunset that had reached the sunset shone in from the entrance, leaving flaming-like specks of light.

Poison Island's eyelids narrowed slightly.

Although for students with a materialist education, this kind of thing can already be associated with "weirdness".

Normal people's reactions will panic.

But Poison Island Tsuko is not normal.

She spent the first half of her life defending her weirdness everywhere, trying not to let others find themselves abnormal.

However, the girl's heart also longs for the day when her life will no longer be like this.

Ordinary life, she is tired of living.

Only in an abnormal world will she seem "normal".

Looking at the chat group in front of him, Poison Island Junzi's eyes contained excitement.

Of course.

Poison Island does not expose his "proclivities" too early.

It's like in the eyes of those juniors and sisters in school, she is still a perfect eldest miss.


Another place.

Dark, damp and cold caves.

Sadly crossed, after waking up, he was chased and killed by the "birth mother", and a small white piebald spider that finally escaped was panting, lying on the ground with several legs facing the sky panting.

"I'll go! I almost died there just now, what kind of evil did I make to cross into such a dangerous place! Lord God, God, Buddha, Jade Emperor, other people's crossers are all with their own invincible upgrade system, or they can easily upgrade with a small hand on their mobile phones, how can I suffer this torture. "

The spider turned over, and several spider legs climbed up.

There is a waterhole not far in front of you.

The spider leaned his head over and saw a white spider with eight eyes, fangs like an elephant, and the size of a puppy.

The spider stroked his cheek sadly.

In the reflection of the water, the terrifying spider that is enough to easily scare a child into crying also pounds his head with tentacles.

"Alas! Other people's crossing are skill points god-level props don't give life, harem wives and concubines are in groups, and I can't finish playing for a month, how did I become an ugly spider that exploded! Even if the crossing has to randomly select races, not to mention dragons, even if I am a goblin, it is better than this! "

It's also a social creature, and you don't have to almost burp just after waking up.

But the spider's complaints were not heard by the gods in her mouth, Buddha and the like.

What to do.

And right at this moment.

The sudden chat group prompt made the spider unexpected.

The translucent light curtain appeared in front of him, making the spider instantly stunned.

"Dingdong~~~, the Heavens and Worlds chat group invites you to join, please select."


After the spider was stunned for half a second, he instantly pointed a spider leg on "yes".

"Hahahaha! I take back my previous review! Sure enough, after crossing, goldfinger is standard! "

The spider's previous loss was swept away, and after the chat group appeared, he instantly danced with joy.

But two seconds later, he was panting and lying on the ground.

The escape just now could exhaust her enough.

A few spider legs are still sore!

Joining chat groups is fast.

Look at the speeches in the group.

The spider, who had memories before the crossing, quickly accepted the existence of the chat group.

Spider: "Resurrection!! Solomon, the old lady is finally back! "

Spider: "But then again, why is my Goldfinger a chat group?" Can anyone explain how this should be used? "

Butterfly Shinobu: "The main function is to get points for check-in, mission points, selling abilities or mysterious props to get points, and then change some big events to get points, and then the points can be used to draw prizes and strengthen the body, you can also buy world shuttle cards, travel to other people's worlds, or let others cross into their own world." "

Spider: "Simple and clear, as a novice guide, you are qualified!" "

Spider: "But then again, is there an option to upgrade with one click?" "

Erina: "Hello, it doesn't exist." "

Spider: "Okay, but I'm already satisfied with being able to join the chat group and someone talking." "

No matter how human beings are social animals.

Sealing himself in a small dark room every day, without any entertainment equipment, plus surrounded by monsters, he may be driven crazy in less than a day.

Although he said that he would upgrade the system with one click, after being able to communicate with other people, Spider was still very happy.

Raiden Zhen: "Spider, is this your name?" "

Amelia: "This name looks so strange, would anyone really use insects to name themselves?" "

Spider: "My name... What's it called? Forgot! But this is probably also the sequel of the crossing, anyway, the name is not an important thing, from now on I will be called Spider! "

Spider: "As for the reason, I don't know what's going on, I became a spider when I woke up, and the subway old man's mobile phone .jpg." "

Amelia: "Imes so soon?" It's so fast! "

Spider: "Calm! Besides, I was also a senior surfer before crossing, if I can't even use my cousin bag, how can I fight with sand sculpture netizens with high intensity? "


ps: Kavin, I don't know what to write, the main thing is that I don't want to write any blood upgrade stories, I want to write something different, such as ghosts, supernaturals, urban weird talks, Cthulhu, in fact, even the heroine of Gulit I also want to write, the monster that appears in the first chapter is actually a monster in Gullet, and the daily heroine, my plan is that the next heroine and Mai Sakurajima, associate her ability with strange talk.

Although I said before that I don't care much about the results of this book, I still want to write the plot a little more interesting, but I really don't have enough pen power, it's difficult...

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