Chapter 7

"Where do I seem to have seen this standard tone?"

Rhode was stunned for a second, and quickly reacted.

Isn't this the chat group that comes standard with crossers?

It's kind of weird.

He thought that crossing into this world would already be over, but he didn't expect that this crossing trip was not over.

"But it's actually a chat group..."

Rhode didn't show much surprise.

After all, the two words "shock" had already used up his shock for several years from the time he first crossed over.

Now when I meet a chat group, I just feel a little strange.

"What if you try to refuse to join the group?"

When Rhode first came up with this thought.

A new tone came to mind.

"Ding~~~, welcome Rhodes to join the chat group (click Welcome)"

"Good guy, doesn't this give people a chance to refuse?"

Rhode complained, and then silently observed the chat group interface in front of him.

It is almost no different from the communication software interface of a certain news.

This year, even the Ten Thousand Worlds chat group has learned to be lazy and copy and paste?

And also learned to pull people by force.

However, Rhode was not surprised, and the idea of refusing before was just a thought.

A chat group that can bring some spice to everyday life, he certainly won't refuse to join.

Erina: "Welcome newcomers to the group!" "

Butterfly Shinobu: "Welcome newcomers!" If you don't understand anything, you can check the announcement at the top of the group profile, where various settings about the chat group are written in detail! "

[Group message: Group member "Butterfly Shinobu" completes the newcomer guidance task and points +100. 】

Butterfly Shinobu: "Yay! Another hundred points to hand! "

Erina: "Aaaaaaa It was preempted again, why did I click that welcome button just now! Crazy .jpg. "

Butterfly Shinobu: "Hehe, when the next time a newcomer joins the group, I'll give you the task of guiding the newcomer." "

Erina: "Don't! I'm going to grab it myself! None of you want me! "

Amelia: "Having said that, next time, Miss Erinai will definitely be preempted." "

Amelia: "And welcome newcomers ~~~"

Lei Dian Zhen: "Huh? Are there any new people joining the group? Welcome newcomers to join the group! "

Amelia: "This name seems to have a bit of a male feeling, is the newcomer male?" "

Butterfly Shinobu: "If a man joins, you can finally reconcile the overweight yin atmosphere in the group!" "

Erina: "But in this way, many private topics cannot be discussed. "

Lei Dian Zhen: "That kind of thing doesn't matter, isn't there a private chat function?" Of course, if Miss Erinai is bold, she can also discuss the topic of menstrual period in front of men. "

Erina: "Don't want it!" "

Although it is true that newcomers are very welcome, how can the topic of girls be known to men?

Even if you are separated by a dimension, you can't see it at all, you can't talk nonsense!

Butterfly Shinobu: "Why hasn't the newcomer spoken until now?" "

Amelia: "Shouldn't we be scared?" But rest assured, we're not bad people, hands crossed at the waist.jpg. "

Lei Dian Zhen: "If you say that you are not a bad person, you will give people a feeling that you are a bad person." "

Lei Dian Zhen: "What's more, our chat group itself is very mysterious, and it is normal for newcomers to be vigilant." "

[Group message: Group members sign in and get 85 points. 】

Rod: "It is indeed mysterious. "

Raiden Zhen: "..."

Butterfly Shinobu: "Miss Zhen, I was slapped in the face on the spot!" Bad laugh .jpg. "

Erina: "I didn't expect that the newcomer was so iron-headed and started using the chat group function without knowing anything?" "

Butterfly Shinobu: "This newcomer is really not ordinary." "

I think that when I first joined the group, I was vigilant for a long time.

I am afraid that this is a blood demon technique set by some ghost.

It wasn't until the next day that I dared to check out the features of the chat group.

As for after use, it is already a matter of one more day.

Of course.

As a member of the Ghost Killing Team, she was still in the headquarters, so she had to be careful.

After all, if a ghost finds their headquarters, the consequences will be unimaginable.


The other side.

Rhode looked at the dialog box of the chat group with a faint smile on his face.

Aren't these names the same one?

Erina, the heroine of "Halberd Spirit".

Her world is dominated by cuisine, and the chef has the highest status in the world, and can even influence diplomatic relations between countries.

It sounds outrageous, but this is the second dimension.

And, at least, it's much more reasonable than the setting of playing cards to save the world.

Subsequently, Butterfly Shinobu, a character in Ghost Slayer's Blade, Amelia should be the heroine of "living in another world from scratch", Raiden really needless to say, the original Thunder God of the original god Inazuma, but after the protagonist crossed to the continent of Tivat, Raiden Ma died long ago, and her replacement was her sister Ray Movie.

"I didn't expect that the world after crossing is a comic, and even the characters who join the group are also characters in the second dimension."

Rhode thought.

In the future, if there are still new people joining the group, maybe there will be tokusatsu, manga, and game characters to join.


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