Chapter 72

Poison Island Rinko's eyes lit up.


Anyway, it was a technique from another world.

The girl, who has become stuck in the Poison Island Stream, has to improve herself in other ways.

The reason for this is because she needs a cathartic outlet, the emotions she has accumulated for so many years.

Otherwise, Poison Island believes that she will become a murderer.

The memory of encountering a pervert in junior high school, but paralyzing the man with a wooden knife, is still vivid.

She was not afraid, but enjoyed the pleasure of torture.

The girl who realized the problem quickly closed her heart, hoping to see the sharpening of her state of mind.


The bell rings for the end of school.

After getting up, Poison Island went to the changing room of the Kendo Club, and after changing into a student's clothes, he wrapped the wooden knife in cloth and hung it on his body and took it away.

At the same time, at this time, the prompt tone of the chat group sounded again.

It was a message from the group member named Rhodes.

Rhodes: "Miss Poison Island, if you meet abnormal people outside, try not to get close to each other. "

Rhode thought about it and decided to give the poison island a wake-up call.

Although it is said that in the original plot, Poison Island Rinko followed the protagonist group all the way to kill all directions, and finally settled on a small island, but the plot is not guaranteed to give him a big surprise, so that Poison Island Rinko and the protagonist group are destroyed in the opening group.

Or, before the virus spreads to campus, become one of the zombies.

Poison Island Rinko: "... Why is that? "

With the appearance of a girl, whether it is a tram or a street, there will be people who look at themselves secretly.

The number of times you have been picked up by strangers cannot be counted on one hand.

However, after the incident in the middle school, Poison Island Tsuko will not have too much contact with people in society.

In the face of pick-up, leave completely ignoring.

And, more importantly, why did Rhodes suddenly say that?

In the group before, the girl named Butterfly Shinobu said that she had helped her solve a large-scale crisis, which also showed that Rhode's strength was beyond imagination.

As for pick-up, it's even more unlikely.

After all, they have never even met, who knows beauty and ugliness?

Therefore, it is definitely not untargeted.

Rhodes: "Let's just say that you think there have been more disappearances or riots on the news lately?" "

In this way, Poison Island Junzi really thought about it.

Previously, there were experts who did statistics.

Crime incidents worldwide have increased by about 30 percent compared to previous years.

However, the conclusion given is due to economic and livelihood pressures.

Poison Island Rinko: "Yes. "

Rod: "I also know it somehow, but authenticity is guaranteed, so try to protect yourself, especially not to splash or scratch those people's bodily fluids." "

In such detail, with the character of Poison Island Tsuko, he will definitely be wary of the outside world.

As for being suspected, it's nothing.

Rhode had planned to confess that he was a crosser when he joined the group.

However, at that time, because I was not familiar with it, I was too rash to say that I had read the manga where you existed, which was somewhat taken for granted.

Thinking in another position, Rhode's first reaction will definitely not believe it.

However, as he solved the trouble Butterfly Shinobu faced, the rest of the group was willing to believe in himself, and the addition of Spider also gave him a suitable reason.

Not long after, a reply came from Poison Island Rinko.

Poison Island Rinko: "Thank you, I'll pay attention." "

It is concise and does not delve into the reasons.

This is the gentleness that belongs to the poisonous island Tsuko, and it can even be said that he is the last Yamato Fuko in the modern era of the island country.

After saying goodbye to Rhode, the girl returns home.

Put the wooden knife down and turn on the TV.

The first news is that there have been many cases of injury in the city, and the police have increased patrols to let citizens avoid going out alone at night.

This news made Poison Island Rinko completely believe Rhode's warning.

The other party really seems to have some way to understand the world she is in.

Rhodes also didn't chat in the chat group.

After all, as the owner of the café, there is still work to do when there are guests coming.

But as soon as he got off the chat group, he had a new message.

Is it Poison Island Tsuko?

No, it's the little chef god of Erina.

She sent a red envelope.

Erina: "Mr. Rhodes, this is the pastry recipe I promised before. "

Rod: "Thank you. (Read violent novels, go on Feilu Fiction Network!) )

After clicking on it, Rhode found that every step of the cooking was extremely delicate, and the girl was obviously really careful.

Rhode: ".~ If you need help in the future, just chat with me in the group." "

Erina: "I am relieved to have Mr. Rhode's words, but I still hope that nothing happens that can require your help." "

There is one thing to say, indeed.

The object worthy of his action is, at the very least, a vicious incident that cannot be solved by conventional means.

And the world of the Halberd Spirit is still very peaceful, which is nothing more than competition in cuisine.

Rhodes: "And don't add Mr. after my name in the future, it's all a group, don't be too raw." "

Compared with the serious style, Rhode still likes the feeling of sand sculpture group friends together.

Erina: "Received, Rhode-kun... Is this okay? "

Rhode: "Okay, just call me by name, then I'll call you Erina." "

Erina: "Okay. "

After sending this paragraph, Erina's cheeks were a little rosy.

After all, in the country where she lives, only people who are closer to each other (Zhao Mo Zhao) will call each other by name.

Between the opposite sex, except for those who are related by blood, that is... Couples are between each other.

She and Rhodes are lovers?

Rina quickly shook her head, her face was red, and her heart beat faster.

I haven't even seen it, so it's still too hasty to make up for it.

The other side.

Rhode naturally couldn't guess that just because of his title, it made Erinai cranky.

A white-collar woman who works near the company is ordering food at the counter.

Although Rhode did not pay attention to her in time at first because of "daze", the female white-collar worker did not mean to be angry at all, but after Rhode raised his head and saw his face, she forgave him very understandingly.

Rhodes wasn't surprised.

After all, this is already his usual daily routine.

No way, being handsome is great.

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