Chapter 77

However, girls also have their own way of replenishing life energy.

That is "Eat!" "

As long as you can eat a full stomach, the girl's life energy will automatically fill, and the fuller the belly, the more vigorous the life energy will be.

If it is placed in the fantasy world, it must be a saint.

Under the Ultrat worldview, it is also the most likely candidate for a human body.

It's a pity.

Yotsuya Miko's fan is a simple horror fan.

If it were changed to the script of the role of the hot-blooded king, a person with this physique might have been killed by the world's masters.

And it's just like same-sex attracting.

Rhode, who has the power of light in his body, naturally has a good first impression of Lily Chuanhua.

"Is this just..."

"Ah Hua, he is..."

"Don't talk! Let me guess! "

The orange-haired girl leaned forward, a pitiful face appeared scrutinized, and finally the pair of pure eyes fixed on Rhode's face.

"You must be the handsome owner of the café that INS rumors! The first time I saw it, I felt more handsome than someone else's secretly taken and uploaded photos, and one of the rumors over the years was finally true. "

The girl was a little excited.

It's as if playing a game to uncover some hidden feature.

The line of sight skimmed covertly over the very magnificent bulge in front of the Lily River and the Hua Yue.

Then again.

Sure enough, the height of most of the young girls with this character is quite majestic.

Of course, it may also be because of Yuri Chuanhua's extraordinary talent.

Like Ganlu Temple honey glass, it is quite delicious.

"By the way, by the way, store manager, what do you think of your discussion on Instagram?"

Yurichuanhua asked enthusiastically.

"It's just a normal discussion, I have no opinion."

Rhode smiled.

He has fun with the news on the Internet forum, not to mention the discussions about him, most of the topics are initiated by little girls.

Then, he skimmed the topic, chuckled and said, "Since it is Miko's friend, and it is noon, if you don't mind, let's stay and have a meal together."

。 "

"Got something to eat?!"

Lily Chuanhua's eyes lit up, and Rhode could even see the sparkling starlight in her eyes.

Then a pair of eyes kept sweeping across the menu of the café, and finally nodded repeatedly as if afraid that Rhode would return.

"Uh-huh! Then I will stay here to eat, thank you to the store manager for taking me in! "


Shitani Miko couldn't help but cover her face.

This friend of my own, everywhere is good, but when it comes to eating, I can't walk the aisle.

Thinking of this, Yotsuya Miko compared the gap between herself and her friend again.

For a while, the blow was even greater.

Meal time.

When Yurikawa just tasted the dessert, he was completely impressed by the sweetness that overflowed between his lips and teeth.

Dopamine secreted by the brain stimulates the girl's nerves, bringing unprecedented enjoyment to Yuri Chuanhua.

Holding a side face happily, the whole person seemed to have entered a fantasy world, and the delicate and cute face showed an extremely happy expression.

Shitani Miko on the side is similar.

After all, Rhode made it with his own hands using the formula given by Erina.

There may be some differences in taste, but they are definitely the same.

Moreover, Rhode also found that the life energy of Lily Chuanhua rose a little.

It seems that eating delicious food can also make the girl replenish energy.

"Hmm... I really want to stay here all the time so that I can eat snacks made by the store manager. "

After swallowing the delicacy into his stomach, Yuri Kawawa said with emotion.

She really wanted to stay.

But unfortunately, her parents did not allow her to stay up at night, let alone let her come out to work in other people's cafes.

Thinking of this, Yurikawa looked at Yotsuya Miko with great envy.

"How did you come to work in the first place?" After all, I haven't seen you make coffee usually. "

"Well... The process is more complicated. "

Yotsuya saw that she was talking.

But the truth or something, she can't say.

What's more, that day was still his own black history.

Before being saved from the evil spirits by the manager of Rhodes, she was even so frightened that she leaked urine.

Fortunately, it rained on that night, otherwise, there would be a damp mark on the skirt, and even if you jump into the Yellow River, you can't wash it.

In the end, it was Rhode who stood up and explained the round.

"..."(Read violent novels, just go on Feilu Novel Network!) )

After a full meal.

Yuri Chuanhua did not leave directly.

Instead, I ordered a regular sweet coffee on the counter and sat there.

Since there were few customers in the store in the afternoon, Yotsuya Miko also had time to chat with her friends.

Whispering echoed above the café.

The girl's laughter is very quiet, and it does not disturb other resting guests.

But Rhode could hear it clearly.

It's just that the topic is not very suitable for me, in addition to lamenting that the desserts and coffee in the café are delicious, it is Yurikawa Kawa who ignites a roaring gossip heart for Yotsuya Miko.

After all, in the entire café, there is only a young female employee like her.

With Xiaohua's experience of watching girls' comics for many years, it is easy to rub some sparks between the store manager and the staff.

However, Shitani Miko firmly denied that Rhode would not be that kind of person.

But it seems... I didn't deny that I didn't mean to think that way.

No wonder Yotsuya Miko occasionally looked at his eyes, something was not quite right.

Are feelings gluttonous to his body?

It seems... Pretty good?

Compared to those unemotional unions, Rhode is more accustomed to natural results.

Didn't think much about it again.

Time passed quietly between your fingers.

During this period, I took the time to look at the chat group.

There is nothing particularly important.

There is no news from the poison island side, and it seems that the time for Resident Evil to break out has not yet arrived.

Subsequently, Rhode experimented with the extent to which his perception could be released.

Closing his eyes, invisible energy began to spread outward from Rhode's body.

After feedback, the picture was presented in Rhode's mind in a three-dimensional picture that seemed to be outlined by a line.

The picture is only black and white, but it is actually like uncolored comic power.

Clear and a little strange.

The micro-expressions and obvious movements of the girls talking and laughing can be seen by Rhode in a way with zero delay.

It feels like a plug-in.

Further out.


A pair of well-shaped meat legs appeared at the door?

Further up, the outline of the figure and face appeared in Rhode's mind, why did Xia Lao Fei come again? .

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