On unknown islands in the Pacific Ocean.

An incredible event is happening on the sunlit island beach.

On the beach below the coconut palms, two women were surrounding a man who seemed to be discussing something

"What to do? He seems to have fallen in the brain! "

One of them, a girl with a blue single ponytail and a better blue eye and a better face, looked worriedly at the slightly chubby man lying on the ground next to him.

Yes, slightly fat,

Although he was lying on the ground, he could see the slightly bulging abdomen of the other party and his somewhat rounded face.

Then, Kawasaki looked to the side, wearing glasses and looking a little earthy, and there was a girl who exuded a weak aura around her.

There should be nothing to do, just fall from under a three-meter-tall coconut tree and fall onto the beach, with a cushion of sand, there should be no problem

Saki Yoshida looked at the unconscious Loken, and she answered unsurely.


Saying this, the two of them showed extremely embarrassed expressions for a while.

For a while, the atmosphere fell into an awkward mood.

A few seconds passed.

Kawasaki Shashi spoke, "Or not..."

She stared at Saki Yoshida with blue eyes, "Artificial respiration? "

"...," Yoshida Saki was silent for a moment, and then silently stepped back a small step and lowered his head in response with silence

Her first kiss was still there, ready to be given to her own Prince Charming, not to a guy who had only known each other for a day or two.

They have only known each other for a few days, and now they are together purely because of the necessity of survival.

And this scene was also seen by Kawasaki Shahi.

She complained in her heart: You were neutral when you voted on the tree, and now you don't dare, what can you do?!

To be honest, she is a little disgusted with the black-framed glasses in front of her, autistic, introverted girl.

Alas ..

Kawasaki Shahi sighed helplessly in his heart and said, "I'll come." "

Then, after she finished speaking, Saki Yoshida raised his head and showed an embarrassed expression towards Sahi Kawasaki.

At the same time, a hint of happiness flashed in her eyes.

Kawasaki Shahi knelt in front of Loken, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then lowered her head to look at him, not caring about his appearance, and jerked down.

Her lips kissed Loken.

Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!

A little salty... and drying.

After a simple exchange of bodily fluids, air delivery begins.

Saki Yoshida on the side widened his eyes, afraid that he would miss some fragment.

Five minutes later.


Lorken, who was lying on the beach, made a slight dry cough.


Kawasaki Shahi immediately breathed a sigh of relief when he heard his voice, and the stone in his heart was finally put down, and he blushed slightly and didn't go overboard.

It was also her first kiss.

If Loken died here, I believe they wouldn't live long.

If you think about it, in the case of three people on an unknown desert island, two men and one woman, and the three of them have no preparation and no knowledge of wilderness survival, they will almost make themselves half dead when they can't be rescued.

Of course, if you give up your self-esteem and drink a little body fluid, it is not impossible to last for several weeks.

But will their self-esteem allow this?


"Here it is?"

Soon, two minutes after the man's dry cough, he opened his eyes slightly, but subconsciously squinted because of the slight sunlight hitting his eyes

After a few seconds, after the glasses had adjusted to some sunlight, he opened his eyes and looked at the blue single ponytailed girl in front of him who had a face and didn't know why she was blushing.


When Kawasaki Shahi heard the words of the man under him, his brows instantly furrowed slightly, and she said, "Don't you remember why you fell into a coma just now?" "

"I don't remember."

Since he had just woken up, Lorcan shook his head weakly and replied.

He didn't have any memories in his head, not even his name.

It's over, he has amnesia.

In an instant, Sahi Kawasaki and Saki Yoshida looked over at each other, and this idea came to mind.

Do you remember your name?

Saki Yoshida on the side stepped forward and asked.

"Don't remember," Lorcan shook his head and looked at the bespectacled girl who spoke, "You know, my name?" "

"Your name is Loken, and you're an international student." Kawasaki Shahi looked at Loken with complicated eyes and said slowly.

The only male actually lost his memory.


Let's hope he doesn't become stupid. Kawasaki Shahi expected so much in his heart.

"Who are you?"

After they finished speaking, Lorcan couldn't help but look at the two, and then asked.



First is Sahi Kawasaki, followed by Saki Yoshida.

"Companions, friends?" Lorcan whispered the two words.


Suddenly, a strong tingling sensation suddenly appeared in his mind, and the tingling sensation made him cover his brain door instantly.


With a low moan of pain, Lorcan passed out again in front of the two.


His movements made Kawasaki Sahi and Yoshida Saki instantly stunned, and then quickly came to him and stretched out his hand to shake his body.

"Hey, are you all right?" Saki Yoshida said nervously.

Compared with her flustered movements, Kawasaki Shahi calmly reached out and probed Loken's snort.

There is breathing!

Not dead.

The hanging heart fell again.

"It's okay, she's still alive." Seeing the panicked Yoshida Saki, Kawasaki Sahi couldn't help but speak.

"Really!" Saki Yoshida looked at her and confirmed.

"Of course, I'm pretty sure."

"Well, scare me."

In the end, Saki Yoshida was also relieved.

And Kawasaki Shahi is really depressed, she is almost scared to death by him, if it is not necessary to unite if she wants to go back alive, she really wants to... Give him a punch.

Family... Younger sister and younger brother.

She vowed to go back alive.


In the endless dark space, Loken's figure appeared in the darkness, and seemed to merge with the darkness

In the next second, the indifferent voice of a middle-aged man appeared in the darkness.

"Since you don't want to rely on the family, you go out alone."

"Just go, I'm going to Dongying."

"The child is his father, he is just making trouble, you don't give birth."

"Awkward? Stay at home day by day, can't learn, it's the same everywhere anyway. "

"Locan, don't be angry with your father, apologize quickly."

"Why should I apologize, just go."

During the conversation, it seems that the family is arguing, and the teenager named Loken seems to have a conflict with the family.

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