"Report Chief!"

"There is an anomaly in the sky above the territory of the Xuanwu Kingdom!"

Hearing the report from the elite assassins under him,

the panicked tone

really surprised the leader of the shadow assassins!

Then he stopped the task he was grading and


"What's going on?" Panicked! The

elite assassin immediately straightened his waist, and

he sorted out his terrified emotions and said.

"Chief! All the skies in the territory of the Xuanwu Kingdom are surrounded by an invisible force!

"According to the Eyeless Mage, this energy doesn't come from any country! And I'm afraid no one in the world can crack it! "

There is such a mysterious power in this world?!"

The leader of the shadow assassins stared solemnly at the elite assassins in front of him, he

really couldn't believe that

the Xuanwu country would inexplicably undergo drastic changes.

In order to ease the doubts in his heart,

he took the lead to leave the Shadow Assassins Alliance Palace first.

When he saw the foreign object in the sky of Xuanwu Kingdom with his own eyes, only

horror remained in his heart at this moment!

The unknown energy suspended in the blue sky wraps everything!

This change is enough to make

the Xuanwu Kingdom commotion, thinking of the countless assassins in the Xuanwu Kingdom

, if they have a turmoil,

the harm caused to the ordinary people can be imagined!

So the leader of the Shadow Assassins immediately spoke.

"Hurry up and find the reason, issue a bounty, and offer the reward to those who have changed the cause of the sky change!"


The elite assassins quickly left after receiving the order.

And the leader of the assassins who remained in place squinted,

staring closely at the dangling energy screen in the air.

"What the hell is going on here?! Could it be the newly invented technology of the Sturdy Kingdom?! "


Within the territory of Shigenguo.

On the streets of blood and hormones

, all kinds of muscular explosions can be seen everywhere training in boxers,

and the quiet street

is broken by the roar of a "tough guy" whose muscles are comparable to beasts!

"Coach Chen! Coach Chen! There are big things! Look at the sky! "

Coach Chen Bobi, as one of the top geniuses in Shi Gengguo

, when faced with such an abnormal situation in the country,

those Shi Geng people who had no masters of the six gods were naturally the first to think of him.

And in the face of the hustle and bustle outside the gym,

Coach Chen in the mouth of the strong man also opened the door dashingly and asked in his mouth.

"What's going on? Panicked. With

the appearance of Coach Chen,

the people on the street were finally able to see the appearance of this genius!

Chen Bobby was dressed in a coquettish pink jumpsuit, and

he deliberately left a heart on his chest.

I saw that he glanced at the muscular man and looked up at the sky, and

then Chen Bobi's eyes flew out!

"Groove! How come the sky of Shigenguo is full of these strange things!

But soon Coach Chen fell silent!

A hint of puzzlement flashed across his face:

"That's not right!

But soon

, Coach Chen had a vague guess in his heart,

these "screens" suspended in the territory of Shi Gengguo!

Perhaps a product of the kingdom of Stre!

Because of electronic type technology

, in Coach Chen's cognition,

only Sze Guo is proficient!

However, what confused Coach Chen was how

these thin things in the blue sky could

hurt Shi Gengguo?!

Is it just for demonstration?!


At the same time

, in the territory of the Sturt country, which is suspected by various countries and carried the black pot,

they are also all kinds of confusion in the

face of this suddenly appearing screen


"Which scientist invented this technology! I can't scan any information! "

What energy does this screen suspended high in the air use?!"


Those and such questions are constantly raised in the country, and

as time goes by,

more and more people are born with countless questions!

In addition to Sturt Abroad,

virtual screens have also begun to appear in the territory of Chicken Island, Shennong Country, Hermaculous Country, Performing Arts Country, etc.!

Just when people all over the world were curious about the screen that suddenly appeared, the

thin screen

suddenly appeared a line of small words that attracted them!

I saw that it said:

[Inventory of the top ten tearful scenes! ] 【

NO.10, the overlord of chickens! 】【NO.10, the overlord of chickens! 】 】


"Can't leave a shadow in the hearts of children, this world is still beautiful!"


Looking at the flowing subtitles above,

all kinds of characters in the assassin world can't help but show a trace of contempt!

Although this sudden appearance of the virtual screen gave them a great shock,

it did not prevent them from being surprised and mocking in their hearts!

"You can't leave a psychological shadow on children! Although this sentence is good, it is simply impossible to guarantee it in this cruel world!

"Although I don't know who this chicken bully is talking about?!" But its innocence really laughed me off! Is the world still beautiful?

"That's the reality! Can good people live better than those cruel bad people? "


While the various characters in the Assassin world laughed at the subtitles on the video,

they were surprised to discover that

their consciousness seemed to be able to leave comments on the virtual screen!

And what you want to say in your mouth can

conjure a subtitle on the screen!



Does anyone watch? Someone squeaks if they look at it.

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