Xiao Organization-Deidara:

"Can't bear to look directly! Can't bear to look directly! "

The chief and Nagato when I was a child were so miserable!"

"And the chief is so thick-skinned!"

Xiao Organization-Fei Duan:

"Poor and pitiful, but at this time, I still seem to be wandering around!"

Xiao Organization-A Fei:

"Have you found it!" Xiao Nan seems to have not changed all this time!

"I was a beauty since I was a child, and when I grew up, I was simply a copy!"

Xiao Organization-Deidara:

"!!! Hoodlum! Did you pay attention to this? "


And as Obito, who pretended to be a pseudonym Ah Fei, spoke, Obito

, who was far away in the base camp of the Naruto World Awareness Organization,


felt a chill!

He turned his head to look, and

sure enough,

the iceberg beauty Xiao Nan was staring at him indifferently.

"Hmm! It looks good! But I have a heart!

"My Fei's heart belongs to Lin!"


In the video

, for Yahiko's obviously premeditated behavior,


young Orochimaru takes a cold step.

"Are you going to kill these children?"

"I have seen many orphans of war, and they all end badly!"

"Just kill them here, you may be able to pay for these children..." Ji

Lai couldn't bear it

, so he stopped:

"Don't say it,


"You and Tsunade go back first, I'll take care of these little guys temporarily!"

"Until they can at least stand on their own, it will be a little atonement!"

The picture flashes here

, and Jiraiya, who decides to stay alone in Yuhide Village, takes in

Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan,

and begins to teach their own travel experience!

During this period,

Zilai has also been taking time to complete his novel.

Until one day

, because of an accident,

Jiraiya accidentally discovered that Nagato's eyes turned out to be the legendary eyes of reincarnation!

You know,

these eyes are possessed by the legendary Six Dao Immortals!

Since I also thought back,

the big toad immortal once said that there is a person who can change the world!

And Nagato in front of you!

Exactly as described by the Toad Immortal!


Jiraiya finally decided to take an apprentice!

And after the accident in which Nagato also discovered the secret of Nagato's reincarnation eye, Nagato

, who blamed himself for hurting his companions,

felt remorse.

Sensing it, Jiraiya comforted

, "Nagato,

because of Yahiko you will be saved!"

"You protected your friends, so you did the right thing, and no one will blame you!"

He touched Nagato's head

, "Once injured,

there will be hatred!"

"On the contrary, if you hurt others, you will be resented by others, and you will feel guilty in your heart!"

"But it is precisely because we know that pain that we know how to be gentle and kind to others!"


Three years have passed since then, and

the three children who were once weak now

have their own different self-preservation ninjutsu!

As the final

test, Zi Lai also took his shadow avatar as a test

, and received a satisfactory answer,

he was pleased:

"I didn't expect to defeat my shadow doppelganger!" So that I can go back to the village with peace of mind! Hearing


even Yahiko, who had a thick skin, couldn't help but cry!

After three years of close companionship,

they have long been regarded as family!

Before leaving,

Zilai also left a consolation for each of the three:

"Okay. Can't cry! Yahiko, you will be treated like a coward!

"Xiaonan, you should turn into a big beauty! Wait until you grow up. Let's meet again!

"Nagato, you've grown up, right?"

When they left

, Zilai also gave them a message:

"This country is still very poor,

and many sad things may happen in the future!"

"But in the future, it will be up to you to change this country!"


After Jiraiya returned to the village, the

Third Shinobi War continued.

And through the merit of many battles,

the legend of Konoha's three Shinobi was also constructed.

At the same time

, Jiraiya also learned of the "death" of Yahiko,

Nagato and others!

Although his heart was tormented,

he knew that he had to end the Third Ninja World War as soon as possible.

In the end

, the one who pushed the victory of the third Ninja World War, which had lasted for a long time,

to Konoha Village was

an excellent disciple of Jiraiya - Wave Feng Shuimen!

At this point,

the ninja world entered a short period of peace!

Because of Yahiko and Nagato's death,

Jiraiya decided that he still needed to find someone to change the ninja world!


he embarked on a journey to find the child of prophecy!


After watching this first chapter

, not only the people in the ninja world were moved,


those who

watched this inventory video

also began to sigh about the ending of Jiraiya!

Xiao Organization-Deidara:

"Chief! You have been educated with such integrity since childhood!

"It ended up like this! What does it feel? Is it worth it?! Naruto


"That's right, that's right! Taught by Master Jiraiya! You actually want to destroy the village of Konoha that he loves! "

Xiao Organization-A Fei:

"That's it, that's it, it's simply the face of losing Konoha's three Shinobi!" "

Everyone despises them together."

At the instigation of Ah Fei,

people from different anime worlds have also become melon-eating masses!

Although they don't know what the purpose of these self-proclaimed organizations and

perhaps the characters who know Nagato in the video are,

this does not prevent them from eating melons happily!

Under the meek and good teaching of Ji Lai

, it seems that these children,

what they will do in the future does not sound like a good thing?

Could it be that the good education of Jiraiya has

produced a group of literate "terrorists"?!

Jojo World's Dior eyes narrowed,


The villain who had the same idea as him is

now interested in the death of Jiraiya later!

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