The two consecutive attacks were easily defused,

which made Ji Lai extremely confused!

You know

, in the past, after his immortal mode was turned on

, even if the opponent was strong,

he had the power to fight!

But now,

he couldn't even touch a few of Payne's bodies!

Such a embarrassing battle situation

was once encountered during the Hanzo period of the pepperfish!

Obviously, the other party has never communicated, and

there is not even any gesture gesture.

But they can easily block their own sneak attacks!

It's like a threesome!

Mapo Tofu - Yan Feng Qili:

"Pleasure! Pleasure!

"This feeling of powerlessness is really lovely!"

Yujiro Vanma:

"Pleasure? What a pervert.

"But the three Payne work together perfectly!"

"The strength shown by Zi Lai has long surpassed them, but it will be tricked by their skillful cooperation!"

Lan Ran:

"It is not an exaggeration to call it a Trinity every time you can properly and properly recognize the attack of Jiraiya."

Night God Moon:

"Everything seems to go as they planned, maybe they are one."

"Three pairs of the same eyes, such eyes are so rare, three pairs appear at once."

"Combined with the previous performance, maybe they can share the vision!"


"There is only one truth!"

"The three of them are controlled by one person!"


Looking at their serious discussion of the reasons

, Ji Lai, who was in the hell world,

also supported his forehead.

This fight was too humiliating!

Not only was he teased by a few Payne, but

he didn't escape in the end!

As Conan said

, in the ensuing battle,

Fukasaku discovered the common ground between the three Paynes!

They all have a pair of reincarnation eyes and

seem to be able to share sight!

Seeing that it was currently impossible to break the encirclement of the three Paynes

, the Fukasaku Immortal asked Jiraiya to temporarily retreat,

stimulating the search for the weaknesses of the three!

After some entanglement,

Shima Sento proposes to use illusion!

So two toads, Shima and Fukasaku, began to attract the attention of Payne.

The three Payne also rushed to hear the news, and

the moment they entered the pipeline,

Jiraiya's shadow doppelganger blocked the exit!

He used the fire escape to force the hungry ghost Dao Payne to stop the attack, and

could only absorb Chakra first!

The rest of the Human Dao and the Beast Dao Payne

were forced to dodge by the real self-driving also in the pipeline!

The performance of

the three Paynes just hit Jiraiya's strategy!

When Doyne Dodged in the human way,

he also used ninjutsu and

controlled the body of the human dojo!

Seeing the success of the strategy,

Zi Lai also said happily:

"Now it will become one-on-one!"

In front of his super physical fitness,

the physical skills of the animal Dao Payne could not be compared with him at all!


, under the crushing, the three Payne were bound in illusion,


their bodies could not move!

"It's been put together, Jiraiya-sensei!"

"I didn't expect you to have this kind of illusion!"

The situation does not seem to be the same as Jiraiya imagined!

Although they were firmly controlled,

they could not feel his panic at all!

"I should have taught you that no matter what opponent you face, you can't take it lightly!"

In the face of the calm and composure of the animal Dao,

Ji Lai was not afraid of anything.

"Nagato, you mistook your mission!"

"Although we have only been together for a while, I have firmly believed that you are the child of prophecy!"

He also had some pity,

and then he said with a sad face:


When the words fell, Zi

Lai also easily killed the animal Dao Payne,

the human Dao Payne, and the hungry ghost Dao Payne.

"It's over! In this way, I can also make a choice! "

Seeing that Jiraiya killed three Payne,

the viewers of the

anime world also appreciated Jiraiya.

He was able to identify the contact of the Paynes in a very short time

, and calculated the strategy in the pursuit and hiding,


for the battle location along the way.

Moreover, the two toad immortals Shima and Fukasaku beside him are

also very agile!

A hundred thousand cold jokes - birds do not king:

"This human being, good hands, speed and strength can also be."

"But these three Paynes are not the Payne that appeared before, and it seems that the fate of dying has not changed."

Fruit-pineapple blowing snow:

"But so far it is still harmless!"

"In this way, the Payne who is about to kill him in the back is very strong!"


"Look at me! I'm here for spoilers!

"The latter Payne is called Heavenly Dao Payne, and three more Payne will appear."


"Heavenly Payne? Is it strong? If there are three left, you should be able to handle it! "

Big Snake Pill:

"That guy from Heavenly Dao Payne is much more powerful than the previous few Payne!"

"Besides, these six Payne are just puppets!"

"Calculate the time, it should be almost time."


As the big snake pill said

, when Zilai also thought that he had solved


Asura Dao Payne arrived!

As Zi Lai also relaxed his vigilance

, a voice suddenly came from behind him:

"Don't take it lightly,

but you taught me!" Jiraiya-sensei! As

soon as the words fell,

Asura Dao Payne fired a cannon at Zilaiye!

Under the power of the burst

, Zi Lai flew out hundreds of meters away like a kite with a broken line,


finally smashed firmly on the rock wall by the lake!

Slipped down from the rock wall,

and stood on the surface of the water and observed the surroundings vigilantly!

However, the next shot of Zi Lai Ye, the

left arm was also directly evaporated!

"Boy! Your left hand was by...! The

Shima Immortal who reacted asked with concern.

"I know!"

Confused by this sudden attack, the Fukasaku Immortal asked,

"What's going on?!"

"It's different from the faces of those three people just now!"

"I'm afraid this was also summoned by psychic before!"

As if in response to Jiraiya's question,

six figures suddenly flew out of the cave entrance in the distance!

They stood on the top of the mountain in strange shapes:

"Payne Six Dao, join here!"

This strange shape

is quite the coquettish style of the ultimate creature Katz and the three of them when they first appeared!


it's simply the Hokage version of the Man under the Moon!

This unexpected reversal caused the viewers to squirt!

Shi Gengguo-Chen Bobby:

"What the hell is this?!"

"Appear and put on this strange look!"

Wu Liuqi:

"There is no mistake! Payne Six Dao such a handsome title! "

Is it really good for you guys to play so high-two?!"


"It's a bit informative!"


"It's hilarious! Are you a funny group? Kaz

, the man of the Ultimate Creature Pillar:

"Good! This is what we 'Gods' should be! There is an innocent beauty! "

Pillar Man Estis:

"I can be admired by Lord Kaz!" Your aesthetic is greatly improved! Pillar

Man Vamuwu:

"Good! Very spiritual!

At this moment

, just like Jiraiya,


face turned black as he was honestly staying in hell.

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