In everyone's lamentation,

the cockfighting competition began!

In the face of the solemn chicken Dafei,

the mountain chicken king with a scar face calmly ate the

chicken legs!

Lu Mingfei:

"Lost your life!" Chicken eating drumsticks?! Luffy


"Wow whoa! This chicken looks so fierce! He was actually eating chicken drumsticks! Saitama


"Genos, the chicken is actually eating chicken legs?!" How did I not know before?! "

Ah! How did my question get projected on the screen! Genos


"Teacher, chickens eat bugs, they should be able to eat meat!"


"So it is!"


[Surprising points are being harvested...] [Collecting Spit Value

Points...] [Wordless Points are being harvested...]


Just when Lu Chuan looked at the points that were constantly superimposed on the panel in surprise,

the system suddenly sent out a new message:

[All sentiment points are being converted into universal points!] Looking

at the rapidly increasing universal points on the panel,

Lu Chuan's face almost smiled.

"Comfortable! Cool crooked!

"Ding-dong! Dear host! Your universal points have arrived! With

the prompt sound of the editing system,

Lu Chuan immediately clicked into the exchange panel!

He buttoned his head and

looked at the virtual floating shop in front of him

, the first floor of which contained some of the things he needed at the moment:

increase lifespan, enhance physique,

exchange money...

"Exchange money?"

Lu Chuan changed one hand and touched his chin.

Looking at what ordinary people pursue all their lives,

he spat.

"Bah! Inferior! I'm a systematic man!

"System, you actually want to tempt me with money?!" Am I the kind of person who cares about the emptiness of the material world?

"System, what I am empty is not matter, but mind!"

After Lu Chuan's question

, the editing system hesitated for a moment,

did it make a mistake?

You ask me for a heart?!

My editing system is still a single system!

Immediately, the system spoke.


After getting a reply

, Lu Chuan thought for a short time,


immediately made up his mind to choose life!

After all, in his world, nothing major is happening now!

It's better to add a little life first!

While Lu Chuan was enjoying the system's increased lifespan,

the screens suspended in various worlds continued to play.


"Big fly! You must win! Chicken

Dabao, who was mixed in with the crowd, squeezed out hard, and

waved his hands to

cheer for the chicken Dafei who stood alone in the cockfighting arena.

"The game begins!"

With the last second hand pointing to the number 12,

the referee announced the start of the game on the


Right now!

The vision is dangerous!

The king of mountain chickens deserves to be the champion of 3 consecutive cockfighting competitions!

Its physical fitness is obviously stronger than that of chicken flying!

At the moment when the referee announced the start of the match, the king of the

mountain chicken made the waiting chicken fly a solid punch with lightning



Everyone who watched the chapter of "The Overlord of the Chicken"

clearly heard a crisp sound!

This is the sound of bones breaking!

In this regard,

Uncle Long of Jackie Chan Adventures said that

he often hears this voice!

You can't go wrong!

In the video, Da Fei, who was punched by the mountain chicken king

, flipped several times in the air,


its slightly thin body hit the wooden board hard!


Along with it, the throat glows sweetly!

A pool of blood spat out!



"Can't stand it! Such bloody violence! Naruto


"Don't fight! Don't fight! Why do people kill each other like this! Revolutionary


"That's right! Why not partner to overthrow the bad guys who let the chickens fight! "

At the moment,

One Piece World.

Sengoku at the headquarters of the Navy has a black question mark on his face!

Looking at Karp's good son Long's speech

, he turned around and scolded



you old bastard!"

"You are a naval hero, but your son Long has become the most wanted criminal in the world government! Sun Tzu also became a pirate!

"Watch a video and your son will spread his 'reactionary' ideas!"

And the culprit Karp can only spread his hands to express helplessness.

His son Long would follow this path,

not because the world government was too corrupt.

Having seen so many dark things and

thinking about overthrowing the world government,

Karp said that he

can only say that it is worthy of his seed!

As for Luffy being a pirate,

it was the face master Shanks who used a hand to force it!


"Alright! It's time for the next chicken! "

After the mountain chicken king in the video throws a punch

, according to its past experience,

these challengers basically can't die anymore.

So looking at the chicken flying with blood in its mouth and

not yet standing up,

it also defaulted to this.

"Da Fei, admit defeat!"

"It's impossible to win! The opponent is really terrible! Seeing

that his friend fell after only receiving a punch from his opponent,

Ji Dabao also anxiously persuaded.

But the arrow was on the string, had to be sent!

Faced with Ji Dabao's persuasion,

Da Fei stood up with difficulty.

"Yes, his power is indeed amazing! It's fast too!

"But I can still keep up!"


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