Carrying the powerless Luffy and Solon,

Nami walks the streets angrily.

"The empty island does exist!"

A low, husky male voice sounded behind Luffy!

Nami turned to look for the source of the sound, and

then stared closely at the person who made the sound!

This man who was feasting on the cherry pie was

Blackbeard who had clashed with Luffy not long ago!

After chewing on the cherry pie,

Blackbeard began to laugh up to the sky!

"The cherry pie here is really the most delicious!"

"You just did it..."

As she spoke,

Nami threw Luffy Solon and the two of them on the ground as soon as her hands loosened!

Watching the person he liked being thrown to the ground

, Perona of Hawkeye Island and

the goddess of her daughter's country, Boya Hancock,

were heartbroken.

But at the moment, Nami, who hates iron and steel, doesn't care,

she looks at Blackbeard who is sitting on the side of the road and stopping them suspiciously.

Nami's casual drop of Luffy's actions has

already made Blackbeard know what she is thinking at the moment!

"What are you unwilling to do?"

"They won the fight just now!"

Hearing this

, Nami, who had not yet figured it out,

was surprised!

Blackbeard, on the other hand, raised his finger and

pointed at Nami and praised:

"You are also very imposing in scolding, and you are a very courageous woman!"


In Blackbeard's hearty laughter

, Solon and Luffy, who fell to the ground,

slowly got up!

After straightening Shanks' straw hat,

Luffy stared at Blackbeard with indifference in his eyes.

And Blackbeard continued to speak nonchalantly:

"The new era that those guys are talking about is simply shit!!"

As he spoke

, his emotions began to get excited, followed

by his arms holding the bottle!

Blackbeard raised his hands high,

hugged the sky and declared loudly!

"What is the end of the era of pirates?!"

The bottle held high was slammed on the floor by him

, and at this moment,

the whole world was left with only Luffy and


passionate Blackbeard!

"People's dreams will not end!"

Looking at Luffy

who didn't react, Blackbeard's eyes widened and his whole body leaned forward!


He didn't get any response, but

he already understood Luffy's answer!


Blackbeard's inspiring speech

amazed people in the anime world!

This man who is harmless to humans and animals and seems

to be bent on pursuing his "dreams"!

No one could have imagined that

in the end,

he would actually become

the captain of the

sinister and vicious Blackbeard Pirate Group in the title!

Or maybe it's

better to say that he hides it too well!

But they must admit that

one who can say "man's dream, will not end!" "A person who speaks like this

cannot be a mediocre person who is willing to do nothing!


in the video is even more emotional for the villains in the anime world!

Super Beast Armament - Oniya (Ghost King):

"What seems to be no threat is often deadly!"

"If it weren't for the video showing ahead of time Blackbeard's achievements a few years later!"

"Even the old man can't guess, such an ambitious man with dreams! In the end, he actually became the most notorious captain of the pirate group! Mapo

Tofu - Yan Feng Qili:

"Justice can only exist if there is evil against it." The noblest ideals have the same meaning as the ugliest wishes!

"This is exactly what I believe in!"

"Looking at Luffy and Blackbeard, it's really the perfect embodiment of this sentence!"

"Two completely opposite people, each standing on good and evil, but sharing the same ideals!"

Ice Demon - Frieza:

"Boom! No matter how you struggle, how you calculate!

"In front of my King Frieza's strength, it's just a group of Battle 5 slag who can't fly out of the planet!"

"Even if everyone in the pirate world adds up, I only need one finger to extinguish it!"

Night God Moon:

"Those who have done bad things are afraid that they will suffer the punishment of heaven!"

"But actually, there is no hell and heaven at all!"

"What is there to do that Blackbeard? Precisely because your world doesn't punish these guys!

"Be a god like me!" On behalf of justice, sanction these bad guys! Conan


". . ."

"This big brother, it seems that your thinking is a little extreme!"

"No wonder, you who keep saying that you want to bring peace to the world will be judged as a villain!"

"Because your idea is simply beyond the law and kill others at will!"

Death Note World

, watching his comments being replied to by a Grim Reaper schoolboy,


God Moon expression distorted!

"Conan! Conan! Conan! "

He kept writing Conan's name on the Death Note!

"It is precisely because of people with your kind of thinking that there are so many scum around the world who do things that violate justice!"

But Conan lives in another world, so no matter how freely Night God Moon writes

, even if every page of the Death Note is filled with Conan's name, Conan

, who is in the world of famous detectives,

will not be affected in any way!


In the video

, when Blackbeard almost roared out the famous saying,

he didn't get praise!

The passers-by who were originally in a hurry stopped

and looked at Blackbeard in amazement!

"Hey! Feed! What are you suddenly excited about?!

"What do you say about people's dreams?"

But as the center of the ridicule,

Blackbeard did not pay attention to everyone!

"It's not a joy to endure others either!"


he laughed heartily!

"Thief hahahaha! Thief hahahaha!

"Stupid guys make them laugh!"

"If you want to stand at the top, you will encounter provocations without reason! Right?!

And Luffy's gaze

, in Blackbeard's hearty laughter,

condensed on his pupils!


Just as the two looked at each other

, Nami glanced at Solon, who left first,

and called Luffy again.

Blackbeard, on the other hand, sorted out the things around him and stood up.

"Did I disturb you? So anxious to go.

Before leaving

, Blackbeard blessed

, "I hope you get there,

Empty Island!"

Just like that,

Luffy also turned away without saying a word!

"Hey, what did that guy just mention that Empty Island might know, who is he?"

Luffy just replied lightly

, "I don't know,

but it's not that guy!"

Nami was confused:

"Not that guy? What do you mean?

Solon continued

, "It should be those guys,


Faced with the clueless conversation between the two, Nami can only black question marks.

"That guy's companion just now? Where is it?

On the other side

, Blackbeard, who had left alone,

took a beautiful sip of wine!

"Thief hahaha! Today's wine is delicious! "

That's it!

Luffy and Blackbeard walked back to back!

An adventurous adventurer who travels the way.

With a pirate who did not hesitate to endure for decades in order to achieve his goal!

Today, meet in this Magic Valley town that never believes in dreams!

This is the

fateful meeting of two D-one races!

With that, the first article of Pirates is over!

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