The screen playing on the virtual screen continues.

After briefly introducing the main combat power of the three forces,

the picture suddenly flashed and

began to become extremely dim!


The sound of chains dragging on the solid slab sounded in the darkness

, and as the noise got closer and closer,

a prisoner who was suppressed by the sea lou stone appeared!

This is a muscular young man wearing a

red bead necklace,

black hair, normal complexion, freckles on his cheeks, and a tattoo with the word "ASCE" on his left arm!


The group of white-bearded pirates who watched the video nervously, Luffy

thousands of miles away.

When they saw this person's figure, they

shouted out the man's

name in unison at the same time!

In the video,

when Ace briefly appears and stays for a while.

Not long after

, under the gaze of tens of thousands of navies,

he was escorted to the execution table behind the three major generals!

In the midst of all the attention,

the current Admiral Sengoku slowly moved to the front of the high platform!

Looking around at the navy who were about to move,

Marshal Sengoku picked up the phone worm and said with a serious face:

"Portcas. D. Ace! About the significance of this man's death here today! At

this time

, the naval headquarters of the real pirate world, the

Warring States had already found that Kapu's face was slightly abnormal! .

However, he did not ask,

because the execution of Ace was his original order,

and Ace was regarded by Karp as his own grandson.

So for his old friend, his mood at the moment is also very complicated.

The Marshal of the Warring States in the video was

well aware of the execution of Ace,

so he said in a calm tone:

"Ace! Say your father's name! Faced

with this question

, Ace was silent for a long time,

but for a moment he made up his mind to roar out the answer in his heart!

"My daddy is a whitebeard!"

.“ Wrong! Because

the situation was completely different from what he expected,

Sengoku immediately interrupted Ace's speech.

But Ace, who was denied by the Warring States, remained firm:

"There is nothing wrong!"

However, Sengoku put Ace aside and

began to tell a story on his own.

A story about a newborn baby,

a story that shocked the Navy to search the world!

In that story

, the Navy searched for

the baby born that year, but unexpectedly

, the baby's mother was so strong that in order to protect the baby from suspicion,

she actually forcibly

conceived 20 months before giving birth!

Although the baby's mother died as a result,

she triumphed!

Because this baby not only survived, but

also swaggered in front of the navy for so many years!

Finally, the Marshal of the Warring States said in an indifferent tone:

"That baby has the most evil bloodline in the world!"

"And you're the baby! And your father is One Piece, Goerle. D. Roger! "

For the pirate world,

this exciting news is enough to detonate everyone's emotions!

But it just so happens that they already know this secret, and

now they are no longer strange!

After all, the pirates who are famous on the sea,

it seems that each one is somewhat backgrounded!

And not long ago, they learned that the background of the strongest second generation called Luffy

, One Piece Roger,


no longer comparable to the famous leader of the revolutionary army in the world!


the mothers who gave birth to their children that year

also began to recall the scene of the past!

It was because of the birth of this child that

their children had to leave them!!

And this war that executed the son of One Piece King

Roger can

be regarded as a small consolation,

those who died because Roger opened the Pirate Era!

In the video,

the Warring States who have finished telling everything issue a final declaration:

Ace must be executed today! Even if a full-scale war with Whitebeard breaks out, it will not hesitate!

Echoing his declaration

was the door of justice that was

suddenly opened!

In that deep fog,

43 huge pirate ships rushed in!

These sea thieves, who resounded in the new world,

were burning more at Marin at this moment with anger!

But as the attention of the Warring States was attracted to them, huge

bubbles suddenly appeared in the crescent port!

When the line of sight closer,

a pitch-black shadow appeared from underwater!


In the rushing waves,

a huge pirate ship coated broke out of the water!

The eye-catching whitebeard's symbol skull flag is the

pirate ship where Whitebeard is, the Moby Dick!

Immediately after that

, two more ships came out of the water, on which stood the

first captain Marko,

and all 14 other captains!

The united group of whitebearded pirates

, even in the face of several times their own navy,

did not have the slightest fear!

This may be the strongest man in the world with their backs!

On the Moby Dick

, a figure also walked out slowly

, and in the sound of metal colliding with the deck,

Whitebeard appeared with a knife!

His low and hoarse footsteps seemed

to step on everyone's heart from the moment he appeared.

The tense and serious atmosphere did not end until he stopped!

And the first thing Whitebeard said was:

"We haven't seen each other in decades, Sengoku!"


The indifferent-faced Marshal Sengoku just slowly shouted out the name of the white-beard in response!

At this moment,

it was the first time that the pirates attacked the naval headquarters of the strongest force in the ocean!

Countless pirates watching the video recall the glorious moments of the past once again!

Naruto held his head in his hands, he was confused.

On the one hand, it looks like an evil pirate, on the other hand,

it is a navy that maintains order and justice!

But today's situation is that a group of pirates are not afraid of death, and

they have to save their companions with their lives!

But on the other side is the navy that protects the most people!

He doesn't even know which side to cheer up now!

And the whitebeard on the screen did not reminisce with the Warring States,

but said in a calm and faint tone:

"My dear son is okay!"

But the Marshal of the Warring States did not answer, and

even at this time cold sweat began to break out on his forehead!

Because he didn't expect that the Whitebeard Pirates would actually appear in this near place!

According to his plan,

this war would not have been fought so early!

At this time, Whitebeard looked at the execution table and said lightly: "

Wait a minute, Ace."

Although the words are calm, they are extremely firm!

Ace, he saved!

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