While the yellow ape was paddling hard,

the navy's giant vice admirals also began to move slowly.

At this time

, Qiao Zi, who had blocked the Hawkeye's slash just now,

suddenly inserted his hands into the ice.

The next moment

, the cold ice shattered, and

a huge iceberg was thrown out,

smashing towards the navy!

If this one falls on the naval position,

it is enough to crush many navies into meat mud.

But in the face of this situation

, the yellow ape, whose salary was not in place,

had no intention of making a move.

In the exclusive seats of the three generals,

the grumpy red dog couldn't help it!

The two teammates around him

, since just now, one took the initiative to help others pave the way

, and the other kept paddling,


the general of the same level was actually kicked by a yellow vice to fly!

This stroke couldn't be more obvious!

The red dog, who was displeased in his heart, stepped on his feet, and

the figure instantly flew into the air.

"Leave without permission again!"

Angered by the two actor teammates and the naval hero who is hanging up, Akainu's

right hand turned into a huge magma fist and

blasted towards the iceberg with a punch!

The hot magma

, with terrifying heat accompanied by a huge force explosion,


iceberg instantly shattered and evaporated!

And in the sky

, the magma fist blasted out by the red dog has become extremely huge at this time,


amazing heat to push forward!

But this is not over

, these magma suddenly lit up,


the next second it exploded violently!

"Volcanic bomb!"

Then a meteorite-like rain of fire descended,

pronounced the death of the pirate!

The pirates on the ice fled in a hurry,

and those who were hit were almost killed and


Volcanic bombs like flowers scattered by the goddess unleashed their power, and

one of them roared towards Whitebeard.

Looking at the stone sand ball that was getting closer and closer

, and he could already feel the hot temperature,


was still unmoved!

Seeing this scene,

Naruto of the Hokage World pinched his white beard in a cold sweat:

"Don't you hide? This volcanic bomb looks very powerful. "

People in other worlds also harbor this idea, and they also want to see how

this dying strongest person makes a move.

But the next scene was

completely beyond their expectations!

I saw that when the fireball came to a position one meter in front of him

, Whitebeard was still unhurried,

just gently blowing forward!

Suddenly, the rock with the flame quickly stopped and

was blown out,

as easy as blowing out a candle on a cake!

In the world of Hokage,

Naruto stopped the ramen he was chewing and

stared blankly at the virtual screen.

The power

of that magma fireball

has just been clearly displayed!

Many pirates will be injured just by the aftermath!

Unexpectedly, at this time, he was randomly stabbed by Whitebeard like a forked potato, and

then blew out the flames in one breath!


"I didn't expect this sick grandfather to be quite powerful!"

"Just now, I saw that his whole body was dripping, and I thought that he was already weak!"

Wu Liuqi:

"Alas! If I want to say that such an old grandfather, he can't retire at home, and he has to come out to fight with others!

"I just said it's not good to fight and kill, and you still envy it!"

Ji Dabao:

"Six or seven, don't say more, people like us who don't know anything."

"If you want to earn enough money to go to the kingdom of Stern to heal you, you can't save enough in a lifetime! Just ask if you still do it!

"Watch the video quietly!"


In the video,

Whitebeard slowly looks up with

a smile on his lips.

"Let's light this fire, go and light a candle for the cake, little ghost!"

The red dog looked down, and the murderous intent surged in his eyes.

"Why, don't you like luxurious funerals? Whitebeard! "

A pirate

has the strongest combat power, a navy has the strongest combat power

, as long as the other party is alive,

it is his greatest threat!"

After looking at each other,

the killing intent in their eyes was not even hidden anymore!

Just as they were about to make a move,

a huge shadow appeared from behind.

As it gradually revealed

, a strange-looking, double-horned

, long-fangs grew from its mouth,

and a pale green skin appeared


That huge body made

Frankenstein's Great Snake Nine extremely excited now!

At this moment, wanting to study the thoughts of the giant in front of him,

he kept scratching his heart.

But he can't travel to other worlds,

so he can only leave a message in the comments unwillingly.


"There are more and more strange creatures! The world is getting more and more interesting! Lan


"I wonder what will happen to the evolution of this creature?"


In the picture

, little Oz is unstoppable with his huge size,


the giant lieutenant generals are defeated!

Seeing that he was about to come to Ace, he

immediately appeared abnormal.

The bear man, one of the Seven Martial Seas, opened his hands, and

suddenly a huge transparent bear paw appeared between his hands.

When completely compressed,

one blow severely injured the huge little Oz.

Later, Moonlight Moriah took advantage of the fire and robbed and

took the opportunity to launch the Shadow Horn Gun to penetrate Little Oz!

At the last moment,

the seriously injured little Oz tried his last bit of strength to fall

on the city wall and break the

city wall with his body!

Looking at Little Oz, who did not know whether he was alive or dead,

Ace in front of the execution table was in pain!

At this time, the camera turned

, and a giant wearing a naval uniform came to the pirate ship,

brandishing a huge axe and chopping at Whitebeard!

The furious whitebeard turned around and punched, and

suddenly the space shattered,

instantly shattering the

steel giant axe!

At the same time, by the way, press the other party's head on the deck!

It's totally crushing!

The gap between the strength of the four emperors and the lieutenant general is a world of difference!

With just one blow

, the vice admiral who is a giant

was thrown off the ship by Whitebeard like a rag,

and he didn't know whether he was

alive or dead!

Looking at Little Oz's body,

Whitebeard endured the emotions in his heart and launched a command attack!

At the target of their attack,

a figure began to slowly stand up.

The person who came was Karp,

who sat next to

Ace with a dull face and was speechless for a long time!

A moment later

, the naval hero burst into tears

, his shoulders couldn't stop shaking, and

he excitedly scolded Ace:

"You bastard,

why are you a pirate!" Why don't you listen to my arrangement! Ace

gritted his teeth to keep himself from crying,

he knew how deep Grandpa Karp loved him!

The picture is even more cruel

, the old man who is a naval hero can only watch his grandson be executed,

but he cannot do anything!

This is simply stabbing a knife into Karp's heart and

then churning hard!

In the full-time hunter world,

the ant king shook his head regretfully when he saw this scene.

"Humans are still too weak after all!"

However, a dirty child's face suddenly flashed in his mind, and

he suddenly fell silent again.


: Guess a riddle: hair to hair, meat to meat, it is uncomfortable not to be beaten for one night!

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