With a roar,

the earth trembled violently!

An unstoppable sword light flew out, and

the navy surrounding Whitebeard screamed one after another!

Whitebeard's angry stab completely

emptied the radius of hundreds of meters!

Frightened screams mixed together

, thousands of naval soldiers fell from the sky,


for a while the navy suffered heavy casualties!

Lan Ran:

"The lion is still a fierce beast when it is injured, and it is really stupid to resist as a prey without taking the opportunity to run for its life."

Mr. Marvel - Wang Xiaoer:

"You can still stand up and deliver such a blow!" What a great willpower!"

"The energy contained in the body is even more terrifying!"

"The body has been shot through, and it can last so long!"

Pineapple blowing snow:

"Isn't it! Such an exaggerated vitality!

"The world is simply unreasonable! He can fight all the miscellaneous soldiers alone! "

Dragon Fruit - Oriental Quest:

"Exaggerated? I haven't said that you protagonists meet grandma at every turn and give you treasures to upgrade your equipment for nothing!

"Compared to you, this white-bearded villain will fall into a desperate situation!"

"You haven't died once, and every time you want to kill you, your parents will appear on the rivers and lakes, and suddenly become heroes!"

Lu Xiaoguo:

"There is no way around this!"

"As a villain, you will be extra powerful every time you appear!"

"I can't beat it without plugins!"

A hundred thousand cold jokes - Donkey Kong:

"Shhhh Explain! The protagonist's aura is exposed!

"Can't let the villain know about this!" Otherwise, how can the protagonist's aura be reduced to wisdom?! "


". . ."

"I already knew about this!"


In the video

, when Whitebeard kills all sides

, Luffy relies on Ivan's hormones

, overdraws his body,

and his strength comes to the peak state!

At the same time, the Warring States ordered to find a new executioner,

wanting to directly execute Ace!

Whitebeard was so anxious that he

was involved in the wound and

immediately vomited a mouthful of blood!

Seeing the new long knife landing,

no one can stop it at this moment!

It seems that Ace is going to die, and the defeat of the pirate group is decided!

But accidents always come suddenly

, and at the moment of a thousand shots, Luffy's

blood boils all over his body and


out with all his strength!

"You guys!! Stop me!! When

the words fell, a

terrifying blue momentum erupted from Luffy's body,


the audience almost instantly!

A roar that went straight to the human brain sounded!

Obviously, the ears did not hear the sound,

but everyone's ears were like lightning strikes!

Overlord color domineering!

Sengoku's eyes widened,

looking at this sudden and incredible thing!

Under the impact of the overlord color domineering,

the two executioners on the execution table instantly fell.

Not only that, a

large number of navies in the square fell at the same time, their eyes turned white,


they actually passed out together!

People in Pirate World recall the day of the top war!

Overlord color domineering!

That's the overlord color, the

"domineering" that only one day chooses among millions of people!

Who would have thought that

another pirate would have the "qualification of a king" standing above people!

I don't know how much suffering this pirate with the title "Straw Hat Kid"

will bring them in the future!

In the picture,

seeing Luffy's overlord color, Whitebeard

immediately ordered everyone to cover Luffy against the navy!

Even the sand crocodile struck again at this time, blocking

Hawkeye together with his subordinate Mr1.

With the efforts of the pirates,

they finally opened a road to Ace!

But at this moment,

Karp blocked Luffy again!

Grandpa and grandson have not seen each other for many years, but

I didn't expect that the first reunion would be against us!

With a fierce heart, Karp gritted his teeth and

punched out towards Luffy!

But who knows how much water he put in this punch!

Luffy, who fisted against Grandpa Karp, was

also unreserved at this moment, and

his crimson body roared with all his strength and threw a punch!

Just as Fist was about to fight Luffy,

Karp closed his eyes!


It's not just about putting water on the power

, after all,

the performance just now is quite realistic!

Now this look,

Karp directly closed his eyes!

As a result, naturally

, Luffy punched

Karp in the jaw, and Karp flew out backwards with an incomparably miserable scream,


finally plunged into the ruins!

After a few weak kicks,

Karp successfully went offline!

Well acted! No more next time!

At the naval headquarters,

Karp pretended to be casual and gently moved his feet and walked out.

Suddenly, there was a roar behind him!


Sengoku's face was full of anger!

This is no longer called releasing water, it is simply releasing the sea!

It's too much!

At that time, I knew that he was playing the Navy, but

I didn't expect that today's video recorded

the top bits and pieces so carefully!

At this time, the yellow ape sat quietly on the side and laughed.

In the heart of the yellow ape,

he was already compared to a thumb!

"Worthy of being an old-timer! Decades of old fritters, top-notch in terms of acting!

"I didn't even notice these details on the battlefield at the time!"

"You must practice more when paddling in the future!"

At this moment,

the red dog green tendons that have been hiding in the office and not wanting to see the

Warring States exploded!

This bunch of bastards!

I didn't expect to act without being faceless!

In order to save those on the other side,

even the "justice" that he once believed in was lost!

In the video

, after a lot of hardship,

Luffy finally came to the execution.

He happily took out the handcuff key

, used the Warring States on the side as a background board,


was planning to open the lock in front of the Warring States!

And Sengoku is also very cooperative,

I don't know where to run and didn't stop Luffy!

But at this moment,

a long-range attack by the yellow ape shattered the key that Luffy had just taken out!

Fortunately, at this time,

Mr3 appeared disguised as a navy and

recreated the key using the candle fruit!

Seeing this,

the Warring States account that has hung up since the beginning of the

war has finally unfrozen!

He made a decisive move

, and in an instant, an incomparably huge golden Buddha appeared, and

he slammed into Luffy with a punch!

It's not their own grandson who fights harder!

"What no naval hero can do,"

Sengoku solved with one punch!

Faced with the attack, Luffy put his thumb into his mouth.

The huge fist slammed

in, but Luffy suddenly grew in

size, his belly turned into a huge rubber balloon,


Mr3 once again created a barrier behind him.

At this time, the golden fist slammed into Luffy!

Suddenly, ripples appeared on the surface of the "balloon"

, and in the next second, Lu Fei quickly deflated, and


entire execution table collapsed!

At the same time,

several shells blasted towards the falling three!

The navies had every reason to believe that

the then Marshal Sengoku was also paddling in the face of Luffy!

Such a powerful person as the Warring States of Buddha could

not do one king Luffy with one blow!

Even the general Yellow Ape can still crush 11 supernovae at will!

What's more, it was the Buddha's Warring States, which was even more terrifying than the Yellow Ape General, and struck with all his might!

And where the shells fell

, endless explosions were born,


suddenly the fire was monstrous!

Everyone on the battlefield looked nervously.

Suddenly, an open handcuff fell to the ground!

In the next second, a roaring fire erupted from the dense smoke in the air,

forming a flame channel!

The ability to manipulate flames!

Seeing this, the navy once again began to shell wildly towards the passage!

What responded to them

was a fierce pillar of fire!

The pillar of fire fended off all attacks, and

then crashed into the crowd below!

The next moment, the flames turned into huge waves

, sweeping around with terrifying energy,

and a large number of navies were burned and

knocked away.

The white-bearded pirate group looked excitedly into the dense fog!

As they thought!

A man with freckles on his face came out of the flames!

It's Fire Fist Ace!

The object of the rescue of the Whitebeard Pirates this time!

This time it is successful

, and it is inseparable from the release of naval hero Karp, and

the Warring States of Buddha will not make a move early,

but will only say hi!

How could Chi Inu have thought that

Whitebeard had been seriously injured by his strategy, and

his side would have won a stable situation!

It is actually because the three admirals, the first marshal and the naval heroes are all actors,

and the situation of winning will be beaten like this!


"Who else can I trust?!"

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