Just as Whitebeard was fighting fiercely with the navy, the Blackbeard

Pirates swaggered out!

At the same time, it can be seen that

Blackbeard has added several criminals to the sixth layer of the city!

These are all fierce and vicious people who have died a hundred times!

Whitebeard's eyes are full of anger, and

the person in front of him is the source of everything today!

Nothing would have happened without Tichy


On the other side

, Blackbeard looked at the white-beard like a candle in the wind, and

laughed wantonly greedily!

His time is



Whitebeard shouted angrily and waved

his fist again with his left hand!

The shock fruit was launched again

, the air cracked, and the terrifying energy knocked countless navies all the way,

slamming towards the Blackbeard Pirates!

However, the dust cleared, and the

Blackbeard Pirates were unharmed.

Whitebeard, on the other hand, gasped violently, and

blood kept dripping from the big hole in his chest.

Everyone has a voice in their hearts at the same time.

Finally going to be unable to hold on?

But even so,

it is too shocking to admire!

At this time, a matter like black flames burst out from Tichy's hands and feet, and

spread rapidly!

At the same time, a black tornado generated to wrap Tiki, and

transparent fluctuations suddenly erupted from the inside

, turbulent in all the positions covered in black, and then retracted!

The pitch-black smoke cleared, and

Blackbeard came out confidently from inside!

"Dark Cave Road!"

Suddenly, the substance wrapped in darkness began to sink!

Of course, Whitebeard will not sit still, and

his hand once again bursts out with white light towards Tichy!

But at this time, Tichy pressed forward with one hand, and a

black vortex appeared in his palm, completely absorbing the power of the earthquake.

"Is this the strength of the Dark Fruit?!"

Just when everyone thought that Whitebeard was about to lose,

something unexpected happened.

I saw that Whitebeard completely gave up using the fruit ability, and completely

suppressed Tiqi with just relying on the big knife cloud cut!

And after just a few rounds,

he completely defeated the other party!

And Tichy, who fell to the ground, showed his villain face again

and began to cry bitterly and beg for mercy.

Whitebeard tightly grabbed Tichy's neck, and

the Shock Fruit ability was activated again!

The ground shook, and

Blackbeard was shot away along with countless rubble!]

However, Tichy still did not die,

but fell to the ground seriously injured!

Inside the Void Night Palace, Lan Ran sighed.

The same goes for Underworld, Frieza and others.

They could all tell

that Whitebeard was about to run out of oil.


, Blackbeard would never have survived the blow just now.

Sure enough,

Whitebeard's body began to tremble slightly!

The sickness of age,

and the countless injuries of this war.

Whitebeard has long exhausted all his vitality!

But a few seconds later

, Whitebeard's whole body was filled with hot steam, and his skin was red!

He actually moved again!

Return to the light?!

The whitebeard dragged his broken body

, held Cong Yunche, and took unwavering steps!

In Tichy's eyes, Whitebeard was like a demon king in hell at this moment, walking

towards him step by step!

With each step

, his heart sank a little, and he was even more terrified!

Whitebeard punched down!

"You monster!"

Blackbeard shouted tremblingly, touched

the pistol on his waist with his backhand and fired!

The fist stopped in front of Tichy's terrified eyes.

Whitebeard's injury is too serious!

Even if you stop and start treatment immediately, you

will no longer be able to return to heaven!

The bullet just now

became the last straw that crushed the camel!

Whitebeard spat out blood,

but his fist did not wave.

Seeing this scene, Tichy laughed loudly and

shot madly!

At the same time, the other members of the Blackbeard Pirate Group

also rushed over with a sinister smile.

Just now they didn't dare to make a move at all,

but at this time it was different.

The strongest man in the world, Whitebeard, is no longer able to swing his fists!

Slashes, axes, punches, shootings...

For a while, the whitebeard members could only see the broad back of the whitebeard,

and the disgusting sneer and attack!

The cloak was covered with bullet marks and blood splattered.

But Whitebeard did not take a step back, and

his body stood tall!

However, after the attack stopped,

Tichy was horrified to find that Whitebeard was still not dead!

But without Blackbeard's hands,

everyone else has already discovered that

Whitebeard is already dying!

And Whitebeard, who was seriously injured,

fell into memories.

He remembered drinking with Roger under a cherry blossom tree.

Remembering his refusal to go to Ralph Drew.

Also remembered what Roger said, D's will!

At the last moment of his life,

Whitebeard spoke with all his strength:

"One day someone will inherit the will of Roger and Ace!"

"Warring States, the huge battle you are afraid of involving the whole world will definitely happen in the future!"

"Although I am not interested, when that treasure is discovered, the world will be turned upside down!" Speaking

of which,

Whitebeard showed the same laughter as Roger before he died!

He shouted out the words that finally made the Warring States extremely angry!


"It's real!"

Whether it is live, or the picture being live!

At this moment, all the people in the pirate world were shocked!

At the same time, viewers of the anime world

couldn't help but

smile meaningfully at the same time


The great secret treasure of the pirate world really exists, and

this old man does not plan to settle down when he dies.

It should be said that he really deserves to be the strongest in the world!

The news of OnePiece is released, and

the world will be chaotic again!

In the end, it is still a pirate

, and he does not consider his words at all, and

how many ordinary people will die as a result!

When he was about to die

, Whitebeard finished the last thing, and

his heart sounded:

"I'll stop here!"

Whitebeard recalls his life,

from being alone to having so many family members.

That picture is so intoxicating!

What a wonderful journey!

"Goodbye, sons!"

After the shout that shocked the world,

Edward the Whitebeard. Newgate stood dead!]

At this time, the screen gradually produces handwriting...

This battle, Edward. Newgate suffered 267 knife wounds, 152 shots, 46 shells!

Despite this,

his back is still full of dignity!

At this time, the cloak fell with the wind, and

the back of the white beard was clean and terrible!

This means that he is always facing the enemy and

has no signs of escape.

Or in other words

, in his life as a pirate,

he did not leave any shame of escape!

Finally, the skeleton white beard symbol on the broad back was enlarged little by little,

so clear.

But the good show really begins!



There is one more chapter of One Piece that ends,

which should have ended this chapter.

But one reader said that he wanted to add the paragraph where Blackbeard Captures the Fruit

, and I thought it was connected,

so let's write it together!

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