Several days have passed in the anime world since the end

of the Pirates chapter.

And Lu Chuan, who is in the main universe, is also stepping up the creation of new videos.


In the comment area where the virtual screen has not yet been closed, people

in the anime world are looking forward to a new inventory.


"Ah! It's so slow, if only I could update it quickly!

"Waiting for a new video update is just as hard as waiting for a new challenge game!"


"Saitama-kun, even if you say so, there is no way."

"There must always be time to create new videos, just like Detective Ke Xin, you can't guess when he will update!"

Shinnosuke Harano (Detective Ke new version upgrade):

"Hey! Yoy! Detective Ke Xin! Isn't that me?!


"In other words, you guys hit the metabi this time!"

"There is only Detective Conan, where did Detective Kexin come from!"

Birds don't king:

"Probably no copyright, so when it was created by the creator, even the name was changed!"

Sakata Gintoki:

"Alas! What a poor little one!

"If you can apologize at the speed of light after adding various anime world settings like my creator!"

"Maybe there's everything!"

Donkey Kong:

"Aren't you expecting new videos?"

"How does it get to the issue of setting the copyright of the anime world."


Just after Little King Kong complained,

the virtual screen in the sky began to light up suddenly!

[NO.7: Dragons! ] 】

《Wanzai Lu Mingfei and the little monster Uesugi Erie! 》

[1. Character introduction! ] Lu


With the sudden appearance of a new inventory of the video,

the appearance of Lu Mingfei appeared in the

originally bleak screen!

A boy who actually looks good, with

beautiful eyebrows and slightly drooping corners of his eyes appears!

Lu Mingfei in the dragon world was

frightened by this sudden scene!

"Wow! How come even a decaying boy like me will appear in the tearful inventory video! "



In Lu Mingfei's wail,

subtitles begin to appear in the video

: Name: Lu Mingfei

English name:

Ricardo M. Lu.

Nicknames: Ricardo (Ricar

), Wanzai

, Second Cargo Brother

, Sakura

no Shin,

Sakura (a flower name when he was a cowherd in Japan), Lu

Chairman (honorific title after being promoted to student president).

Little Monster (Uesugi Eri claims that he and Lu Mingfei are both little monsters),

Sakura Lu (the pseudonym that Lu Akira used when he first met Uesugi Rii).

Looking at his densely packed title

, the dragon world, Lu


who was still in high school, couldn't help but howl to the sky!

"Why is there such a title as the second middle school of the god's cherry blossoms!"

"What the hell are Wanzi and Junior Brother Ergo!"


But the information that will appear next subverts

Lu Mingfei's three views!

[Dragon Hybrid Lu Mingfei:]

Bloodline Level: S Grade (Reaching S level by bloodline alone,

but the real physical fitness is less than E Level!)

After Operation Dragon World Tokyo

, he received special training from the Nibelung Plan

, and quickly improved from the real quality

of the E level to the A level, and in the following years,

he was able to hunt the A high-risk hybrid alone.


Lu Mingfei:

"What the hell is this! I am an ordinary citizen who has lived for more than 10 years!

"How come the information displayed is all so outrageous!"

Sakata Gintoki:

"This is your future!" In other words, the first few videos are all videos of their past!

"To you is the future! That's great, Sakura no Kazuki! You can change the future! Lu


"Don't say it! That title is such a shame! "


"Sakura, Junior Brother of the Second Middle School, Wanzi!" Hahahaha!

Lu Mingfei:

". . ."


Then the main achievements of Lu Mingfei appear in the video:

1. Hit the King of Bronze and Fire - Norton and Constantine!

2. Kill Fenrieu, one of the kings of the earth and the mountains!

ps: Originally, it was Chu Zihang who killed Fenrieu's twin sister Jemengard (Xiami), Fenrieu put her body in his mouth and did not eat it, so he did not merge to produce a new king - Hela, the god of death!

Third, air combat dragged down the usurper "White King" Herzog.

PS: Wait for the space-based kinetic weapon - Heavenly Punishment: The Sword of Damocles is launched and kills the White King!

Fourth, Tininono blocked Odin's Kungunir's gun

, overthrew Odin's mount Slopnis and grabbed its heart

, and finally fought a decisive battle with

Odin, played by Chu Zihang,


(took off Odin's mask and stopped after discovering that it was Chu Zihang)!


Possession of two statues based on him, one in Shiran Middle School and the other in Kabukicho, Japan.



He is a rare male protagonist in the history of countless universes, and

basically has no "ability" to speak of!

If you have to say anything, the game and spit are full levels.

He perfectly practices his life as a "decrepit boy", and is the only "S" grade (the highest grade) in the undergraduate department of the college.

Without any consciousness to fight for the well-being of mankind, he is far more interested in night snacks and beautiful senior sisters than dragon slayering!

House, black belly, the degree of pariah is second only to the defeated dog brother Fingal in the same dormitory

, the shooting ability academy is the first,

Caesar and Chu Zihang can not compare.

He is also a super swimmer.

Good foreign language skills.

Relying on the recommendation of my parents, I got an acceptance letter from Kassel College.

He also magically won the appreciation of Headmaster Ange and

enrolled in the Kassel Academy on a full scholarship, and

is a guy who shrouds the aura of the protagonist as soon as he appears.

Although the bloodline rating is an unbelievable "S",

ps: (Most S-class bloodlines are perverted.) His only undergraduate S-class student before him, according to psychological guide Masashi Toyama, was schizophrenia that led to suicide by swallowing a gun),

but his abilities were completely mismatched, and

he was a dragging role in any dragon slaying team in the early stage....

But as a comedian in the team, he is still very good.

(In fact, he has never wasted firewood, but Lu Mingfei does not have much self-confidence to look very wasted, and he has never instigated, wasted firewood, or cowardly at every critical moment, and once he loses what he wants to protect, he will take it back at any cost).

Lu Mingfei is actually a person with a very complex personality

, he is good to the people around him

, but sometimes he makes people feel very heartless,


sometimes he makes people feel very lonely.

Someone once said of him:

"He was very lucky, and there were many people who helped him."

"But that feeling was weird... It wasn't happiness, no help would bring him happiness, just maintaining his fragile balance on the edge of loneliness.

"It was as if he was a child of this world, and no one dared to call him truly desperate."

"Whenever he is about to fall into the abyss of grief, there is always a little comfort that gives him a little bit of relief so that he can hold on."

"I have a strange feeling... When he truly despairs, he will become... The devil is something like that!

It can be seen from this passage that

Lu Mingfei is actually a very lonely person

, but he himself has not realized

it, because loneliness has become his norm,


all he can do is not think about it.

But with a lot of nerves, he sometimes feels unwilling and sad.

He is also very special,

because he is sometimes crazy enough

to blow up the two leaders of the academy with two shots for a girl to

abandon his wasted character;

But sometimes they are so timid that they don't even want to face reality.

He wants to abandon the shell of this waste firewood, he wants to change and even destroy the world.


And looking at the introduction that has appeared so far,

Lu Mingfei's whole person is numb!

He didn't even know that his future was so awesome!

"However, why is it so awesome or decrepit!"

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