In the midst of the cursing and cursing of viewers in the anime world

, the video began to play:

the cause of the whole incident

was because the Kassel Academy trio (Lu Mingfei, Chu Zihang,


were sent to the island country on a mission.

The mission requires the three of them to ride a deep submersible

and go down to the trench to blow up

the burial place, where there is a hatching dragon embryo, and

when they dive, they find that the dragon embryo is not there,

and the earthquake triggers the loss of the

burial place

Large-scale escape, about to invade the human world

, the actual controller of the island country,

sent Eri Yi there to solve everything!

However, Ei Li did not know the existence of these three guys.


On the rough sea, Ei Liyi sits quietly on the dinghy, and

countless monsters continue to gush out of the deep sea,

but they can't touch this small boat that is close at hand!

Sitting on the boat, Eili just swung a few knives at random

, and those monsters seemed to be pulled by some strange force,


apart in an instant!

People watching the video at the moment smacked their lips.

Is this the power that Riki possesses in the introduction - Spirit of Speech and Judgment?!

No matter how many monsters surged around the boat,

they all disappeared in the moment she raised her hand!

Just by watching the video,

they can feel the horror of the power that Eri Yi exerts!

The blood-stained sea water around the boat is

exaggerated to the extreme!

It can simply be called a corpse mountain and a sea of blood!

People who are shocked just by watching the video can't

imagine if they really stay in that kind of place,

they will not be frightened!

And at this moment, Lu Mingfei is still an ordinary high school student,

where can he bear this kind of scene!


Lu Mingfei:

"I can't stand it!" I'm a high school student, show me such a hot thing!

"! I haven't even killed a chicken!


"I'm seeing it for the first time, too!" It's terrifying! Chicken


"Wanzi, I want to take back what I just said!"

"Happy fart! Looking at this view, my chicken liver is shaking!

Wu Liuqi:

"Don't dare to speak, it's so terrifying."

"In the future, you can accept this kind of girl, how can you be embarrassed to call yourself a decrepit boy?!"

"Those who stink and want food, come to us to cheat and drink!"

"Who is the same as you! I'm the boy! "


In the video,

the trio fleeing for their lives in the deep sea is struggling to float upwards.

Under the lack of oxygen and high pressure,

Lu Mingfei stared at the sea with confusion.

And after easily killing the Western dragon that was chasing and killing Lu Mingfei,

Eili Yi also unfortunately fell into the water.

Since the strap of her hair was broken, her

long dark red hair could only dance in the water.

Just when Lu Mingfei's eyes were cloudy and his vision was blurred,

he remembered everything he had encountered when he and his senior sister Nuonuo

were in the depths of the Mountain Gorge Reservoir when he was in the Three Gorges


That long dark red seaweed-like hair made

Lu Mingfei think of Painted Pear Yi as Nono.


, who would have thought that

when his life was about to cool down,

he would actually think of his senior sister "Nono"!


he wanted to open his arms to embrace the figure.

Eiliyi's eyes showed a cold and ruthless look

, like the god of death,


even pointed the knife in his hand at Lu Mingfei's eyebrows.

However, at that moment, Lu Ming was not afraid, death

was no longer important to a dying person.

In the heart of the decrepit boy,

only the idea of wanting to swim to his goddess remained.

Very persistently approached Eili, and

at that moment the coldness in Eriyi's eyes suddenly


That little girl's childishness

returned to Eili's eyes.

Eiliyi looked at Lu Mingfei in front of him curiously

, like a big fool,

cheering the kind of curiosity that attracted people's attention when he ran towards people.

She didn't know why Lu Mingfei was crying, and Lu Mingfei didn't touch Eiliyi, and when his body sank weakly,

Eiliyi buckled the diving head on Lu Mingfei's


The princess was still curious about Madman Chen!

She swam around Lu Mingfei like a mermaid,

and when Lu Mingfei regained his senses.

He was a little disappointed,

the girl in front of him was not the Nono in his heart....

Perhaps at that moment,

Lu Mingfei already regarded Painted Liyi

as a substitute for his own goddess Nono...

Due to his weakness,

Lu Mingfei was no longer able to swim the sea.

Perhaps it was Lu Mingfei who warmed Eiliyi's small chest, and

she reluctantly called softly:



Then Eriyi let go of Lu Mingfei's hand,

and Lu Mingfei had an extra yellow rubber duck in his hand.

"I'm not going to die because you haven't... Give up on me. After

that famous quote

, the first video ended.

This was the first encounter between Lu Mingfei and Eiliyi!

After this bloody scene,

people in the anime world have big question marks in their heads?!

"Stinky and shameless! Thinking of Nono, holding Eri in his arms! "

Who would have thought that

the desperate embrace that was about to lose the realization of Lu Mingfei actually

warmed Eiliyi!


, if people knew that Nonuo was actually Lu Mingfei's "big brother"'s girlfriend,

and this "big brother" was not generally good to him!

I don't know how they will feel in their hearts then.

The younger brother, who is being taken care of by himself, has

always been secretly in love with his fiancée.

Although he has not yet been cuckolded, he

is enough to be displeased.


Rector of the Kassel Academy - Ange:

"Caesar, what do you think?"

"It seems that our future S-class will miss your current girlfriend Nono~

" Caesar:



Since the future has created this tragedy under this false situation!"

"In order for Nuo Nuo not to be remembered, I will try to match Li Yi and Lu Mingfei!"

Minamoto Naruto:

"-la-you! Thank you!

"The video is played, and my sister may not like anyone in the future!"


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