Witnessing the power of Ei Liyi with his own eyes made

Lu Mingfei even more afraid!

But the massive blood loss in his body gradually

caused him to fall into a



a picture appears in the virtual video.

The beauty of the picture is a little unbelievable,

as if in a dream...

It's that indistinguishable from the fake.

[There was a short but melodious sound of music across the river, piano, violin and cello interacting with each other, and Lu Mingfei knew that this was an audition before the start of the show, and it sounded like an open-air concert was about to begin.]

He quickened his pace and walked towards the opposite bank, and suddenly remembered that he was here to go to a grand party. [

Lu Mingfei saw his own shadow in the river, wearing simple and strange white clothes, and his clothes were full of sturdy belts, this kind of clothing was probably designed to bind a person, how could he wear this clothes? 【

How do I go to a concert in this outfit?】 He was a little worried, but he still had to step on the opposite riverbank.

[Ahead is a fluffy green meadow, small yellow flowers blooming in the grass, flowers swaying in the wind, girls running and playing in the grass, wide white robes can not hide their young and attractive curves, their hair is as brilliant as gold or platinum, and their skin is as white as ice and snow.

[In front of them, Lu Mingfei felt a little ashamed of himself.

[A girl saw him and cried out in surprise: "The groom is coming, the groom is coming!"

[They all ran towards Lu Mingfei, surrounded him, and spoke to him in some language he had never heard before, but it was strange that Lu Mingfei could understand their words, and they said words of blessing and gave Lu Mingfei a veneer salute.]

[Only one girl did not approach, she was still standing in the thick fog, her long hair flying in the wind. Lu Mingfei couldn't see her face clearly, but he knew that she was looking at him through the thick fog.

People were stunned. The figure in the picture is too blurry, and why did the picture of Lu Mingfei suddenly getting married?

Even the expression on his face knew at a glance that he was also in doubt.

As for Lu Mingfei himself

, he is even more confused at the moment, he is going to get married?

It won't be Eri, right?

Such an ending

seems to be not bad.


[The girls put on a scarlet ribbon for Lu Mingfei, and the ribbon was pinned with gold and silver medals, and the strange white clothes on his body also looked decent against the background of the ribbon, like a general's uniform. ] [

The girls combed his hair, put him in dark and shiny leather shoes, tied a belt woven with laurel branches, he was greased and powdered, and the mirror was handed in front of him, and the person in the mirror actually had a sword eyebrow feeling. [

The wind is strong, the thick fog flows down the folds of the girl's clothes in the fog, the long dark red hair is curled in the wind, and the white long skirt is also rolled in the wind, revealing straight and graceful legs, wearing white high-heeled sheepskin boots on her feet, gold chains tied around her ankles, and bells jingling in the wind. [

The plain white veil covered the girl's face, but Lu Mingfei still recognized her, it was Ei Li Yi, the pair of boots and the anklet were bought together in the famous store in Nanqing Mountain, under the background of the wedding dress and veil, Ei Li Yi became more and more like a beautiful doll. ] [

Lu Mingfei seems to have remembered that he came here to attend his wedding. [

The girls gathered in front of Eriyi, singing and dancing around them, throwing flower petals, and the symphony orchestra who did not know where to hide began to play Wagner's "Wedding March", which opened majestically like the wedding of a king.

Lu Mingfei carefully stretched out his hand, and Ei Liyi put the hand wearing white lace gloves in the palm of his hand.

[The fog began to disperse, and buildings appeared around them, tall buildings in chalk color surrounded them, and small windows looked at them condescendingly like rows of eyes. 【

The wind speed in the high sky is very high, and the dark clouds change rapidly, but the wind is blocked by the tall buildings around it, and this small lawn is warm and warm. 【

The girls gathered him and Eili to the flower gate made of laurel branches, where the priest in white robes waited, and there was a table in front of the flower gate as a holy platform, which was actually an Orthodox wedding.

[On the holy platform were placed a holy gospel, two wedding crowns, a glass of red wine and two lit candles, and the priest placed a gold wedding ring and a silver wedding ring at both ends of the holy altar, so that Lu Mingfei and Ei Liyi stood at both ends of the holy altar.

[The music fell temporarily, and the priest drew three crosses on the heads of the bride and groom, and handed Lu Mingfei and Eili a lit candle each.

[The assistant priest next to the shrine said in a poetic voice: "Please bless you, Junzai.

[The priest also said in a poetic voice: "Praise be to our God, who is always upon us, and the world is endless.

[The girls and musicians said in unison: "Amen.

[The assistant pastor said, "In peace, let us pray to the Lord."]

[Everyone said in unison, "Pray for mercy on the Lord.]

[Don't say that Lu Mingfei has not seen the wedding of the Orthodox Church, he has not even been to the church much, but now he reciting these ancient testimonies with everyone seems to be familiar with it. ]

[He is very peaceful and happy in his heart, this feeling is very good, the beautiful girl opposite belongs to you, you are about to recite the vows to her according to the prescribed process, you put the ring on her ring finger, and your wedding is witnessed by all your relatives and friends.

[The priest picked up the gold ring from the saucer, used it to draw three crosses on Lu Mingfei's forehead, and asked in a loud voice: "Lu Mingfei, are you willing to accept Uesugi Eri as your legal wife, and do your best to care for her and cherish her?"

"I do. Lu Mingfei said. 【

"Uesugi Eri, are you willing to accept Lu Mingfei as your legal husband, and do your best to love him and cherish him? The priest placed the silver ring in the palm of his robe.

"I do. Eri said.

"Then now you can exchange rings."

[Lu Mingfei held the ring in one hand and picked up the soft hand of the painted pear clothes in the other, it was a very soft and warm little hand, so warm that people didn't want to let go when they held it. 】


Just when everyone wanted to bless Lu Mingfei and Eiliyi,

a faint light shot into this world.

Immediately afterwards,

Lu Mingfei in his sleep also woke up.

Disappearing with it, there was a dreamlike wedding.


Lu Mingfei:

"Hey! I finally got moved once, but you let me lose so completely?! "





Cao Xuanliang:


Birds don't king:


Huo Linfei:

"That's right, this is the terminal of Zhuo!"




I can't write it, it's so uncomfortable.

Originally, I had already worked on some details, and

I wanted to string them together when

I wrote them, but as soon as I wrote them all GG, it was useless at all.

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