Lu Mingze looked at the heavy rain falling in the sky and

said with a grin:

"This spring is coming to an end, originally at the end of this season."

"You're going to have the best things in your life, but you're not taking the chances."

"Do you understand?"

"You can't do anything without the right, you should have been a monster that roared the world."

"But you're a waste!"

Lu Mingfei dug up the parasites on

Eiliyi's body, and he didn't

want this dirty thing to stay in Eiliyi's body.

Lu Mingfei painstakingly turned this thing into a white powder!

However, Lu Mingze laughed next to him:

"It's too late to be ruthless, if you were half an hour ahead you could change the outcome of this story, but what were you doing then?" You're drinking, hesitating, comforting yourself, and by the time you've made up your mind, it's too late. "

Lu Mingfei's psychological defense has been defeated!

"Okay, save a quarter of your life now, I can't get it, but you can't exchange it for that girl back."

Lu Mingze was still chattering there.

"Shut up." Lu Mingfei's voice was weak.

"You are the brother, you are the biggest, if you tell me to shut up, I will shut up."

Lu Mingze shrugged and placed the suitcase at Lu Mingfei's feet.

"Don't just care about the, she's already ugly, not the beautiful girl she used to be."

"When she was so sexy and obedient to sleep next door to you, you didn't want to have something to do with people, what is the use of hugging tightly now? Look at what she left behind, I think some of it was meant to be shared with you.

Lu Mingfei put the painted pear robe on his lap and opened the small red suitcase.

Is it so far out of the door, do you carry such a little luggage?

He thought: She was going to Korea!

To start a new life there

, waiting for someone under a giant begonia tree with ice cream,

is that enough?

The box was stuffed

, and the dresses that Lu Mingfei bought for her were neatly folded

, and the witch clothes she used to wear were not in it

, except for the Roman shoes she wore when she went out, there were also white thin-laced shoes, and the

headband, hairpin,

stockings and

ribbons were packed separately in a plastic bag.

Then there are her most precious little toys

, and there is a very space-occupying thing

, which is actually a photo album

, and now the photos are all digital this year,


there are still people who collect such a thing.

Lu Mingfei opened the thick photo album and

found that it was not a photo,

but a postcard.

All are Tokyo travel postcards

, with Tokyo Sky Tree, Sensoji Temple, Disney, Meiji Jingu Shrine...

There were every place Lu Mingfei had taken her, and

I don't know how she collected it.

Because she didn't want to reveal her identity

, Lu Mingfei was always reluctant to take pictures with her,

so she collected these postcards to remember the places they had been to together.

Time and simple words are written on the back of the postcard:

"04.24, and Sakura go to the Tokyo Sky Tree, the warmest place in the world is on top of the Sky Tree."

"04.26, go to Meiji Jingu Shrine with sakura, where someone has a wedding."

"04.25, go to Disney with sakura, the haunted house is scary, but there is sakura, so it's not scary."

Lu Mingfei was silent.

He took out his skirt and shoes from the box to put on Eri.

Her body is so dry, it's easy to put on

a skirt, but it's terrible when wearing shoes and socks

, her legs and feet are dry like branches

, Lu Mingfei changed to a skirt with a longer hem

, so as to cover her shriveled body,

more like when she was alive.

He picked up Eriyi, sat her against the wall of the well

, straightened her hair

, and placed the little toys next to her one by one, accompanied

by Easy Bears, Little Yellow Chickens, HelloKitty and Rubber Ducks,


she probably wouldn't be afraid.

When swinging the easy bear, he accidentally turned the small toy over

and saw the label on the bottom:

"sakura & e pear clothes のrilakkuma", sakura and

e pear clothes easy bear.

The composure he had worked so hard to maintain was instantly broken, and

with a trembling hand, he turned each small toy over to look at the bottom of them:

"sakura&&の愛のhellokitty", "sakura&& 画梨衣のkiiroitori",

"sakura&& 画梨衣のkeroro" "......

All toy labels have been changed.

All toys are labeled as shared by Sakura and Eri, and the

whole world is shared by them....

The world this girl has is so big and so big, she

shares it with others for the first time.

You think she's a princess and she owns the whole world,

but she thinks she only owns you and her toys.


They should have fallen in love with each other in those short seven days,

after all,

there is no monster as lonely as them

in this world....

The first encounter between the Amazing Little Monster and the Peerless Boy

was at sea.

It was supposed to be a "hero and beauty" brush off,

but the boy mistook her for Nono.

He desperately swam towards her and hugged her tightly.

But this is the first time that a girl has been hugged by

an outsider, the first time that an outsider has run away without fear of her power, and


first time a boy has treated her as an ordinary girl.

It's ridiculous....

That's it, the girl fell.

She gave her diving helmet and duck to Lu Mingfei.

She didn't like him because she had money and had high-end sports cars to take her to high-end restaurants....

She didn't care about any of this,

she just got one thing wrong:

she mistakenly thought that Lu Mingfei's love and hugs were for her...

At a depth of seven hundred meters under the sea

, in an isolated place

, the fool-like young man swam

towards her with an expression that seemed to cry,


met her blade without fear.

The girl's hand hung down, happy

but dazedly being squeezed hard.

In this way

, this silly girl feels that

she is liked,

and she is the biggest baby in the world!

That's why girls like him!

This was his first encounter with a girl....


" is also the name he said to

the girl, and the girl who could not speak,

only wrote her name "Kami-e Riyi"

on the paper.

Perhaps in front of outsiders, Eiliyi

is an underworld princess,

and her words and

spirits are extremely lethal and respected by thousands of people.

But the girl is not willing to hurt anyone

, so she is reluctant to speak

, the girl's mind is very simple, her personality is docile,


she only silently likes Lu Mingfei.

And the peak of this love

is at dusk in the town of Umezuji....

The dusk sky was reflected so tenderly

, the girl took the boy's hand and

wrote on the paper, "The outside world is so big!"

The girl was so curious.

And the sentence:

"If the world doesn't like you, then it's my enemy!" If the righteous Ultraman is coming to kill you, then I will help you kill Ultraman! "

Just like that, the girl was completely captured!

But in the end,

he still missed the appointment....

Maybe the boy broke the appointment,

but the boy shouldn't be blamed so much....

Bi Jing,

he is just a decrepit boy...

It's just that

the girl must have been very unwilling at that time....

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