"Ahahahaha! The wicked deserve victory! "

We are unscrupulous, we have stunts! We are brilliant!

"Obviously we are stronger, but we have always been suppressed by good people! Well done this time! Yujiro


"This is the victory of the wicked!" Hehe "


is really good!"

"Only those who can play with everything and calculate everything should enjoy the joy of victory!"


"Boom! As the successor of the true dragon, how can I be called a villain when I still have dragon horns?!

"I am the rightful ruler of the underwater world!"


Big bones boiled into soup:

"The bad guys win? Look at my Divine Light Stick, Digga! First

generation Jojo:

"Dior! You bastard! No matter how long has passed, you are still so vile and shameless!

"To be able to say such a thing! My Joestar family will not forgive you! Van

Ma Blade Tooth:

"Bastard crumb daddy! I'm going to rip your skull out and make a wine glass!" Avenge my dead mother! Little

Carp Bubble:

"Rippi snake! You wait! You deceived me, killed my grandmother, and turned my otherwise happy hometown into a hellish existence!

"One day I will destroy you on behalf of justice!"



"Seems to have heard something incredible?!"

A hundred thousand cold jokes, the unknown demon of the earth:

"Vozh! Is it so cranky? It is worthy of being Yujiro Ma no Fan!

"Your son Fan Ma Blade Tooth actually has such thoughts!"


"You're all so miserable! These bad guys are terrible! Bubbles, come on! "


After the viewers hastily lamented the plight of people from all over the world

, although they felt sorry for the party that represented justice

, they could not help much,

so soon everyone's attention turned to the video again.

In the video

, the idea of the mountain rooster king is the same as everyone in the anime world

, looking at the chunky chicken Daiho,

it does not feel the slightest threat at all!

Even the Mountain Rooster King said defiantly.

"Your figure seems to be very Q!"

That arrogant and domineering expression

really makes people want to jump into the screen and punch it twice!

However, in the face of the provocation of the Mountain Rooster King

, Dabao,

who was determined in his heart, did not pay much attention to it!

"The game begins!"

With an order from the host,

both sides of the ready turn around at the same time!

Daibao took the lead and

made an international gesture towards the mountain rooster king.

"Do you want to die so much?!"

The embarrassed Mountain Rooster King gave Dabao a punch on the spot!

Chicken Dabao, who was not too early and prepared, successfully dodged this punch!

"What a terrifying power!"

But the mountain rooster king reacted quickly, and

Dabao, who was still in the air,


caught by it in his hands in an instant!

Faced with such a disparity in strength,

the Mountain Rooster King felt that Chicken Dabao had no chance to win at all!

So it said sarcastically.

"Oh! I remember you! Aren't you the big friend of the blue feather chicken who was killed by me in the last competition?

"How? Not convinced?!

Just a few words of provocation did not seem to satisfy the mountain rooster king,

and he spoke again:

"I remember the way you looked into my eyes from the sidelines!"

"That look in your eyes was really terrifying!"

"It's exactly the same as the look in your eyes now."

After speaking

, the mountain chicken king also made a derogate pose,


"I'm really scared!"


In the world of Zhenhun Street

, seeing these actions of the Mountain Rooster King,

Cao Yanbing broke the defense on the spot!

"Zinima! I'm going to kill that chicken! Saying


Cao Yanbing angrily smashed the bowl in front of him to the ground!

That crisp sound

of porcelain tattering

was not worth mentioning in the heart of Cao Yanbing, who had a hot brain, but

his younger brother Cao Xuanliang didn't think so!

"Brother! Stop smashing! These are the guys who eat! If you smash it again, you won't be able to cook tomorrow! "



In the virtual screen,

the king of the mountain chicken taunts Daibao and

throws it forward as a bowling ball.

And the figure of the big bao Q bullet bounced back after

hitting the wall, and

at the end,

the fierce pheasant king had already raised his fist and was ready to attack!

The Mountain Rooster King calculated the time, and

when Daibao reached its attack range,

a yellow-white fist shadow flashed forward!


Chicken Dabao is like an exploding enclave cannonball,

flying forward at great speed in a parabolic manner!

After withstanding the attack of this ordinary chicken that kills with one blow,

Da Bao should have laid down!

But Dabao, who has a deep hatred in the blood sea,

how can he give up in the face of the enemy

of the Mountain Rooster King?!

Sure enough!

Just as all the onlookers were cheering the victory of the Mountain Rooster King,

Chicken Daibao stood up again!

Seeing the calm figure of Chicken Dabao,

the message in the

comment area supporting Dabao also began to refresh!

Dragon Ball Seventh Universe Goku:

"Come on! Daibo! For Dumbo! For the big fly! You must win!

"This is the path you chose! Be sure to stick to it! "

Shinnosuke Harano:

"Daiho! Daibo! Come on! Dynamic Superman with you! Let's overcome the darkness! "

Dynamic Iron Fist! Dynamic light waves! Dynamic light ball!

"Let me give you a helping hand too! Daibo! Go on! "


"Three generations of grandfathers said, where the leaves fly, the fire also ends!"

"Daiho! Let the Will of Fire burn! Metkay


"Chicken Dabao! Go ahead! Plug the blood of youth! Defeat the King of Pheasants! "


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