Immediately followed by ,...

There was a rainstorm of pear blossom-like shells coming towards Saitama again.

However, Saitama, who entered the high-speed moving state, easily dodged it.

His figure dodged in mid-air

, grazing the edge of the shell each time,


moving away.


After hiding more than a dozen in succession,

it seems that he does not plan to continue hiding.

Saitama raised his foot

and kicked a huge shell head-on, and

the violent air wave exploded.

As if hitting an impregnable wall, the shell

was instantly flattened by a huge force,


then flew towards the spaceship at high speed.


A circle of sonic boom clouds burst open, and

the thick battleship shell was blown apart by shells on the spot.

Saitama, who entered the spaceship,

was like a wolf entering a flock.

And Poros, who noticed that the intruder had entered the interior of the spacecraft, specially

came to the control room.

"Goliuganshup, how is the situation?"

At this moment,

the "big brother of the spaceship" dressed in strange golden armor makes his debut!

Seeing the frequent appearance of the spacecraft,

Goliugan Shupu felt bad!

"Lord Poros, run!"

"There is only one aggressor, but the warriors who went to meet the battle were killed in seconds!"

"I can't run!"

Poros's tone has never been firmer!

"If even I run away, then who will guard the Dark Matter Pirates?!"

After that,

he turned around and went back to the main seat to face the bald big devil!

Shortly after he left,

the cockpit left the corpse of a blue alien octopus.

The bald big demon has

broken through the spaceship defense line!

"Here it comes!"

I saw that the bald demon king rudely smashed the gate of the spaceship,

what a violence!

Porus, who was sitting alone on the throne, was

not timid even in the face of the bald devil!

He can feel it!

What a terrifying power this bald head contains, but

behind him is the dark matter pirate group!

He can't back down!

"Is he the Bald Demon King?"

"I can feel his unfathomable power!"

The bald demon king looked at the lonely Poros and

asked imposingly,

"Are you the representative of this planet?"

But Poros didn't talk nonsense with the bald devil!

"Before you go to war, report your name!"

Poros slowly stood up from his throne

, looked down at Saitama, and said in a deep voice:

"I am the leader of the Dark Bandits and the guardian of the entire universe,


As soon as he heard his introduction,

the bald demon king was also a little more serious:

"I'm interested..." No, I'm a professional hero, the bald devil! "

Bald Lord!"

In Poros's opinion,

this bald demon king is

undoubtedly an extremely powerful opponent!

"Okay, I don't know what the guardians of the universe are doing in front of me?"

The bald demon looked at Poros, his

tone was so strong!


Poros stepped down, as if recalling the past:

"I fought in space, but my strength was too strong and strong!"

"In the end, no one even dared to challenge me!"

"I feel incomparably miserable because of boredom, so I choose to become the guardian of the universe!"

"And at this time, some soothsayer told me that on a distant planet, an unprecedented demon king appeared!"

"This was twenty years ago!"

Poros said

as he silently approached Saitama.

"It took a lot of time to come here!"

"Although my subordinates all think that the so-called prophecy is nothing more than a lie made by the wicked people in order to prop me up!"

"But now I'm sure!"

Poros strolled over to Saitama and

looked at Saitama in front of him.

"I know, that's all true!"

"So, come and give my life, some excitement!"

Poros stared at Saitama deadly

, bloodshot in his one-eyed eyes, and his

face was hideous,

obviously in high mood.

"That's what I'm for!"

And the people watching the video at this moment

were shocked by Poros's words!

"Guardian of the universe! Such a high honor!

"Guardian of the universe... What a powerful figure this is! Don't come and send you to death! Poros!

"But your opponent is the bald devil!

Countless people sweated coldly,

and their scalps were numb and

looked at Poros.

They developed a very pity affection for Poros!


Everyone saw Saitama punch.

The terrifying explosive power instantly produced a sonic boom,

and Poros's figure flew upside down and

smashed the wall!

"Are you stupid! Life is too boring to dare to block the path of my bald devil?!

"Even an idiot wouldn't have that idea!"


Night God Moon:

"Come on! Big brother who drives a spaceship! Now I can fully understand you!

"Go! Defeat the Bald Devil! Protect everything you want!


"What an admirable guy, completely different from Jojo!"

"Nope! It should be said that Jojo and you are not at the level they should be!

"Although I am a little embarrassed to say these words, come on!"

"Guardian of the universe, Poros!"

Pei Laohei:

"Is it the same as me?" All guys with the title of the universe!

"Come on! Let this bald devil see how powerful we are! Blue


"Oh, it's really hot."

"Boros who drives the spaceship, if you fight to the death with the bald devil, this will be your fate!"

"Then I wish you victory!"


"We are souls from the dark abyss, and our hearts yearn for infinite darkness, and there is no love in the darkness."

"Poros, leader of the Dark Matter Pirates, go!"

"You have the expectations of everyone behind you!"

The evil god Gatangehe:

"Bet on the glory of the monster!" I'm with you!



"Thief hahaha! Move! "


"Ferferfer! Touched and moved! "



, in the hearts of others,

they are still shouting:

"Run! Big brother who drives a spaceship! "

As for the other anime characters.


"Laxative, man on the moon, spaceship just now!"

"Actually, we are looking at pirated copies, this is the genuine one?!"

Lu Mingfei:


this is the reverse ending that the creator of One-Punch Man did when he didn't want to continue and wanted to finish!"

"It's just that because it's too hot, it didn't succeed!"

Corpse Brother - Bai Xiaofei:


"The anime originally wanted to respect the author's original ending, but I didn't expect One-Punch Man to catch fire in the world!"

"So it can only be cut, I can see it on the author's side today, I am very happy!"


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