On that day, humanity finally recalled the fear that had been dominated by them.

Poros, who crawled out of hell, after three months of training, he has mastered stronger power!

Gold - Poros! Debut!

And at this moment, the man standing in front of him is the strongest hero in the world: King!

"Is this the collision between the strongest and the strongest?!"

Looking at this battle that may destroy the entire earth, people unconsciously swallowed their saliva!

It's impossible!

It is impossible to escape!

It's the same everywhere they fled, and now their hopes can only be pinned on the strongest hero, King!

As for the previous strongest Saitama.


Are you talking about the bald man who will seriously fart, and seriously beat and can only equal the hungry wolf?

The only person who can save the earth is Lord King, who has never seen a shot!


In the center of the battlefield, Poros moved his body a little at this moment.

"Are you King?"

Worthy of King!

In the face of an opponent of this level, his face is still the same!

Even calmly and calmly started the imperial engine!

I saw King who turned on the "battle mode" said coldly:

"Well, that's me."

It's a king!

did not look at the cosmic point overlord Poros in the slightest!

And at this moment, Poros silently looked at King in his heart.

Since he returned to the world, few beings have been able to stand in front of him so calmly!

At this moment, Poros thought in his heart:

This guy is full of flaws.

No! Wrong!

This guy has no flaws!

This guy keeps luring me with small movements!

If it weren't for my many years of combat experience, I would have fallen into an irreparable disadvantage if I made a rash move!

The strongest enemy in prophecy turned out to be one more!

That being the case, the armor that constrains my power will only become an obstacle!

Then, I saw Poros smash the armor with all his body!

"Come on, King, I respond with a feint too!"

His fighting spirit is getting more and more exciting!

Although Saitama was not there, he knew that the man in front of him was as unfathomable as Saitama!

[An hour later]

The melon-eating crowd praised:

"King hasn't started yet, it's really patient!"

And Polos, who had been waiting for an hour, also laughed:

"It's really worthy of fate,

it's actually so calm!"

"I must not take it lightly, I must liberate all my forces!"

But the gap in "strength" cannot be bridged in a short time!

Even Poros who can crush a dragon-level weirdo with just momentum.

King just showed a wry smile at the corner of his mouth!

Seeing this, people chattered and discussed:

"Does King still think that this weirdo is not strong enough? It's terrifying! Poros

, who noticed this scene, was shocked!

He's laughing!

Does this guy think that I can easily deal with the liberation of the power at this moment?!

Interesting, this is worthy of being a fateful opponent, otherwise it is not interesting!

"Meteor Explosion!"

"Knock knock!"

The sound of the imperial engine came!

This deafening sound!

Could it be that King is going to make a move?!

Poros beamed!

But at the same time, I began to wonder.

What is this? Open almost at the same time as his meteor explosion?!

Could it be that even his form has a way to deal with it?!

"Then, the two strongest opponents in my life!"

"I have the highest respect for you! I will use my most powerful attack, the Crashing Star Roaring Cannon, without reservation! "

Now King has finally spoken!

"Crashing Star Roaring Cannon? What happens if you get hit by that thing?

Poros stopped and explained to the strong man:

"I don't know what will happen to you, but it is powerful enough to destroy this planet!"

But King suddenly interrupted him:

"Slow down! Haven't you noticed yet?

"Haven't noticed anything yet?"

"Look at your feet."


Poros was flabbergasted!

When was it!

He glanced at his feet and asked,

"What's at your feet?"

"There are a lot of pebbles where you are standing, because you will fall, so remind you."

I didn't expect King to even notice this kind of detail!

Poros thought to himself:

Remind me not to step on stones?

No, at this final moment, it certainly can't be such an insignificant thing!

This is a warning!

Have you already seen through the Crashing Star Roaring Cannon?

With such a close distance, you who stand in this position will definitely not be able to escape!

What you are doing now is tantamount to suicide!

He was so warned!

It turns out that my blow from the broken cauldron has long been seen through by him, it turns out that this man has extended his keen tentacles to every part of the battlefield?!

Whether it's my pop burst form, my Crashing Star Roaring Cannon, or my mothership, my three warriors, and my dark matter bandits, it doesn't mean anything in the face of absolute power!!

On this planet, there are actually two strong people at the same time!


Sighing, Poros lifted the fighting state.

"I lost!"

"I used all my strength, and you didn't get serious at all. Sure enough, the prophecy is not reliable, you are too strong! "


Looking at the ruined world, he noticed a seemingly powerful human being.

"Interesting, this planet also has life that seems to be strong!"

With that, he flew towards the king.

It's just that the result is actually unsatisfactory.

That seemingly powerful person was actually crushed into a blood mist by him in an instant!

"Sure enough, the prophecy or something is still unreliable!"

"Then kill the planet by the way..." ps


This book was reported and blocked, and it will not be updated in the future, goodbye. Who says I can't stick to what I do? I've been for decades and haven't wavered in the slightest! (funny).

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