Zhou Tian opened his eyes and stretched out.

"Sleep so comfortably, it seems that it is another day full of vitality, first go to touch the fish to work, and when I come back from work, I can engage in my elf live broadcast, and I earned more than 4,000 last month, ha, more than my social animal work."

Zhou Tian is an ordinary social youth, in front of the social animal in the bank during the day, listening to the leader's words, receiving the white eyes of customers, but still to smile at each other, and every day after work in front of the computer, he is one of the hottest elf anchors gossip, this gossip is not entertainment gossip, but Sunday Tian chose a more meaningful ancient Taoist term according to his name.

It's a pity that his fans still affectionately call him "paparazzi", although he explains it many times in live broadcasts and short videos.

Go into the bathroom, get ready to wash, and go to work.

“。。。。。 , Wow, who is this little handsome guy in the mirror?!


How did I grow up like this?! "

Zhou Tian didn't know what happened, his appearance in the mirror became a young handsome guy like a junior high school student, but he was obviously a person who ran three quickly!

With a confused look, he poked his head out of the bathroom window and looked outside, originally wanting to look at the sky and think about life.

But seeing everything outside, he became a bad person.

“。。。。。。 What is this on the road!!

Why did you see Nidolino following passers-by?!

What about the Lada in the grass, the Muker and the beanie pigeon in the sky!! Zhou

Tian watched the appearance of various elves on the street that were originally only available in the Pokemon world, and his brain was a mess.

At this time, a severe headache instantly broke Zhou Tian's spirit, and he fainted straight in his bathroom.

Half an hour later, Zhou Tian opened his eyes.

At this time, he couldn't suppress the foolish smile on his face, because he already knew what had happened to him.

He, crossed! In my sleep, I suddenly came to this world, a world with Pokemon.

The rest of the world is similar to the previous Earth, but the population is not so large, and the entire world has a population of about 1 billion.

It's just that 300 years ago, after a total solar eclipse, various spatial cracks appeared around the world, and various new creatures appeared, some of which could breathe fire, and some of which could use superpower-like abilities.

Breaking the original perception of the world, the world urgently responded to the arrival of these new creatures with modern weapons. But it turned out that these new creatures were not destructive, and even most of them were relatively gentle and willing to live in peace with humans.

After one or two hundred years of fusion, exploration, and research, this new type of creature is collectively called "elves", and according to its main form and core ability, it is divided into 18 attributes, namely "general, flight, fire, water, superpower, worm, electricity, rock, grass, ghost, ice, dragon, fighting, evil, poison, steel, ground, goblin".

Zhou Tian fused two memories in a coma, and he couldn't stop laughing stupidly at the thought that he could try things that he had only dared to YY in his mind in the world of Pokemon.

In 300 years, more than 700 kinds of elves have been discovered in this world, and the elves have slowly come out of the spatial cracks and merged with the original ecosystem of the world, and now they have become part of the world, living in various wilderness, jungles, oceans, and skies of the world.

Of course, some powerful elves, voluntarily or forced, still live in the secret realm behind the spatial crack, because the secret realm also has enough space and natural systems to maintain their survival without affecting the human world.

Spatial rifts are still opening from time to time, and there is no guarantee that more new "elves" will appear, and humans are slowly beginning to work with elves to deal with various situations that may arise.

150 years ago, the human joint research organization called "Daybreak" developed the elf bag, the technology comes from the study of space cracks, can form a small space, and in the next 50 years, it was reformed into a poké ball, smaller in size, more convenient to carry, and derived various types of balls to provide different types of elves.

At the same time, trainers emerged, and humans and elves became partners, becoming an important core force in the human world to deal with various events, which became the main trend.

"Daybreak" eventually became the World Human Elf Federation, the world's largest official body, composed of governments.

Zhou Tian combed through the memories of the world in his lower brain.

Zhou Tian also knows his identity in this world, still called Zhou Tian, is a high school student who is about to go to high school in the Dragon Kingdom, and is also about to become an elf trainer.

The World Human Elf Alliance stipulates that the minimum age for training personnel around the world is 16 years old, because at this age there is already a relatively mature thinking, will not abuse the power of the elves, do some things that threaten social stability, and after the previous 10 years of comprehensive education, you can also have a basic understanding of the elves.

Zhou Tian also knew about the situation of his parents in this world.

Dad Zhou Zhiqian, deputy chief of the police station in Hangdu, Wu Province, Longguo, is a king-level trainer, mainly responsible for the special combat team and responding to various urban emergencies.

Mother Yu Siyi, a senior cultivator of the Dragon Kingdom (100 years of development, in addition to trainers, but also derived various elven derivative professions such as cultivators and nutritionists), has opened a large cultivation house in Hangdu.

"Wow, parents are powerful, don't worry about food and clothing."

Although in this world, every young person can receive elves, training still needs resources, and without resources, it is impossible to go on the road of trainer.

"Jingle bell~~~Jingle bell~~~"

The mobile phone rang, interrupting Zhou Tian's train of thought.

The words "Mom" popped up on the screen, and Zhou Tian picked up the phone

, "Hey, Mom, what's wrong?" "

Also ask me what's wrong, have you forgotten, it's 5 days past your birthday, and you are about to start school in half a month, and you have to go to get the initial elves these days."

Didn't I tell you yesterday, today I am free, I will accompany you to choose, why did you forget?

"Oh, remember, I'm already up, wash up immediately

" "You hurry up, I've already returned from the cultivation house

" "Okay, good~"

Zhou Tian hurriedly hung up the phone, rushed back to the bathroom, and prepared to take care of himself.

Since you are going to choose your initial elf today, you must make your image better, after all, it is to give the final partner an initial impression.

While waiting for his mother to return, Zhou Tian thought about his future path.

As a once professional elf anchor, the elf knowledge system in my brain is more mature than this world in some aspects, and I must mix up in this elf world.

"Didi ~ Didi ~ "

The horn of the car sounded, and Zhou Tian jumped up neatly, opened the door and ran out.

"Elven world, your king is here!!"

(The thoughts of the second middle school kept running through Zhou Tian's mind.)

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