Bishas looked at the few options above.

Without too much hesitation, he quickly gave his own answer:

"Option C!"

As for the last option, exclude it first!

How could a rookie trainer who had just embarked on a journey have such terrifying strength?

You know, as the highest cadre of the rocket team, he has barely reached the level of the heavenly king!

Of course, it belongs to the relatively weak Heavenly King level.

Even if it is the level of the Heavenly King, there is a difference between strong and weak!

But such strength, that is the result of his hard work for many years!

A ten-year-old child, a rookie trainer who has just embarked on a journey, is absolutely impossible!


Asaka Town.

Serena's mother rushed to Serena's side.

And I also saw this prop.

A flash of amazement flashed in his eyes:

"This prop is really amazing, if it is for a Pokémon performer, it will be a huge help!"

"It's just that for the iron-armored rhinoceros competition, it doesn't work..."

At the end, there are some regrets.

How nice it would be if it were a prop that could help the ironclad rhinoceros race....

But even if you are not a Pokémon performer, you know the power of this prop deeply!

If it appears on the market, I am afraid it will cause countless Pokémon performers to compete wildly!

Serena's mother looked up at the sky, and a sigh also flashed in her eyes:

"It's actually Ash's kid..."

"The last option is a bit interesting, if the answer is that option, I don't know how far the child will grow up in the future!"

In the end, he only shook his head slightly.

I denied myself this idea.

It's not that she doesn't believe in Ash, but her idea is too fanciful!

At this moment, Serena said word by word:

"Ash, he will!"

"He said that if he wants to become the world's number one Pokémon master, he will definitely do it!!"

Serena's tone was more firm than ever.

Mother couldn't help but glance sideways slightly and glanced at her daughter.

But he didn't say much.

Something seems to have been perceived.


Hualan City, Hualan Taoist Hall.

The three sisters surrounded Xiaoxia, looking at the magical props, chattering non-stop.

"Wow, this World God List is really amazing, and props actually appeared out of thin air..."

"Yes, speaking of which, this gemstone is still quite brilliant!"

"I didn't expect it to really be the boy named Ash..."

But with another video playback, a Q&A session appears.

The three sisters all saw Xiaoxia in the video!

I couldn't help but be a little shaken for a while:

"Xiaoxia, in the future, that boy named Xiaozhi is actually your partner?"

"Oh my God, Xiaoxia actually left the Taoist Hall?"

"Shhh, Xiaoxia actually ran away with the man!"

Xiaoxia looked at the video, and actually appeared herself, and she was also shocked.

In fact, she has long had the idea in her heart that she wants to travel and improve her strength!

Looking at himself in the video, he chose Ash as his companion.

Didn't I become very curious in my heart for a while, what kind of person is Ash?

Looking at Xiaoxia's pensive look.

Peony even laughed and quipped:

"Yo yo, I started thinking about him before I went out, and I forgot my sister when I had a man!"

Calamus also said with a smile

"After all, that is the man personally chosen by Xiaoxia, in fact, he looks good!"

Sakura had a smile in her eyes:

"To be honest, that boy called Xiaozhi is not bad, a little Shota, and Xiaoxia are also very suitable!"

The jokes of several sisters instantly made Xiaoxia's face blush.

Shouted in annoyance


As he spoke, he splashed the pool water.

Immediately provoked a burst of exclamations!

In the Hualan Taoist Hall, there were continuous laughter and jokes.


True New Town.

Ron looked at Ash not far away.

It looks like a rookie trainer who has just stepped on the journey!


Not only is it proven to be a divine beast related household.

It has been recognized by Dr. Ohki!

Ron felt that the boy might not be as simple as he thought.

It's just that the last option is still a little difficult for him to accept!

In the next moment, the video starts playing!

[In the clearing, Ash and the young elite trainer opposite each other].

[Looking at the powerful Pokémon on the opposite side, Ash revealed a raging battle intent].

[The two Pokémon collide together, Pikachu easily dodges the opponent's attack, and uses one move to easily end the battle! ] 】

[Ash from True New Town wins! ] 】

[The answer is D! ] 】

[Easily beat elite trainers! ] 】

[Rewards are being devolved...].

The video is short, but also clearly shows the details of the battle!

Every time the opponent attacks, Pikachu is an easy dodge.

It can be seen that it is effortless, not even serious!

Finally, it is an easy move to kill the opponent!

You can see the gap in strength between them!

With the broadcast of the video, the real world suddenly set off a terrifying wave!


True New Town.

After seeing the broadcast of the picture, Ash actually became so strong in the future, and he couldn't help but be stunned for a while.

Subconsciously looked at Pikachu beside him.

There was a little shock, but it quickly returned to normal, with a smile on his lips.

Stretch out your fist towards Pikachu:


"I'll have to trouble you a lot in the future!"

Pikachu looked at Ash's outstretched fist.

Stunned for a long time, finally also stretched out his fists and collided together!

Ash suddenly laughed.

Ash picked up Pikachu, looked into his eyes, and said seriously

"Pikachu, are you willing to accompany me to become the world's number one Pokémon master?"

This is Ash.

In the face of Pokémon, he has never been a master, but as a friend!

Pikachu looked at Ash in front of him.

From his mouth, there is always an inexplicable magic.

There is a convincing and reassuring power!

Pikachu was stunned, and finally focused his head!

At this moment, Xiao Mao, who was not far away, saw this scene behind.

But he was also happy for Ash from the bottom of his heart.

Not only is it a powerful performance in the video, but also the way Ash loves Pokémon!

Although it seems humble sometimes, it is always so enthusiastic and sincere....

This is Ash!

But Xiao Mao still didn't spare people, just pouted:

"Ash, if you get carried away with such a little achievement, you can't become a Pokémon Master!!"

Xiao Zhi turned his head to look at Xiao Mao not far away, his fighting spirit was raging, and his eyes were extremely bright:

"That is, I will definitely not give up becoming a Pokémon master!"

"Xiao Mao, my strongest opponent!"

Xiao Mao after hearing Ash's words.

Seeing his firm appearance, his heart was extremely touched, and he only nodded slightly on the surface.

But in his heart, he muttered:

"The strongest opponent..."

At this moment, the light mass bloomed with dazzling light.

Wait until the light disappears, and a prop lies quietly on Xiao Mao's hand!

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