Duo Minuo: My God, Ash really surprised me, I didn't expect to make such a move, it's really admirable....

Dr. Fuji: It's really a Sherabi, and it's really Ohgi!! Did he really travel through time and space?

Flindo: Although I don't do it, I do admire that child, at the age of ten, to this extent, it is already very remarkable!

Bishas: That Ash is an idiot, I didn't expect you to be an idiot too?


Bishas: Obviously just capture it directly, then the Pokémon will be more obedient, and you have to use this method to hurt yourself?

Bishas: Feelings, always the weak are using, I don't need feelings, I just need strength!!

Flindo: Where did the funny come from, I admire that child, what did you say?

Dr. Nanbo: @比夏斯, I disagree, after all, feelings can sometimes create bonds, and in certain moments, they can also make Pokémon stronger!

Bishas: I admit that this happens, but I don't believe it will happen to that Ash!!

Dominor: Wouldn't it happen to him? I think it might happen to him....

Bishas: Hmph, wait and see!


True New Town.

Ron is watching Ash's behavior in this video.

His eyes were full of shock.

How could he never have imagined that a ten-year-old rookie trainer who had just embarked on a journey would have such a love for Pokémon?

After a long silence, he muttered and sighed

"No wonder, you gave that Pokémon to that kid!"

"He... It's really different! "

"Now I'm becoming a little curious about how far that Pikachu can grow in his hands!"

Dr. Ohki looks at the video playing.

A flash of nostalgia flashed in his eyes.

Everything that happened at the beginning is still vividly remembered at this moment.

Now that I see it again, I am naturally a little embarrassed.

Dr. Ohki smiled and said softly

"Maybe in this world, there are many talented people, strong sense of battle, perverted reaction speed, amazing strategizing..."

"But, with his love for Pokémon, he will never lose to anyone!!"

"This is exactly Ash... What's the most different thing about others!! "

The words fell, and Ron nodded.

Looking at Ash, who was a little dumbfounded not far away.

His heart was indeed extremely curious at the moment, and he was really curious.

Would love to see it too.

Ash and Pikachu, how far can they go?

I don't know, will the world god list in the back play Ash again?

The original he would not have believed.

But at this moment, he is looking forward to it!

Not far away, Ash still watched blankly.

Especially after seeing Sherabi being injured by humans, he looked panicked.

My heart is full of distress.

Clenched fists:

"It's all because of those Pokémon hunters..."

Pikachu, who was on his shoulder, also felt Ash's anger.

A little dumbfounded looked at him, and whispered: "Pickup pickup..."

Xiao Mao beside him watched quietly.

My heart is indeed very emotional.

Perhaps it is precisely because of such a little ash that he can be on the World God List!

Perhaps it is precisely because of this that he really opens the gap with others....

I have to work hard too.

You can't be too far behind!

Hanako looked up at Ash's actions in the picture.

But my heart is full of distress.

But at the same time, there is a touch of relief.

Ash has grown!

In the past, he was so-so, and even he couldn't take care of himself.

Watch Ash desperately trying to appease Sherabi.

Watch him become someone others can rely on.

I was a little relieved that Ash had grown up!

At this moment, the video starts playing again.


[Ash and the others hold the weak Sherabi and prepare to go to the Pokémon Center to help him recover his body! ] 】

[While running on the road, a large amount of smoke appeared, and the three members of Team Rocket Musashi appeared! ] 】

[Before the three of them could attack, they fell from the tree].

[Ash and the others ignored it and continued to head towards the Pokémon Center not far away! ] 】

[At this moment, the ground began to shake violently, and the rocket cadre Bishas controlled the mecha to appear! ] 】


Rocket Team Headquarters.

Musashi Kojiro received an order from Boss Sakaki.

Something to find them!

For a while, my heart couldn't help but become apprehensive.

Now that Boss Sakaki is looking for them, is he ready to take back this prop?

Musashi's eyes couldn't help but appear a little worried.

But in the end, he comforted the meow around him;

"It's okay, didn't Boss Sakaki say that he won't take away the props, maybe he sent someone to take us to level up!"

Kojiro also noticed the decadent meow and quickly added:

"Yes, meow."

"Don't be too decadent, Boss Sakaki must think that our strength is too weak, so come and take us to level up!"

Meow, who was originally a little frustrated, after hearing the words of the two.

I glanced up at them, and my heart surged with warmth.

Finally, the important point:

"Meow, I know!"

Just as several people were about to leave.

The World God List in the air suddenly played.

And, three people appeared in it!

Even their lines are clearly visible!

'Since you asked sincerely'

'Then I will tell you mercifully.'

'To prevent the world from being destroyed'

'To protect the peace of the world'

'Through love and true evil'

'Cute and charming villain'

'Legend of the Rocket Team duo in the galaxy'

'White hole, white tomorrow awaits us'

The way to play is handsome.

But soon, it fell from the branch.

Even Xuecheng was a little worried, but Ash ignored it.

Just took a look and ran off into the distance!

Chunchun didn't want to deal with them.

With this scene broadcast, Yamado Kozaburo, who was originally very jealous.

At this moment, he began to laugh without hesitation!

"Hahahaha, look at the way you look, it's just losing the face of Team Rocket!"

"That is, Boss Sakaki called you over this time, and he must have come to punish you fiercely!"

Yamado Kozaburo seemed very happy.

Musashi Kojiro looked at each other.

I also have some drumming inside.

Throw the faces of Team Rocket and be sure that Boss Sakaki will not punish them?


It's really the same as Yamado Kozaburo said.

Boss Sakaki will definitely punish them severely this time!

Thinking of this, the eyes of the two were full of worry.

How sad would it be if the props were taken back?

At this moment, Meow Meow's originally somewhat relieved mood became dull again.

I finally had some hope of getting stronger, but now I want to lose it...?

In the end, the three of them carried heavy hearts towards Sakaki's location.

Rocket Team Cadre Conference Room.

Bishas: Those three guys are simply throwing the Rockets, how can we have such guys on the Rockets? Team Rocket is simply hopeless!

Bishas: As a qualified villain, if you want to get a divine beast, just do it like me, and still say so much here?

Bishas: I said it before, it's just two wastes!!

Dominor: ... But you seem to have just said above that they are the hope of Team Rocket?

Flindo: It's shameless, Bishas, you change your face so quickly!

Dr. Nanbo: This..., how do I seem to remember that you didn't say that just now?

Dr. Fuji: ...

Bishas: Don't worry about these insignificant things, you guys are optimistic, I will be the first person on Team Rocket to capture the mythical beast!

Flindo: Sit back and watch the jokes!

Domino: This inventory is the friendship between them, I think, the possibility of capturing is not great!

At this time.

Rocket Team Headquarters.

Hidden chambers.

Sakaki looked at the Sherabi who appeared above.

Clutching the armchair, he forcibly restrained his excitement.


It's really a Sherabi!

Have the power to travel through time and space!

And, it seems, it is!

Do you have the power to travel through time and space....

Looking at the picture played above, Sakaki barely calmed his heart.

The behavior of the three Musashi did not attract his attention.

The main thing is Nabishas!

He's ambitious....

Moreover, I always wanted to get out of my control!

Originally, Sakaki would not have cared so much.

As long as there is a use value.

But now, I have to start planning in advance!

Sakaki's eyes flickered, all this was the time when Ash arrived at that place....

Sherabi will appear!

As for going to Guono Village now, it is not the slightest use.

It seems that someone has to be sent to get close to Ash.

His eyes began to flicker again, and he thought for a moment.

That Rockets trio... It's a good choice!

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