Rocket Team Headquarters.

Musashi Kojiro saw the video broadcast again.

My heart was numb all of a sudden!

The set they usually use to tout leadership was actually exposed?

Musashi Kojiro looked at each other.

I just feel extremely dead!

You know, this is broadcast all over the world.

That means everyone saw it!

Including Boss Sakaki.

With the heart of being scolded and then taking away the reward, he finally stepped into the secret room of Boss Sakaki!

Sakaki is still sitting high on his throne.

Just quietly looked at the three people who came in.

After seeing Sakaki, Musashi Kojiro Meow quickly greeted: "Boss Sakaki!! "

Sakaki just glanced at them.

His eyes were extremely calm, and he looked at it quietly.

In the quiet environment, the nerves of the three were very tense, and their hearts were extremely nervous.

Moreover, quite a few Pokémon stood in the hall.

They all watched Musashi silently.

It also gave the three of them a huge pressure.

Time passes minute by minute.

After a long time, Sakaki spoke lightly:

"Which Pokémon to choose?"

When the words fell, Musashi Kojiro suddenly panicked:

"I really didn't mean to let that Sherabi go!!"

"Boss Sakaki, forgive us!!"

But after carefully recalling Sakaki's words.

Suddenly he looked a little confused.

Kojiro's face was full of cuteness: "Huh? "

Musashi was also confused, with a big confusion written on his face.

Even Meow Meow is full of incredulity.

Sakaki looked at the trio not far away, and for a while, he also felt a little speechless in his heart.

Although it doesn't look reliable.

But every time the task given to them, it can be completed.

Sakaki is a person who looks at the results, not the process.

As long as you can complete the tasks you have handed over, that's good!

Sakaki spoke lightly again:

"I said, which Pokémon to choose to take you to level up?"

The voice fell.

Musashi Kojiro looked at each other.

See the confusion in each other's eyes.

For a while, I was a little confused, what does Boss Sakaki mean?

But soon, I noticed many Pokémon not far away.

Can't help but gasp and choose a Pokémon to take them to level up?

Breathing suddenly became rapid!

You know, Boss Sakaki's strength is very strong.

Those Pokémon in hand, although they look very ordinary, their strength is very strong!

King Nido, whose "Flame Fist" can shatter Konah's solid frozen column!

After Nido, following Sakaki's large and small battles, Pokémon who appeared more frequently, the strength should not be underestimated!

Rumble Rock, with powerful defenses, and suicide attacks, can unleash a big explosion!

Bosco Dora, heavy armor, sharp giant horns, terrifying speed, can shatter all defenses, even divine beasts, must temporarily avoid its edge!


And so on Pokémon like that.

Musashi Kojiro glanced at each other and couldn't help but be a little stunned.

Almost all Pokémon are here!

Boss Sakaki not only didn't blame them, but also gave them the opportunity to choose powerful Pokémon and take them to level up!

For a while, both of them were a little tearful.

Meow Meow not far away was even more excited.

Finally... Finally able to upgrade and become stronger!

By now, upgrading to become stronger has become its obsession!

He has always wanted to defeat the cat boss, and until now, it is not necessary to follow Sakaki...

But defeating that cat boss has become his obsession!

While several people were excitedly selecting Pokémon, the video started playing again!


[Bishas and others rushed to find the dark Pokémon tied by two and continued to pursue in the direction! ] 】

[Several people get lost in the forest, and Sherabi's condition is getting worse and worse].

[At this time, the sky fogged up again, and there was a slight abnormality].

[Soon, the Pokémon appeared, seemingly pointing in a certain direction! ] 】

[Ash finally decided to go in the direction of those Pokémon].

[With the alternation of Pokémon leading the way, several people came to the mouth of a lake].

[As if sensing the lake, Sherabi finally woke up and longed for the moisture of the lake].

[After entering the lake, Sherabi began to rejuvenate and quickly regain his strength

[The lake blooms with light, and the snow rabbi is fully restored! ] 】


The real world.

"God, it's really amazing, so many Pokémon to lead the way, there is no sound along the way, they all lead the way quietly..."

"These Pokémon are so spiritual!"

"Yes, and it's really amazing, Sherabi, who was still sick just now, began to recover instantly after touching the lake!"

"The whole lake is lit up!!"

"Is this the power of the legendary Pokémon? It's amazing! "


[Sherabi rejuvenates and becomes good friends with Ash and his group! ] 】

[Swim at the bottom of the lake and see many Pokémon, King Carp, Tyrannosaurus, etc.] 】

[Use your own Nian power, take Ash and the two to fly on the lake, and soar with a large number of bibi birds! ] 】

[Under the leadership of Sherabi, he came to a tree full of red fruits, and the fruit on it was also Sherabi's favorite fruit! ] 】

[By the campfire, Ash woke up and found that Xuecheng was quietly drawing, and on it were Pikachu and Sherabi! ] 】

[On that night, Ash and Yukusei chatted all night and shared their thoughts].

[Similarly, it also solved the confusion and doubts in Xuecheng's heart and strengthened his thoughts! ] 】

[When it was about dawn, I saw countless iron-armored chrysalis butterflies, the sunrise was beautiful, and countless butterflies danced].

[The two sat side by side on the branches, watching the sun just rise, and countless butterflies that had just burst out, flying towards the sky! ] 】

[At this moment, Yukinari has also determined his goal, becoming a Pokémon trainer, and becoming good friends with Ash! ] 】


The real world.

With the broadcast of this scene, people also had some emotion.

"Is this the psychological journey that Dr. Ohki once embarked on the path of Pokémon? It gives me goosebumps! "

"Even if they are such arrogant figures, they have been confused in their hearts, but they still firmly walk on this road!"

"Sherabi actually likes to eat that little red fruit, I also had a Pokémon when I was a child, he also liked to eat this red fruit, but then he passed away, there are always some regrets..."

"Don't be sad, regret is the norm in life, isn't it... At least you guys had a good time!! "

"The friendship between Yukinari and Ash? It's really numb! "

"Seriously, after seeing Ash's various actions, that purity, as well as the love for Pokémon, deeply infected me!"

"From today onwards, I will also aspire to become a great trainer!!"

"If you want to become the world's No. 1 Pokémon master, no matter how many times you hear it, you will always feel a little shocked!!"

"Ash is really too charismatic..."

"That's right, that's it!"

League of Elves.

Mother-in-law Kikuko was behind seeing this scene.

For a while, the light in his eyes couldn't help but flicker slightly.

The young Xuecheng who was still young by the campfire, full of immaturity and confusion, was also something she had never seen before!

At least in her impressions.

Xuecheng will always be so magnificent.

Always so indifferent!

Terrifying strength, peace of mind, and love for Pokémon!

Influenced generations of people....

But I didn't expect that all this came from Ash.

For a while, my heart was mixed, but I didn't know how to express it.

After seeing this scene, Dan Di opened his mouth.

The heart is also very complicated, but in the end it becomes extremely exciting.

The body began to tremble constantly, and the breathing became heavy.

Want to become the world's number one Pokémon master!

What an amazing idea.

He doesn't want to be a so-called champion, but a Pokémon master!

If these words were said from the rest of the population, the Dan Emperor would disagree.

But it came out of Ash's mouth.

There will always be an inexplicable convincing!


I'm really looking forward to meeting him more and more!

That kind of pure love for watches and dreams, even the Dan Emperor, is admired in the eyes of the heart!

At least... You can't be as pure as he is.

Yulongdu's eyes were also full of shock, and he muttered:

"That boy..."

"Maybe you can really become a Pokémon master!"

Daigo just shook his head slightly, and his face was also full of shock:

"I don't know..."

"But the only thing that is certain is that he will surpass me to a very terrifying point!!"

All the trainers present were watching the scene.

I feel something in my heart.

Even, the state of mind has achieved quite a breakthrough.

Like that pure love for Pokémon.

Worth learning from all!

Even if it's a strong person like them....

True New Town.

Ron was seeing the picture playing below.

At the moment, he looked a little sluggish and muttered

"So it is..."

"So it's because of this!!"

At this moment, he seemed a little soulless.

But it became extremely fanatical!

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