Just when people around are talking about it.

Dr. Ohki looked at the contents of the World God List.

At this moment, he is also lost in thought.

Could it be Ash?

Then he shook his head slightly.

It is also unlikely, after all, this world god list will intercept fragments from the past, future and present!

In this long river of time.

And how many amazing people are there?

Although Ash is very good, it will not necessarily be him.

Dr. Ohki thought so.

At this moment, Ron, who had not spoken for a long time, looked up at the sky at this moment.

Look at the World God List in the air.

But there was also a little

embarrassment in his tone:

"Divine beast...!"

"If you can intercept the fragment of the gene, the research value is also very high!"

After sighing.

Ron looked at Dr. Ohki in front of him with burning eyes, and finally called out in a deep voice:


Dr. Ohki was a little curious and looked up at Ron.

At this time, Ron finally spoke:

"If the person you chose is fine to be on this world god list, I won't say anything, but how can he go?"

"It's just an ordinary child, such a Pokémon should not fall into his hands!"

"It's a complete waste of Pikachu's value!"

At the end, the topic returned to Pikachu.

Dr. Ohki frowned slightly, looked at Ron in front of him, and finally spoke gently:

"That Pokémon itself is his...!"

Dr. Ohki did not continue after saying this sentence.

Ron was also a little puzzled, he was his?

Wasn't this something the two of them had previously spotted in the wild?

For a while, I was just a little confused.

But looking at Dr. Ohki's eyes that were so determined, he only sighed slightly:

"Look, if he appears once in the many inventories on this god list, then I won't say more..."

When Dr. Ohki heard this, he did not respond much.

Just quietly look at the God List.

Ash... Will it appear?


Inside the gloomy laboratory.

Sakaki looked up at the picture in the video.

World God List....

And then it's still the Divine Beast Relationship!

For a while, I couldn't help but be surprised.

Could it be that his plan has been revealed?

Artificial mythical beast!

Then shook his head slightly, and quickly calmed his emotions.

The same is true of his thoughts.

In this long river of time, how many people are amazing, even afraid.

Even the creation god Arceus may be known.

Otherwise, how could it be possible to leave a legend?

In that case, he should not be on the list, and it will not affect his plans.


Thinking of this, Sakaki began to become a little curious again.

What kind of person will it be, to be called a divine beast relative!

Even the divine beast wants to give him face!

For a time, sitting on the throne, gently tapping on the seat.

A hint of gloom flashed in his eyes, and a hint of thought flashed.

The emergence of this list of world gods.

Myself... Is there anything to be planned from this?


Elven League, headquarters.

After seeing the above content, Yulongdu's eyes widened for a while, full of incredulity: "What? "

"Divine Beast Relationship!"

"There is actually such an outrageous inventory?"

Daigo looked at the startled look of Imperial Dragon Du, and for a while he couldn't help but be full of black lines, and helplessly spoke:


"Don't be so surprised by something..."

Yulongdu laughed and said, "But then again. "

"Who do you think will be the person on the World God List this time?"

For a time, everyone present, you look at me, I look at you.

But there was no negotiation!

After all, in this long river of time, there are too many people who have come into contact with divine beasts!

As the high-level of the Elf Alliance, they naturally knew something.

But the more I knew, the more shocking my heart became.

You know, sacred beasts generally become local guardian spirits somewhere.

will have a priesthood!

Only such a Pokémon can be called a divine beast!

And looking at the meaning of this world god list inventory, it is obvious that it is this kind of divine beast with a priesthood!

So everyone present was particularly surprised!

After all.

Communicate with the local patron saint, and there are such beings in each region, and they are called humans who communicate with the gods!

Can be called a friend of the divine beast, but there are very few people like this!

Even the cases they have heard of are few!

Just when everyone was doubtful.

At this moment, the World God List in the air once again bloomed with Dao brilliance and began to play!

[Divine Beast Relationship, Sherabi Chapter! ] 】

A line of words appeared on it.

It's very simple, but revealing information.

But it also made countless people froze!


It turned out to be that legendary Pokémon, Sherabi!

For a while, even if it was those elven alliance high-level, they learned the news.

It's also full of incredulity!

Sherabi is able to travel through time and space, travel through time, and be able to wander everywhere!

And there is such a legend.

As long as the place where the Sherabi has appeared, there will be a bright future in that place!

It is also the guardian deity of the forest, and according to legend, it is generally used to travel through the forest!

It is known as one of the most rare divine beasts!

It can be said that the dragon is missing.

And now, it actually appears in the inventory video?

And with this news appeared.

For a time, the world was also completely exploded!

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