Rocket Team Cadre Conference Room.

Bishas after seeing the news.

At this moment, the news bombardment begins!

Bishas: See it, see it, I'm the strongest, that little fart in front of me, it's nothing!

Bishas: @富林多哟哟哟, isn't this Xiaoduozi? Why don't you talk anymore? Why don't you laugh?

Bishas: Oh ~ I know~ it's that you don't naturally like to laugh!

Looking at the completely unpressed, mean Bishas.

Nazi Matori twitched the corners of her mouth even more.

These two people, no matter which one is out, they are absolute villains!

The insidious and cunning kind!

But once together, it is slightly wiser.

Flindo watched the news bombardment of Bishas.

The corners of his mouth couldn't help twitching.

Frindo: Don't be proud, Ash is just a ten-year-old child, what is there to be proud of overcoming a ten-year-old? I just feel ashamed!

Dominor: But yes, Bishas, it's not like a Rocket cadre!

Bishas: Hmph, you all look at it, see how I can easily take down that little ghost!!

At this moment, the video starts playing!

[The Dark Elf Ball returned to Bishas's hand, and after several struggles, a lot of electricity appeared on the Pokémon Ball, and finally it returned to calm, Sherabi, captured! ] 】

[Bishas's face is even more proud].

[When Xiao Zhi and Xuecheng saw this scene again, they were extremely angry! ] 】

[Ash didn't care about the danger, climbed on the mecha with his bare hands, and Bishas was ready to control the mecha to shake off Ash, and at this moment, countless Bibi birds came to interfere! ] 】

[Ash took the opportunity to climb into the control room and scuffle with Bishas! ] 】

[Ash snatched the Poké Ball, and the mecha finally collapsed to the ground due to loss of control! ] 】

[Ash and Bishas fell out of the mecha at the same time! ] 】

[Ash is still desperately guarding the Pokéball, and wants to release the Sherabi in it! ] 】

[Xuecheng and his group wanted to rush over, but the distance was too far, and the first to arrive was the attack of the Pokémon of Bishas! ] 】

[Ash was shot away again because of the sneak attack, rolled up a burst of dust and smoke, and still desperately protected the Poké Ball containing Sherabi! ] 】

[Bishas stepped on Ash's hand and then began to crush hard].

[Ash still didn't let go of Sherabi's Poké Ball, and under the attack of the evil elf and Bishas, the severe pain made Ash lose consciousness for a short time! ] 】

[Ash fell into a coma...].

[Xuecheng and the others rushed over, and countless Pokémon came out of the forest, surrounding Bishas and his Pokémon! ] 】

[After playing, the reward is being distributed...].

As the video finishes, Ash looks desperate.

Regardless of the danger, regardless of the pain, desperately protecting Sherabi's appearance.

But it also made everyone stunned!

Silence, silence!

People stared blankly at Ash in the picture.

Looking at his desperate protection of Sherabi, the scene hit everyone's hearts!

What kind of friendship is this?

What kind of love for Pokémon is this?

to make him so desperate!

Let him go to save Sherabi even if he is desperate!

Climb aboard the towering mech and leap without hesitation.

At the moment of falling, also protect the Pokeball with Sherabi in your arms.

Even if it is sneak attack and flies far, far away.

Even if he was trampled under his feet by Bishas, he still protected the Spirit Ball in his hand!

Just to protect the good Sherabi!!

At this moment, people's hearts trembled.

That scene of the scene greatly impacted everyone's nerves.

Completely turned their perception of Ash upside down!

He is not only a ten-year-old genius trainer, but also a role model for countless trainers!

After the silence, the crowd completely exploded!


"Even if you do everything, even if you sacrifice yourself, do you have to protect Sherabi?"

"Originally, I thought that Ash and I loved Pokémon so much, but until this moment, I found that the gap between me and him was really big and big!"

"Damn Bishas, damn Team Rocket, actually used Pokémon to sneak up on trainers, how dare he!!"

"I finally know why this option is, it turns out that those rocket teams don't talk about the rules at all and directly attack the trainers, it's really abominable!!"

"Even if he was sneak attacked, even if he was dragged on the ground for a long time, he still protected the Pokeball in his arms, just to protect Sherabi!"

"Yes, especially in the final scene, Bishas stepped on his body, stepped on his hands, desperately plucked, even if the sweat of pain oozed from his forehead, he still gritted his teeth and refused to give up!!"

"Seeing the end, I can't stop crying!"

"At the last moment of fainting, Ash was desperately protecting the Spirit Ball in his hand and refused to give up!"

"For the sake of Sherabi, for the sake of the elves who have just met, Ash is willing to do this... I really don't know how to describe it, the shock in my heart! "

At this moment, True New Town.

Ron froze completely.

Look up at the picture playing in the air.

I didn't come back to my senses for a long time.

The throat rolls, but I don't know how to describe the shock in my heart, describe the complexity in my heart.

A ten-year-old....

A rookie trainer who has just entered his journey....

Because of a Pokémon, a Pokémon who has just met.

Desperately, at the last moment of fainting, he also grabbed the Pokeball desperately

Want to release the Sherabi!

Such a sincere heart....

Whoever sees it will be shocked from the heart.

That tremor from the soul!

Dr. Ron opened his mouth.

At this moment, he finally understood....

That sincere love for Pokémon....

Turning his head to look at Dr. Ohki beside him.

Dr. Ohki looked up stunned.

Looking at the video played, a flash of remembrance flashed in his eyes, and he had a little nostalgia.

There are also tears shining.

That kind of sincere heart, that kind of love for Pokémon, is the most different point between Ash and others!

He always looked so humble.

But in the matter of Pokémon, he has never lost anyone!

Xiao Mao not far away.

Dumbfounded as the video played.

He also looked at Ash who was attentive around him.

I was stunned for a moment!

Countless complex emotions surged in my heart.

He always looks so dumbfounded.

Even the attributes of Pokémon restraining each other, the type of him is not clear

But with a love for Pokémon that amazes the world!

That kind of desperate look, that kind of persistence for Pokémon, for protecting Sherabi.

Xiao Mao knows.

He has always believed in it.

Ash will definitely fulfill his dream!

He is so stubborn, he is so persistent, and the things he decides, even if he works hard, must be completed.


O opponent of my life!

At this moment, Heavenly Sacred Mountain, plane tree.

The whole body is golden-red, the shape is similar to a phoenix, and it resembles a bird Pokémon of a peacock... Phoenix King!

As the video plays, his eyes open and close, looking at Ash in the video.

Look at his desperate appearance in order to save Sherabi!

Even if he was severely injured, the severe pain almost made him faint.

He still refuses to let go, and wants to protect Sherabi's appearance.

At this moment, the Phoenix King couldn't help but flicker in his eyes.

Quietly looked at Ash in the picture.

But an inexplicable brilliance appeared in his eyes!

A pure inner Pokémon trainer!

The boy named Ash.

More pure and sincere in his heart than any trainer he has ever met!

Even... Let the Phoenix King be shaken by it!!

That teenager, it's really different!

After a long silence, a phoenix cry sounded throughout the mountains.

Countless Pokémon raised their heads one after another, even the Pokémon who were still fighting, they were all lying on the ground at this moment to show respect!

That's King Feng!

The object of respect for countless human Pokémon!

At this moment, an unprecedented cry erupted!

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