True New Town.

As this scene aired, everyone watched Ash endure the furious power of Sherabi without the slightest flinch.

In his eyes, there is no fear, no fear, just endless firmness!

It is the determination to save Sherabi.

After a silence, human emotions completely exploded!

"That's awesome!! Ash, the pride of True New Town! "

"Even if you encounter danger, but for the sake of the Sherabi in front, for the sake of your friends, will you rush forward without hesitation regardless of the danger of your life?"

"I thought I was mentally prepared, but until the real scene, I saw that it was still subverting my concept... Ash, he's true, he treats Pokémon as a friend!! "

"Suddenly I don't envy Ash so much, he deserves all this, how many people can reach that pure heart?"

"All he has is a heart that wants to protect his friends, he wants to protect his partners..."

For a while, people surrounded the small wisdom group.

The eyes that looked at him were full of fanaticism.

Ash looked at the video playing above.

At this moment, Ben felt a little hot, clenching his fists tightly, and his eyes were full of indignation.

But at this moment, my heart began to pray secretly.

Sherabi, you must get out of trouble!!

After truly seeing Sherabi break free from the Dark Ball of Pokeball

Ash was even more sincerely happy for him.

The faces of the people around were full of smiles.

That's when it was there.

Ron walked over and took out his own Kabi egg.

After greeting Ash, he quickly shoved the egg into his hand.

Ash's face was full of stunned and a little confused.

Looking at Dr. Ron in front of him, he asked with some puzzlement

"Dr. Ron, you are?"

Ron looked at the boy in front of him, with softness in his eyes, and said with a smile

"This Pokémon is by your side, you can grow better!!"

Ash was suddenly shocked and quickly shook his head to refuse:

"No, he's really rare, and I'm just a rookie trainer, so I can't necessarily train him well!!"

Ron looked at Ash's appearance, and couldn't help but smile for a while and said

"I believe in you!"

The words were short, but with a sense of firmness.

Ash couldn't help but look up at Ron in front of him.

That's a deep trust in yourself.

For a while, Ash opened his mouth, but he didn't know what to say.

To say that he is not interested in the Kabi Beast is absolutely impossible.

But Ash has his own principles.

Still shaking his head and refusing.

Ron was also a little crying and laughing.

I didn't expect that he really wanted to give Ash, but he didn't want it?

Quickly adjust your mood, and finally just stuff the elf egg into Ash's arms:

"I'm a Pokémon Research Doctor, and if this elf follows me, it's likely to waste his talent!"

"If you have time, just bring him to see my old man!"

That's all about it.

But Ash still shook his head and refused.

Just when the situation reached an impasse, Dr. Ohki, who was beside him, finally spoke:

"Ash, Dr. Ron gave it to you, just take it!"

Dr. Ohki could see it.

Ron really wanted to give this elf egg to Ash.

Under the words of the two, Ash was silent for a long time.

Looking at the patterned Kabi beast egg in front of him, his eyes were full of determination!

Finally nodded heavily and bowed to Ron, his eyes full of gratitude

"I will definitely live up to your expectations!"

"Will cultivate this Kabi beast well, progress and grow together with him!"

Ron saw Ash accept it, and at this moment an aunt smile appeared on his face.

He even promised in a loud voice: "Good, good, good!!" "

Dr. Ohki watched quietly from not far away.

There was a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Then I looked up at the sky, and the picture played in the video was so familiar.

A flash of remembrance flashed in his eyes.

Finally, with a touch of sigh, he sighed slowly.

Ash noticed Dr. Ohki and squeezed through the happy crowd and came to Dr. Ohki:

"Dr. Ohki, is there something going to happen next?"

Dr. Ohki didn't answer, and finally just nodded slightly.

Ash suddenly snorted in his heart.

Everyone else is paying attention to how Ash is desperate, but only Ash is paying attention, the state of Sherabi!

From the moment you break free.

Ash obviously felt that Sherabi's state began to become weak, and he looked a little oily...

From that moment on, there was a faint worry in my heart.

Ron also asked with some doubts at the moment

"Ohki, is there something wrong with Sherabi?"

Dr. Ohki still hasn't answered this question.

Just looking at the picture played in the air, he muttered and explained:

"The Pokémon ball, which is controlled by the dark Pokémon ball, if you want to break free of control, you will be countered by a powerful force!"

"Sherabi obviously controls the power of the rampage, in order not to hurt Ash and me, but the important point is that he has received extremely serious anti-devouring damage in his body!"

"In other words, the Sherabi is now running out of oil..."

At the end, a touch of sadness appeared in Dr. Ohki's eyes.

Let Ash Ron's heart can't help but giggle.

Ash became very anxious inside.

Just wanted to ask Dr. Ohki.

That's when the video begins!

[Xiaozhi Xuecheng arrived on land safely, Xiaoxia and others arrived, countless Pokémon in the forest came towards this side, and the water lord arrived! ] 】

[The eyes of the group are full of excitement, but as the distance closes].

[Ash's expression is hidden in the shadow of the hat, just walking silently in the water, holding the long-dried Sherabi].

[Xuecheng watched all this quietly, and his heart was also very sad, not only because of Sherabi, but also because of Ash's state...].

[Sherabi fell into oil and ran out of lamps! ] 】

[At a speed visible to the naked eye, Sherabi's body began to wither rapidly, and it would not help if it was put into the lake of life! ] 】

[After the water lord purified the water source, he put Sherabi into the water, and there was still no movement...].

[Due to the destruction of the forest, the lake of the forest is on the verge of death, and Sherabi's life is coming to an end! ] 】

[Ash quietly hugged Sherabi].

[His eyes were full of tenderness, and he said softly: "Sherabi, this is clean water..."


[Sherabi didn't respond].

[Ash held Sherabi's shriveled body, sat quietly by the lake, and took out small red fruits from his pockets].

["Look, these are all fruits you like, hurry up and eat them..."


["You eat quickly!"] "】

【"Please eat quickly!! "】

[Because of the trembling hands, they fell into the lake before they reached their mouths, one after another].

[Ash's voice became trembling, his shoulders began to shrug constantly, hugging Sherabi tightly, tears running down his face and entering the lake].

[Sadness spreads through the crowd].

[Sherabi's life has come to an end].

[Countless Pokémon in the forest seem to sense Sherabi's death, and the Pokémon in the forest began to wail, with misery and sadness! ] 】

[Throughout the lake, echoing is the wail of Pokémon, and it is Ash who lowers his head and wears a hat and cannot see his expression].

With the broadcast of this scene.

People were completely stunned.

Quietly watching this scene, looking at the extremely gentle Ash holding Sherabi.

At this moment, everyone fell silent.

Sherabi died.

The death was so sudden, so caught off guard!

Without anyone expecting it, Sherabi died suddenly, and even the lake of life could not be recovered!

Ash just silently pulled the brim of his hat.

Hide your face in shadow.

No hoarse crying, no angry roars.

Some are just endless silences.

When sadness is extreme, there is just endless silence.

Tears fell one by one.

This kind of scene, silent.

But it's so deafening....

The impact of that scene, the scene where the entire forest Pokémon wailed.

It deeply shocked the hearts of everyone present!

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