Serena looked up at the sky in silence.

But there was tenderness in her eyes, and the familiar name made her heart tremble!


After seeing the name again.

My heart couldn't help but slow down.

He pursed his lips and looked at Ash's name on the World God List, but suddenly smiled.

Gently open your mouth:

"If it's Ash, it's really quite possible!"

There were ripples in my eyes.

Serena looked up at the sky, but a flash of thought and memory flashed in her eyes.

Once with Ash's bits and pieces.

The corners of the mouth curve.


She who originally planned to look for Ash, at this moment, her heart became more determined!

No hesitation.

Step forward and hold the light mass in front of you tightly!



True New Town.

Ash watched his name appear on it.

For a while, I was a little stunned.

But for a moment, it was a clenched fist.

No matter what, he wants to become the world's number one Pokémon master!

And how can this stop?

Pikachu beside him watched quietly, and seemed to have noticed Ash's changes.

Right at this moment.

The surrounding crowd erupted into exclamations!

"Oh my God, what is that?"

"Hey, is this someone going to be chosen?"

"I don't know who is so lucky to be selected by the World God Edition!"

Right in the next instant.

The light group flew in the direction of Dr. Ohki!

For a while, the crowd was completely boiling!

After seeing this scene, Ash was also sincerely happy for Dr. Ohki.

Although he did not choose himself, he still clenched his fists and prayed in his heart.

Dr. Ohki, be sure to choose!

Under the gaze of the crowd, the light group soon came to Dr. Ohki!

A little incredulity appeared in Ron's eyes.

Finally, the eyes are even more excited!

Whether you choose yourself or Ohki, you can choose the right answer....

This is clearly a reward!!

Ohki looked at the light mass in front of him, and his eyes were a little complicated for a while.

Look at the crowd not far away.

He glanced at Ash and quickly retracted his attention.

Finally, he gave his choice: "Ash!! "

At this time, Ron's body began to tremble uncontrollably even because of excitement.

Feeling the terrifying coercion brought by the light group, I was not only shocked by the God List.

It was even more shocking that Ohki had actually met Sherabi before!

But after hearing Dr. Ohki's choice, he was suddenly stunned, with disbelief in his eyes.

Because Ron vaguely saw Ohki give the answer.

The choice is... Ash!!


Not far away, Ash in the middle of the crowd.

I couldn't help but be a little curious for a while.

Dr. Ohki, why did you see it?

Possible... I want to see everyone around me.

Ash thought so, too.

The heart is also curiously tight.

After all, listening to the discussion of the surrounding crowd, Dr. Ohki, it seems to be Yuki Ohki!!


Among those names, the name of the Dan Emperor also appeared!

Ash loves Pokémon and loves Pokémon battles as much.

Naturally, he also knows the Dan Emperor.

The world's number one Pokémon trainer!

It has a unique fire-breathing dragon!

Not only powerful, but also majestic!

But at the same time, endless battle intent rises in his heart, but he wants to become the world's number one Pokémon master!

Will definitely surpass them too!!

Around the world, a small number of people appear in front of the photophore representing choice.

It also caused a lot of shock!

With the selection complete, a golden light curtain in the air.

It starts flashing at the moment, and soon the picture appears!

Behind that name, soon one after another portraits appeared!

A, Yukinari Ohki

B, Dan Di

c, Ash

d, Shindai

Dr. Ohki in a white research suit!

World Champion Dan Emperor in a royal robe!

Super newcomer Ash holding a red hat!

Battle the leader of the pyramid with a green body!

Photos appear.

People are also completely crazy!

Similarly, the Elf Alliance meeting.

It's not calm at the moment!

Watch as several familiar photos appear.

All the champion kings present had a flash of envy in their eyes at this moment.

As the champion of heaven in each region, it may attract the attention of many local people.

But if it's out of that area.

It's not that famous!

But at this moment, Dan Di, Dr. Ohki and others this time.

Appeared on the World God List, too....

Also in the eyes of everyone in the world!

I'm afraid that after the World God List, the names of these people will become household names!

Mother-in-law Kikuko quietly looked at the picture in the video.

Looking at the photo that appeared, Dr. Ohki was wearing a white research suit.

There was a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

With tears in his eyes, he muttered to himself:

"It's really him, Ohki."

Dan Di looked at his domineering and exposed photos, and he was a little crying and laughing for a while.

Yulongdu next to him stepped forward and said with a smile:

"Emperor Dan, I chose you!"

Dan Di's eyes couldn't help but flash a look of stunned, and finally shook his head with a bitter smile:

"No, you overestimate me..."

Yuryu Du just laughed:

"Even if you haven't met before, maybe in the future!"

"I think the most likely thing is Dr. Ohki!"

"But then again, that boy named Ash is very good!"

"Perhaps... One day in the future, I will be able to meet him too! "

There was a faint smile at the corner of Dandi's mouth.

Look at the boy in the red hat.

There was also a smile on the corner of his mouth, which Dan Di could feel on his body.

There is a love for Pokémon that is revealed from the bones!

Likewise, I am looking forward to the day I meet Ash!

He had a hunch.

They will definitely meet!!

After everyone heard Emperor Dan's words again.

For a while, I was a little stunned.

Looking at the only teenager among the four options, it feels a little strange no matter how you look at it.


All the Heavenly King Champion-level trainers present had a certain impression of the boy named Xiaozhi.

But at the same time, it quickly reacted, Dr. Ohki, there must be an intersection with Sherabi!

Even... He can know the right answer!!

With this thought arises.

In the conference room, the king-level trainers present all looked at each other.

Finally, his gaze fell on Mother-in-law Kikuko!

Not for a while.

Mother-in-law Juzi's mood eased, and she also understood.

The current situation, the emergence of the World God List, may be a good thing....

But at the same time, it can also cause a riot!

The Elven Alliance must prepare in advance.

Moreover, there may be a Q&A session later, and Xuecheng may know something!


This is the moment.

Really new town, people's emotions are also completely exploded!

Watch as two familiar faces appear above.

Dr. Ohki, Ash!

The people of Zhenxin Town are all numb!

It's really Ash!

Even Ash's mother Hanako was full of confusion at the moment, but immediately, a touch of joy appeared!

It's really Ash!

Absolutely, it's Ash!!

The people around them were even more incredulous.

Opening his mouth wide, he looked at Ash not far away, and then looked at the pictures in the sky.

Ash in the photo is more mature, his skin has turned a healthy wheat color, and there is a wistful smile at the corner of his mouth!

It looks so sunny.

But it's still the familiar Ash!

Not only the people around, but even Xiaozhi, who was the party concerned, was a little confused, and his face was full of stunned.

I thought it was just someone with the same name as myself, but I didn't expect that one of the options that appeared was really myself?

And, still next to the world champions?

It wasn't too late for Ash to speak.

Right at this very moment.

The golden light curtain in the air is still flickering.

A line of subtitles slowly emerged.

[The answer is c].

[Ash from Shinshin Town! ] 】

[Congratulations to Oki Yukinari, Xiaoxia, Serena answered correctly! ] 】

【Rewards are being distributed...】

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