"Finally done!"

Zhao Chen stretched his waist, looked at the game made in front of him, and couldn't help nodding with satisfaction.

"With this game, I should be able to initially collect a lot of emotional values and open my path to adding points, and when the time comes, the position of the game maker king in this world is none other than me."

Zhao Chen was extremely confident.

He is not on Earth now, but on a planet called Blue Star, and he is a junior majoring in game production.

This planet is somewhat similar to the culture of the earth, but on this planet, the game industry of the dragon country is really hung up and beaten by foreign countries in an all-round way.

Because the dragon country takes the krypton gold skin flow road, online games are more developed, but the gameplay is extremely weak, in the game industry, the dragon country is a joke, foreign game producers, do not look down on the dragon country at all.

Before Zhao Chen, he was a game designer and always wanted to design an excellent game, and now after crossing, if he can't hang the game of this world to fight, he is not called a traverser.

Click on the system.

Host: Zhao ChenGame


Level: Entry Creativity: 9 Program: 8 Value: 9 Level: 6 Plot: 12

Original Art: 9

3D Art: 7

Available Resources: 300MB Mood




These data are the initial data of Zhao Chen at present, each data full value is 100, you can add points through the sentiment value, a little attribute point at each stage, the required emotional value is different.

"Okay, release."

Zhao Chen put his game on the game platform, clicked publish, and then took a deep breath.

Hopefully, this first game will bring good results.


Shark Fighting Live Streaming Platform.

Su Qingwei is an extremely famous anchor, nicknamed Heroine, she is broadcasting the content of the game, because of her excellent appearance and key university education, coupled with the unruly commentary style, she is affectionately called by fans as the rogue sister.

At this moment, in the live broadcast room, countless barrages brushed by.

"Rogue sister, is it about to go off the air? Can I wear black silk once before going off?

"Rogue sister, I advise you not to be ignorant of the villain, hurry up and change your clothes, we want maid costumes."

"Who is a serious person watching the game?"

Su Qingwei has long been accustomed to the barrage in the live broadcast room, and she gently brushed the hair on her forehead: "Oh, you LSPs, I am a civilized game live broadcast room, you don't want this, I will be blocked, and then so hungry for the anchor's body, the anchor will give you two punches."

She raised her white and tender fist and gestured in front of the camera.

"Besides, low-level desires only bring people short-term happiness, and high-level happiness is through the restraint of desire, and if the color of life is only yellow, it will be too monotonous."

Fans frantically brushed the barrage.

"I'm not afraid of the hooligan sister playing hooligans, I'm afraid that the hooligan sister will talk about philosophy."

"Yes, yes, you are right, do you show it to you rogue sister?"

"Don't show it."

Su Qingwei cried and laughed, and continued to say normally: "According to the past, we first dig a small game, and when the small game is finished, it will be broadcast normally, and if you say before the broadcast, cough, dance for everyone."

"Wuhu! Rogue sister is always dripping God! "

The fans are just happy.

Because of Su Qingwei's figure, it was quite good.

"Ahem, then I'll start looking for a little game now."

Su Qingwei clicked on the game platform, this game platform is a huge game platform in China, many game producers' games will be put on this platform, and the platform's game sales will also be used as one of the bases for determining the level of game producers.

Su Qingwei began to look at it quickly, what are the recent new games on the shelves.

Sweep over one by one.

""The Day of Gromont, I can't understand, "Dungeon Advance", "Knowledge is Power"..."

Su Qingwei looked over one by one, and when she saw that knowledge is power, and hovered over the game, a rough introduction popped up.

"Text decryption, brain-burning, high difficulty."

Su Qingwei looked at it and was a little surprised: "Hey? Or a game made by us in the Dragon Kingdom? "

Language column, only simplified dragon script.

At present, the dragon country game is winter, although there are independent games, but there are almost no fun.

In line with the idea of supporting domestic production, Su Qingwei clicked in and looked at the picture and video introduction, which is a pure word game.

"The game is free, I'll try it."

Su Qingwei quickly bought the game, and the size of the game is not large, but it is only tens of megabytes.

Countless fans are also brushing the barrage.

"Domestic indie game again? Hehe, forget it, domestic independent games in your country are simply rubbish.

"Hey, although I want to support domestic games, but domestic games, really dogs don't play ah."

"Rogue sister, let's change it."

Su Qingwei has already entered the game, only to see this game, the page is really simple.

Black background, surrounded by the word "wall", there is a line of words below, "This is me", and then Su Qingwei controlled it, and the word "I" began to move.

On the right is to open the level list and start the game several options, Su Qingwei controls the word "I", and clicks next to the start game.

The first level begins.

The word "I" appeared on the left, surrounded by wall characters, and the front was also a wall, but there was a door word sandwiched between the wall words, Su Qingwei controlled me to walk over, click to open the door, enter the room, and then push open the word "box" and open the door again, passing the first level.

Su Qingwei found it interesting: "This game is a bit interesting. "

In the second level, there is a broken word, Su Qingwei directly broke the wall with the broken word, and in the next room there is a sentence "Little Five Heart is Broken", and the wall on the right is composed of the word "ice".

Su Qingwei thought about it carefully, tentatively pushed the broken word out, pushed it to the edge of the ice word, and then the ice word disappeared and entered the next level.

The barrage in the live broadcast room brushed up again.

"Hey? Don't say, this game is really interesting.

"Can this word game still play with flowers?" Is that okay?

"This game, the author's brain hole is big enough, let's see if there are other changes."

Su Qingwei soon entered the fourth level, this level still belongs to the tutorial level, "some words can be spelled into a new word."

After Su Qingwei first broke the wall with broken characters, she saw that there were several cursive characters below, sandwiched a stone character, and there was a line on it, "Pipi shrimp love to eat the most."

Su Qingwei thought for a while: "Leather characters and stone characters can form broken words. "

She tried, and sure enough, a new broken word appeared, and then broke the wall to move on to the next level.

The next level, or the tutorial level, this level can break up words and split one word into two.

In the middle of the room made of wall characters, there is a mountain composed of rock characters, and there are two pawns on the right road, which are blocked by ice.

Su Qingwei began to turn her brain, she had a relatively high education, and after thinking about it carefully, she also thought of it.

"First break down the rock characters into mountains and stone characters, and then pull the pawn characters over and form broken characters with stone characters, yes, that's it."

Su Qingwei cleared the customs again.

She smiled a little and said to the fans: "This game is fun, it's kind of interesting, but for me, it's all easy." As

soon as the words fell, I saw a line of author's words appear on the screen.

"The beginner's tutorial is over, are you ready?"

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