At nightfall, in a small restaurant called 'Cat House of Western Food', Wang Ye, dressed in a simple Taoist robe, was eating the food served by the boss without a match, sighing from time to time.

"Elder Wang Ye, what's wrong? I've been sighing since I entered the store today? "

Looking at Wang Ye, who kept talking, the shop owner wearing white chef clothes and a chef's hat on his head couldn't help but ask curiously.

Hearing this, the nearby moments all slowed down their eating speed, and secretly looked at the Taoist leader wearing a Taoist robe, this is the only diner in the restaurant who is not from the same world as them, and his identity has always been a mystery, only the store manager called the other party the Taoist from the other party's clothes.

What is a prefect? I don't know, there is no such profession in their world, there are magicians, swordsmen, and even orcs present, but there is no so-called Dao Elder profession.

"Alas~ Manager you also know, our world is not a world with power, these diners only entered here because of accidents, due to the fluctuation of time and space."

Sighing lightly, Wang Ye picked up the chopsticks and casually fiddled with the plain face in front of him, his face became rare and serious, and asked rhetorically.

"Well, that's right, when I first accepted this store, I was also shocked that something from another world really existed."

I scratched my head for unknown reasons, for this Taoist store manager also did not understand what kind of way he was, as an existence of the same world, but able to enter this restaurant at night, 'Western Food Cat House' because of unexpected time and space fluctuations, can entertain guests from another world, just where is the day and night, and when it is open at night, there is no reason to see outside, it has been ten years since he took over this restaurant, and it was the first time he met.

"You also know that I am a Taoist priest, and it is our Taoist priest's mastery or something. Of course, now the ones out there are all tricksters, I once gave myself a fortune, and that time I almost died. That trigram was the reason for my sigh.

I thought this was the everyday world, only I was an outlier. But I accidentally calculated that this restaurant is nothing, they can't go outside, it's still a daily world. But if it is not soon, it will be trouble~"

Reaching out and scratching his head, Wang Ye said trouble, but quickly eliminated the plain face in front of him, took out a tissue and wiped his mouth, got up and walked out.

"Be more careful in the future, manager, something is coming, although it will not hurt life, but it will also be troublesome." But the character of the store manager... Just keep it up. "

"What, he said something inexplicable, what was he hinting at?"

"So what kind of profession is a Taoist priest, oh ~ very good at eating~ man!"

"Is something going to change in my world? I'll ask her later..."

Closing the door of the 'cat house of foreign food', the words in the restaurant were no longer about Wang or anything, looking up at the starry sky, the stars in the sky were twinkling, outlining a beautiful scene, but Wang Ye was not happy at all.

"Trouble, let's take a look first, the world is full of comics or something, you know that you really can't run this kind of commotion ah."

Sighing softly again, Wang Ye raised his foot and thought of a mountain forest in the distance, the freeness and laziness on his face disappeared, and as his footsteps gradually became serious and even a little gloomy.

Wang Ye is a traverser! 17 years old! The Taoist priest of Wudang Mountain, if he has a golden finger, should be the Wind Queen Qi Gate inherited from birth.

The divine dragon negative picture out of Luoshui, the colorful phoenix title book Biyunli, because of the famous wind after the text, Qi Men Dun Jia from then on.

The reason for crossing is also very simple, when he looked at Wang Ye fighting against the Zhuge family with a bite of potato chips, his eyes were closed and crossed, and the acquisition of the king after the wind was not surprising, because his name is Wang Ye. Just when he was inspired to step on Bi Lian and marry Feng Baobao to the peak of his life.

But found that although he is also called Wang Ye, he will also be the Wind Queen Qimen, but there is no stranger in this world, and he is not the young master of the Wang Group, just an orphan who was adopted by Wudang since he was a child.

"This is the mountain, there should be some time, wait for a while halfway up the mountain."

Looking up at the small hill under the moonlight, Wang Ye slammed a force under his feet, and the king who was out of the monitor no longer had to hide the fact that he was a stranger, and the land under his feet surged upward, carrying Wang Ye halfway up the mountain.

Kun Zi - Tuhe Che!

Wang Ye, who came halfway up the mountain, dispersed the Tuhe cart, jumped to a tree at random, hid in it, and waited. Time passed quietly, and finally in that moment, the sky seemed to leave a big hole, a green dragon fell from it, lying weakly halfway up the mountain, and a huge iron sword was inserted behind the dragon.

"Been waiting for a long time, Thor!"

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