<Chapter 11> 

2. What? Give me back my kind babies (1)

Elsez looked up at Cassian with trembling eyes.

A little while ago, I remembered the story Jack and Perth had told me.

The story that the master of this guild was friends with Rashiel, but the story that they are not very close.

‘No way, were you the guild master friend with Rashiel?’

When Elsez was frozen in an unexpected situation, Jack approached and introduced by tapping Elsez on the shoulder.

“This is the new recruit I hired today. She is a friend who will become our guild ace in the future.”

Cassian looked down at the woman standing in front of him.

Elsez smiled awkwardly at him. She was sweating profusely because he might be able to find the power of the demon behind my back.

Fortunately, Cassian responded with a sullen expression as if he had not noticed.

“She looks like she can’t catch a single monster.”

“Hah, this guy is ignoring my eyes again.”

Jack, who could not understand Elsez’s insides, introduced him to Elsez this time, holding Cassian’s firm arms tightly.

“Come here, this rude bastard is our captain.”

“What’s wrong with my personality?”

“Huh. Do you ask because you don’t know? After hurting the newbie that I brought in.”

Elsez, who was very nervous at the unexpected appearance of Cassian, chuckled when he saw the two of them arguing.

Jack was worried because he thought she was nervous about Cassian’s words, but Elsez, who had been watching Cassian for a long time, knew.

It is his way of protecting the weak by defeating the weak in advance.

I felt a sense of relief that I didn’t know why. The fact that among the four of them, there is only one person left in the form that Ruel knew.

Cassian, who had quarreled with Jack for a while, then looked back at Elsez and asked.

“So, newbie. What’s your name?”

In any case, he looked down on the first newcomer in front of him, and then asked for her name again. It was just like him..

“I-It’s Elsez…. I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

She almost spoke informally like her appearance as before, but Elsez managed to use honorifics.

Cassian put a large hand lightly on her head and said.

“I am Cassian. Welcome.”

Even though he seemed indifferent, he still had a hand that contained his heart for the other person.

A familiar voice speaking to the guild members echoed over his passing hand.

“I’m thirsty because I ran here without drinking a sip of water. Don’t you have any alcohol?”

“How can there be no alcohol!”

The guild members rushed to get a drink and offered it to Cassian.

“Did nothing happen while I was away?”

Cassian started drinking and talking with the guild members. As always, it was crowded and noisy around him.

Watching the guild members put their arms around his shoulders and talk with a smile, I could guess the casual relationship between them.

‘Still… It’s good to see you doing well.’

Elsez looked at Cassian like that and put her worries aside for a moment.

Jack approached Elsez and whispered.

“Am I right?”


“He’s handsome even if he has a bad personality.”

He seemed to think I admired Cassian’s face.

Elsez looked at Cassian again just then.

His handsome face was still there, but he looked even more handsome because his jawline became a little sharper. Not to mention the wider shoulder.

“Well, it could be good for your eye.”

Jack burst into laughter at Elsez’s reply.

It was the first time anyone had looked at Cassian’s face and said that it was just good for the eye. In many ways, she was an extraordinary newcomer.

“Oh, my. The glass is empty. Sit down for now. I’ll get you a drink.”

Elseez, who was about to go home, couldn’t resist Jack’s urging, so she hurriedly sat down again.

Elsez’s expression became serious as she looked at Jack’s back as he went to get a drink.

‘The Guild, should I leave?’

As soon as I saw Cassian, I couldn’t say I would leave the guild, so I asked for help…

The demon’s power hasn’t fully recovered yet, but it’s okay, but it was difficult to think about the return of the power.

‘Jack is not coming.’

When I looked around with my neck straight, I saw that Jack was talking to another guild member in a shaky posture.

Elsez wanted to do it this time, so she got up from her seat.

Whether to stay with the guild or leave the guild, it seemed like I had to go home and organize my thoughts.

‘After all, I haven’t signed an official guild contract yet.’

But then, someone grabbed Elsez’s wrist violently.

“Hey, newbie. Where are you going?”

He was a member of a male guild with a red, drunken face.

“Why did the newcomer go first? Make it tasteless.”

‘You bastard.’

I frowned at the pain I felt in his wrist, but Elsez responded with a grin.

“I have a quest tomorrow, so I’m going to go back early today to save up my stamina. Let me go first.”

“What is a woman’s quest? Just sit next to me and drink a little bit, because I’ll break the quest tomorrow.”

The guild member laughed at Elsez and set a glass as big as her face in front of her. A full beer was glistening.

“Look at this. The glass isn’t empty yet, it’s a waste.”

Elsez glanced back at Cassian who was talking while surrounded by guild members, and then she suppressed her anger.

‘I don’t want to draw attention for nothing.’

Elsez pondered for a moment, and instead of arguing, she took a glass of wine in front of her and drank it.

The beer, which had been filled in a large wine glass, disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Elsez slaps an empty glass in front of him! I put it down loud, looked straight at him, and smiled.

“Is the glass empty now?”

The guild member looked at Elsez with a puzzled expression.

The first was that it was surprising that the amount that even men had a hard time with one-shot was emptied in the blink of an eye.

Second, ordinary people would sit down pretending not to win, but Elsez, who emptied her glass without losing, was amazed.

Elsez took advantage of that opportunity and quietly left the guild.

At the same time, Leti popped out of her inner pocket.

“Isn’t that guy a bad guy?”

“How did you know?”

“I took a sip of that yellow water, and it didn’t taste very good! Trying to force you to eat something that doesn’t taste good, he’s a bad bastard.”

“Hmm, that makes sense. He’s a very bad guy. But you, why you keep eating without me knowing?”

When Elsez interrogated, Leti slowly turned away, avoiding an answer.

“Didn’t he, and you, who dared not ignore this body’s power? Even without his help, catching a few monsters is like a piece of cake.”

Leti fluttered, as if he had been insulted.

“And again! He smelled very bad….”

Leti, who was talking, seemed to notice something, hid in her inner pocket again and spoke in a sullen voice.

“Ugh! Human, you smell like a bad guy too.”

Elsez walked out the guild street, grinning at the sight of Leti suffering from the smell of alcohol.

Even at night, the streets were full of people who came to carry out quests and people drinking after work.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve seen this landscape.’

After completing the daily quest, it was a road that I passed while thinking about the dinner menu with the four tired heroes.

At that moment, immersed in the memory for a moment, the voice of a frightened boy suddenly intervened into the memory.

“Ge-get out of here.”

The voice came from the alleyway.

As I turned around, I saw three large men surrounded by a fallen boy.

He was a young boy who looked to be about thirteen years old. A small box was opened in front of the boy, lying on his side.

“Ge-get out of the way!”

The men giggled, mimicking the boy’s voice.

“”I can’t sleep if I’m curious about something, kid. Let’s just see what’s inside. Right?

The men reached out to the box that had fallen in front of the boy.

At that moment, something shiny inside the box caught Elsez’s attention.

‘Black Shards…?’

But before she could see it properly, the boy quickly took the box from the men’s hands, closed the lid, and held it in his arms.

“I-I can’t. I don’t even know what’s inside. I was just ordered to deliver and leave…”

“No, did we ask for it? I’m curious about what you hold so dearly, so let’s see.”

There was a strong smell of alcohol in the night wind that passed by her.

Elsez frowned.

There are some guys who bully the weak if they are drunk.

The reason these guys bully the weak is not for money or for any other purpose.

They’re just bored and bored. Because it’s fun to bully others. That was all they were.

As she almost lived on the guild street during the 1st Possession, she knew that kind of thing well.

“They also smell like bad guys.”

At some point, Leti poked his face out of her inner pocket and sniffed and muttered.

Elsez sighed and entered the alleyway. Then, the men and the boy, who felt the presence, turned around at once.

“Hey, the pretty lady came to me on her feet?”

The men who found Elsez smiled with their eyes flashing as if they had discovered a new toy.

Elsez caught their gaze and slowly approached and stood in front of the boy. and said to the boy.

“I’ll take care of this here, go ahead.”


“It’s not true. We haven’t finished our business yet.”

The man grabbed the boy’s arm tightly. I could see the boy’s eyes contorted in pain.

Elsez muttered as I looked at the boy’s arm that had been caught by the man.

“It’s dangerous….”

The men giggled as they looked at the woman in front of them, who smelled of alcohol. The drunk girl was just having fun.

“Yeah, we’re very dangerous people? So when we say good things…”

Before the man could even finish speaking, Elsez raised her gaze and looked at the man.

The pretty amber-colored eyes they met gave a gentle smile, then returned coldly.

“No, you are in danger.”

At the same time, Elsez’s fist hit the man’s face.

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