On the vast earth,

The royal palace is magnificent

In the magnificent palace supported by thirty-six Optimus Prime, there were crowds of people.

Above the main seat, on the long dragon chair, a figure dressed in a black and gold dragon robe held his head sideways, closing his eyes and taking a slight nap.

It was Qin Chen.

"My emperor has a boundless life, and the world of Daqin is forever prosperous!!"

The sound is like thunder.

The slogans of nearly a thousand people below woke Qin Chen from his slightest sleep.

Glancing at everyone, a smile rose at the corner of Qin Chen's mouth.

The several stunning women accompanying him on the left and right of the dragon chair were Yan Lingji, Li Hanyi, Xuan Xuan and others.

On both sides below the hall, several sword men with extraordinary temperaments were Sword Saint Dugu Jian, Sword God Li Chungang, and Bad Handsome Yuan Tiangang...

They are all strong people from all walks of life in comprehensive martial arts.

Three years ago, Qin Chen crossed to this isolated continent.

This continent is not like Huaxia, with a wider land territory and more countries, ranging in size and nearly a hundred.

There are constant fights and wars in various countries.

The people are not living, and the world is left in ruins;

Hunger was everywhere, and Kyushu was full of corpses.

However, as a traverser, Qin Chen awakened the comprehensive martial arts system, through which he could summon comprehensive martial arts figures, and even powerful legions such as the Great Snow Dragon Horse.

So, from a rooky little white, he spent three years to end the wars and unify the entire continent.

And take the surname as the number, build the country of Great Qin, in order to emulate the merits of the Qin Emperor!

Not only that, in the past three years, Qin Chen's personal strength has increased step by step.

Various top martial arts such as the God of War Catalog, the Dragon God Gong, the Tai Xuan Sutra, and the Yin and Yang Great Compassion Fu of Heaven and Earth were all integrated by him, and he went further, cultivating to an unprecedented level.


Already invincible in the world!!

The top of the mountain is too cold, invincible and lonely.

After unifying the mainland, Qin Chen did not rest on his laurels, but immediately began to expand overseas.

It's just a pity that when the compass was invented, Qin Chen found that the magnetic field around this continent was completely disordered.

Moreover, the coast has been shrouded in mysterious fog and surrounded by huge storms, and ships cannot sail far at all.

However, despite the difficulties, Qin Chen did not give up exploring the outside world.

The Fate Mo Family and the Public Loser teamed up to create the Mirage Fleet;

summoning the famous sea general Zheng He to explore the coastal border;

Integration of the army, training of naval forces ....

It is in order to one day, break through this natural disaster blockade and go overseas.

Above the dragon chair, Qin Chen's eyes were like torches, overlooking the thousands of people under His Highness.

Slowly spoke, his voice was deep, but it was like thunder.

"Since before the Qin Dynasty, the world has been chaotic, the people have no livelihood, and the eternity is as long as night; Since the decay, the world has been unified, all peoples have returned to their hearts, and the world has opened the balance. "

"The land of Kyushu, ninety thousand li in the east, south, and northwest, the breadth of the earth, the heavens are jealous; The breadth of things, the dizzying. "


After all, the land of Kyushu is only the world of the people of Kyushu, but it does not cover the entire world, and it is unknown why it is overseas. "

"Is there a stronger enemy?"

"Is there a higher realm?"

"Is there a bigger country?"

"Is there a broader boundary?"

"I don't know."

"You can't do anything to close off the country, and you need to know if you don't forget the danger."

"Therefore, since the opening of Qin, I have relied on the sea several times to build an army, searched for maritime talents, and forged mirage warships, not only to open up the territory and plant my Great Qin Dust banner farther.

It is also for constant preparedness and prevention. "

"But don't forget the power and majesty of my Great Qin because of the crisis, and Ru and others should always remember that my Great Qin is the strongest and invincible."

"For—it's not the same thing in the world!"

Hearing Qin Chen's declaration, His Highness everyone was dissatisfied and excited.

"Obey His Majesty's Heavenly Will!!"

"Obey His Majesty's Heavenly Will!!"

"Obey His Majesty's Heavenly Will!!"

The sound is like a tidal wave, one wave after another.

The call of a thousand people resonated endlessly in the palace.

People's fans of Qin Chen have reached the level of fanaticism.

After all, on this continent, they have been fighting for an unknown number of years, and there are countless kings who want to unify the world, but no one has ever done it.


Qin Chen did it.

Not only did it happen, but it took only three years.

Moreover, Qin Chen was not a prince and nobleman, nor was he a general, but just a commoner.

"There are a hundred under the world, and all the kings say that they want ninety-nine, and I want one hundred and one!"

"I let this world owe me a point!"

This is the widely spread rumor - their emperor - Qin Chen.

The bold words he made when Qin Chen was still a commoner!

At the beginning, no one believed and no one believed.

Even the kings of a hundred countries were not so arrogant, let alone a commoner.

However, in the following three years, people went from complete disbelief to doubt, from doubts to heartfelt submissions, and now to fanatical faith.


People watched,

During these three years,

Qin Chen summoned countless strong people and gathered thousands of powerful followers.

Rose strongly with the capital of thunder, swept the world with a thunderous momentum.

Everywhere you go, you surrender.

Until half a year ago,

One rule in the world!

Jianguo - Daqin!

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